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1. FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

It's ideal for vacuum sealed food in your precision cooker. Make sure that every meal is cooked perfectly with the use of sous-vide machines. FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: The design of the multilayer is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. Precut bags offer convenience when portioning food from bulk shopping or storing leftovers. The machine takes care of the rest after you add food to the bag. It is possible to use it with food preservation systems. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I bought the bags in January, June, and December of last year, but the cost per box has gone up from 15.49 to 39.99, so I am looking to buy again on July 5th. The consumer is being ripped off because of the COVID 19 epidemic. I will report the scandal to the FDA.

👤The bags are 8 x 11 according to your description and picture. The bags were in the box. I don't like being lied to. I only ordered these because of the size. These are useless to me because they are useless to freeze cuts of meat that are 11 inches long. I will not buy from you again.

👤I use them to divide my meat into smaller pieces. I wish they weren't so expensive. I used soap and didn't use water. Just below the seal! Works well!

👤The bags are in a FoodSaver box, but they are not the same. The bags are thinner. I had packages to seal and freeze. I loaded the bags with turkey and tried to seal them. They all sealed, but no air was vacuumed out. I found four bags that will vacuum seal the contents. I vacuum sealed two other frozen items. I used an 11 inch roll to seal the two items from the original purchase. I've used about 8 other bags from this box. Really ran into it today. I'm worried because I've stuck with FoodSaver bags and now I'm wondering what's going on.

👤I usually get these at a big box store. I won't be buying them from there again because Amazon had them in stock and they were less expensive and came in a bigger package. These are great for packing up my husband's food. The bags are sturdy and have saved us money. I use them for things like chopped, diced or strips of peppers from the garden and small meal prep items. The quart size is large enough for a steak or peppers for a pan of fajitas.

👤If you buy meats in bulk, these are great. I was a little disappointed to find these are not the same size as the picture shows. The smaller size of the box was resent by Amazon. The extra inch makes a difference with ground beef.

👤We will buy 3-4 months worth of meat at a time, portion it out and freeze it, because we have a Sam's club membership. I keep the rolls for larger items like ribs, loins, and roasts, but mostly use the bags due to the convenience of not having to cut and seal both ends for every cut of meat. I prefer the Foodsaver bags over the rolls because if I don't seal both ends like you would do with the rolls, then the Foodsaver won't be as hot. Foodsaver tends to stop working properly when it comes into contact with the element as it tends to heat up after a few uses, and that's one of the biggest issues I have with it. The bags won't seal if the seal element gets too hot and the channels in the bag that suck the air out. Some of the thinner off brand bags don't seal very well when the channels collapse.

2. Pack Vacuum Storage Commercial Foodsaver

Pack Vacuum Storage Commercial Foodsaver

A full starter kit. The package also includes a wine cork, 5 medium vacuum bags, and one extra long vacuum bag roll, both of which are waterproof and are also reuseable. It's safe for sous vide cooking. It is designed for use with all vacuum packaging machines. Commercial grade multi-ply material blocks oxygen and reduces freezer burn. 2 packs are 11'' wide and 50 feet long. 100 feet is the total. You are making your own bag. 2 packs are 11'' wide and 50 feet long. 100 feet is the total. You are making your own bag.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I felt like I had to write a review for this product. If I write a review that people like, they will buy more of the rolls/bags and help keep the price the same or lower for the next time I buy them again. The rolls are bigger than the one I got from Sam's Club. I did not know if the bags were good on the starter roll or if I had a learning curve to conquer, but I did go through that roll quickly. I wasted a good roll from Foodsaver, however I still had 8 more rib eyes I needed to wrap. I decided to take a shot at the bags because they were expensive. I rolled half of the roll onto the empty roller from the starter roll. The roll fit perfectly under the seal. I think the bags worked better than the Foodsaver brand roll because they worked better. For a fraction of the price, I do not miss the little white section on the bags that allows a spot to write the date and contents. One bag was damaged by a shop bone. There were no more issues after smoothing it out. I'll keep an eye on them and if they don't hold up, I'll update my review. I recommend these bags over the Foodsaver brand for now.

👤The bags don't pull the vacuum. The Food Saver bags seem to be heaver, I think the SimpleHouseware Vacuum bags are thinner so the air channels are smashed during the Vacuum process preventing the air from being removed. I tried the Food Saver online guide. The Food Saver bag with a total vacuum, the SimpleHouseware bag with no air removed, and the Food saver I was using are all shown in the photos. I would give the bags a -10) if I could.

👤I didn't know if they would be a good purchase. They are very good. I've bought a lot of different types of food saver bags in the past 2 years, trying to find one that I liked more. Maybe this is the one. The bags that I did not seal twice did not leak air after they were cut. When I stopped vacuuming and sealed the bags, there was plenty of room for the loaves of bread to slide into the bags. When I cut into the bread, it's fresh because it's been sealed for two months. The price of these bags makes them even better because they are less expensive than the other bags I have purchased in the past. I baked a lot at Christmas and have already used up one roll, but I give sourdough bread to people at my church. The clear side of the material does seem to be a bit stiff, but it did not damage the product I put into it and when I give it to others they can see it clearly and be pleased with the freshness that has been preserved. If the price stays where it is, I will reorder more than twice, I think. The product is great. ADDENDUM The bags at the end of the roll were not sealed properly. Sometimes it's difficult to seal the last 2 or 3 feet and I have to toss it. If it had a weak seal, my bread and meat would freezer burn, so it isn't that much of a biggy. I needed to add this. I think this is a good product and will keep buying it.

3. FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

Premium machine performance. The shell of this product is made of superior material. Under goes rigorous laboratory testing,200+ Vacuuming & Sealing cycles without overheating. The multi layer design is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. It's better to have the option to cut the roll to the length you need, rather than having to use up material or make a mess. It's ideal for use with foodsaver vacuum sealing systems. The seal strip in foodsaver vacuum sealers is designed to heat to a precise temperature that works for foodsaver bag material, so you get a secure seal. It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods. It's also a refrigerator, microwave, and freezer.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The Food Saver device did not work well with this product. It did not vacuum seal. It does not work as expected because what we received is very old stock, which is why it is not working. If you're paying for a product that isn't the best, stick with buying local. We bought another box of Food Saver bags at Walmart yesterday and they work great. We were able to see and feel the difference. I think it is just a matter of newer product being better and the product Amazon delivered is not the same product Food Saver offers today.

👤I don't think these are actually Food Saver bags. The bags are lighter in weight, they came in a brown box, and the paper on the bags was cheap, and the tape on the bags was different than what I've used before. Jarden was often testing new designs and so the garbage was about how they may look different. I wouldn't recommend buying bags here.

👤These are not the original food saver rolls that I buy from Walmart and the ones that come with my FoodSaver are very inferior, they are very different and not vacuum or seal tight.

👤I've been buying the original FoodSaver manufacturer bags for a while now and I think they are better than no-brand replacements. The bags from the original manufacturer are double the money of other brands. The bags wouldn't get vacuumed on the FoodSaver machine. I went to the FoodSaver website and asked for a replacement, but they never responded. They're not accepting calls now, when I tried to call them. Poor customer service and expensive product don't work.

👤I bought the bags based on other people's reviews. I would like to buy them at the store. I have used other Food saver bags that did not seal. I went into my freezer to check on the food but found the bag was loose and the food was burning. Go to the store and know what you are buying and save yourself some money.

👤These were either old inventory or counterfeit according to recent reviews. I had to use multiple bags to get the airtight seal because the bags in this order were leaving air pockets. They were cheap and thin. It's not a good look to pass off compromised inventory or fakes.

👤I received a brown box with a Food Saver sticker that contained pre-cut bags, after purchasing Food Saver rolls for close to 20 years. I'll get them somewhere else in the future where I can view them before buying, I'm not happy with the return process. The photo indicated that I wanted 11 wide rolls to cut to my desired length.

👤Can't really tell if this is what I paid for. It's pretty tacky to put a photo of a Foodsaver 3-pack package in the ad and then send me bare rolls. The seller gave me very little evidence to believe that they are Foodsaver brand. I smell like I got cheated.

4. Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

The extra-long 50' rolls may not fit in the standard roll compartment. If you want to store the roll in your standard roll storage compartment, you should store it on a shelf or roll out 1/2 the roll at a time. Heavy duty and sanitary prevention - 11x16 pre-cut gallon bags with embossed channels keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, Ziploc etc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening, tea leaves, documents and electronics. Wevac has a quality guarantee. They have a no questions return policy and they are behind their products.

Brand: Wevac

👤I used these with my machine. I like them more than the Food Saver bags and found them to be just as thick and reliable. It's easy to use and a great value.

👤You store and cook in it. It's easy right? Many manufactures seem to get it right. This is what it is supposed to do and it is cheaper than FoodSaver brand. You can use to buy the rolls. Will buy these again.

👤These bags are great. If you trim a little off a pork butt, you can fit a whole chicken in them. Side by side. The bags seal well.

👤I got sick of the failed vacuuming that leaves air pockets after buying the cheapest bags. The bags have been perfect so far. It's worth a couple extra dollars to save time and headaches. These are cheaper because of the fail rate requiring a second bag.

👤Headline describes everything. The bags leak and don't seal. Within 10 minutes, the bag clearly showed that the vacuum was lost. I tried to return it with free returns. They want you to print out a package label, pack it up, and make sure the Li battery warning is on the package with a caveat. You have that right. There is a warning about the package of plastic bags. This is not required for any other return. You have to produce the label, box, etc. Attach a warning about the battery. The bags leaked because the plastic bag battery needed to be charged. Maybe I should have read the instructions carefully before using the plastic bag battery pack. The bag voltage is not compatible with my machine. A POS product.

👤The bag works well for chicken breasts. There is a roll of filament in there. Make sure you don't push it in all the way so that you get good suction.

👤They work well with my unit from Amazon. Having bags already sealed on one end is more convenient than buying rolls of material to make your own.

👤My mistake was ordering bags with the manufacturers advertisement all over them. I'm trying to promote my company, but I'm not being paid to do that. My bad and theres as well.

5. Commercial Sealable Freezable Resizable Reuseable

Commercial Sealable Freezable Resizable Reuseable

Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon. Their vacuum bags are made of high quality materials and can hold food. The bags are three sides sealed and one side open, you don't need to pre-cut the bag, their bags just top open. You can cut the bag to fit your needs, but you can also cut the bag to the size you want. Their bags are pre-cut and have high quality food seal bags for food storage that are convenient to use. Food will keep 5 times longer, and will also lock the nutrition of the food when cooking with vacuum food storage bags.

Brand: Huispark

👤This is a misrepresentation of size. I bought them to package hamburg patties. Correct, 4x6 right? It should have worked out great. The published size is the gross dimensions of the bag. They have heat seals on both sides and on the bottom. These are not big enough to hold 2 breakfast sausage links and still fit in the machine.

👤These bags are very nice. They seal it all the time. I got them a couple of days ago and have already used them to portion out smoked peppers, roasted poblanos and sweet summer corn. I packed 3 ounces of breast meat in each bag to make it easy to eat when I cook something else. They are perfect. I keep the single size portions in a bag in the freezer. I tried making small bags from the big rolls of Foodsaver bags, but they wouldn't seal. These are lifesavers. No more freezer burning! I have a pepper garden that I use to make myself a single portion of pepper for myself. I eat peppers with almost every meal in my family. I will keep buying. I don't have any complaints.

👤I use these little bags and a food saver to bag up a reasonable snack size for nuts. It's easier to eat too much if you put them in a jar or can. I can buy in quantity and not pay huge per ounce prices for pre-bagged nuts. They will last a long time if you keep them in the freezer. I think it would be useful to leave a bin for your children to help themselves, or to bag snacks for school children. It is recommended.

👤I took off a few stars because the size was not accurate. I will use them for other things than originally purchased. Excellent bags with the exception of size not being accurate. These are great bags. They are perfect for small things that you want to waterproof yet be able to open easily. It's unfair to ding two stars for the size as they aren't off but you need to get the size you expect. I need the waterproof and small bags for travel medication. Re-advertise with the right size or send a ruler as both of my ones are off.

👤They are nice sized bags and they have a small opening on the end. They do not have a vacuum seal for anything. I tried all of them with these bags and they looked good and sealed well for about 20 minutes. The vacuum is lost when air gets in. The top three bags have the same seal, but the bottom two have different ones. If you are packaging snacks for use within a week... these would be okay. These are not the bags for you if you plan to store for months before opening, or if you are making anything that air would destroy.

👤I have a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum seal on the cheap bags doesn't hold, but it seems to work well with the Gerylon bags. The bag is sealed but slowly air gets into it. I only fill them halfway because it can't be a space issue. The size is perfect.

6. FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

FoodSaver BPA Free Multilayer Construction Preservation

It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods. It's also a refrigerator, microwave, and freezer. FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: The design of the multilayer is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. Any length to fit food you store. Having the option to cut the roll to the length you need means no more wasted material or precarious situations. It is possible to use it with food preservation systems. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I can get the two-roll pack in local stores, but this three-roll pack seems different. The rolls of bag material have more wrinkling, which can mess up the seal. This used to be common a few years ago and I almost gave up on Foodsaver, but they seem to have fixed it recently. The same flaws are shown in this three-pack.

👤The Food Saver brand is advertised as a great quality. These weren't Food Savers. They are not as strong as they could be. They blew me off when I contacted the seller. Don't purchase!

👤An update! This item can't be returned. Don't waste your money! I paid more for name brand bags because I wanted quality bags for my food and food saver machine. My first thoughts were when I opened the box. The bags have gone down in quality. I was wrong to order name brand. I will return the box. If the bags will seal properly or not, it is not worth chancing. It was very disappointing. I don't think anyone should buy this name brand. Don't buy. This item was very disappointing. Do not buy.

👤I bought these at Amazon because they were the same price as Walmart and I saved a trip. I've been using the FoodSaver for about 3 years and have saved a lot of money buying in bulk, then separating, and vacuum-sealing individual dinners. I have food in the freezer for over a year with absolutely no freezer burn and I use a permanent marker to date it. Buying the roll saves money and I don't use as much since I can cut it whichever size I need. If I need a larger bag, I just cut a longer strip. The bags are smooth on one side. It doesn't matter which side is up when vacuuming. They are the perfect thickness and quality for freezing. Don't lock your FoodSaver when you're done, just remember that, but using a FoodSaver in general. Put it away if you just wipe it clean. The effectiveness of the vacuum seal will eventually be broken down by locking it when not in use.

👤I've had good luck with the FoodSaver brand bag rolls, which I use to make my own vacuum sealed bags for food storage in the fridge and freezer. When I keep the textured side down, I generally get a good seal, but watch when I vacuum seal moist foods and push the seal button. If there was any chance that the bag would get wet, I would clean the lip of the bag and do a vacuum seal closer to the open end. It's not a problem when the food will go directly into the water bath to cook, as even removing air using the Archimedes principle will work, but I often have to repackage meats, poultry and fish because the size of supermarket packaging is so much larger than our needs. It's a simple matter to either cook it in the water bath or season it when I repackage it. They always hold when using the FoodSaver brand if the seal has not gotten wet. I would like to thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it useful.

7. KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Cutter Commercial

KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Cutter Commercial

FoodSaver works with 8 inches and 11 inches vacuum seal rolls, all pre made bag sizes, fresh containers, and quick Marinator; optional accessories include FoodSaver regular and wide mouth mason jar sealers and FoodSaver bottle protectors for wine and oil bottles. You can make your own length of bags with the help of the cutter-box. Get the greatest value by reducing wasted material. The KitchenBoss vacuum bags are made of nylon and polyethylene. Two layers of heavy-duty bags with air-removal channel are stable for freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and sous vide cooking. Their food vacuum sealers rolls are compatible with all of the vacuum sealers and sous-vide cooking devices. Vacuum bags keep food fresh and prevent food waste. It can be used to store food for longer in bags. Not just for food preservation, but also for boiling, sous vide cooking, and cabinet, fridge, or freezer storage. Coins, books, jewelry, documents and even photos can be kept in vacuum sealed rolls.

Brand: Kitchenboss

👤The quality of these is better than the foodsaver brand. The seal is thin with food saver. Sometimes I have to clean the plastic and reseal it because it won't hold. I think the plastic has a lower melting point which makes the seal better. The waffle design may have a lighter texture that allows the plastic to come together. The food saver brand has a square texture while the smaller inter locking diamonds have a different texture.

👤The quality is great and the amount is great. The down fall is the cutter doesn't work well for a square cut because you have to manipulate the material under it to get the cut started. The box was snipped enough so that the cutter could slide it over. I can cut the material without having to fight it to get it in place. I only cut the box on one side so that the other side wouldn't slip.

👤The ends of the bags bend up when you cut them out, making it hard to load them into the Food Saver vacuum sealer. They are useless to me. I think they work well on the vacuum Sealer, if you can lift up the seal element and place the bag into place, then lower the vacuum and seal element. My Food Saver is a front load that requires the bag to be slipped into a narrow slot then vacuuming and sealing can happen.

👤After reading the reviews of the cheaper vavuum rolls, I was hesitant about getting a brand other than FoodSaver. About 10% of the reviews said that the seal came undone after vaccum seal. I assumed it was a quality control issue from the manufacturer and hoped I would get one of the rolls that make up the other 90%. I used the vacuum seal bags on some rockfish. I have never had a failure or fish that is showing signs of freezer burn. I did a double seal at the end of the vacuum packages as a safety measure. I keep frozen fish in a cardboard box in the freezer. If you're picky about your fish, I highly recommend you to do this. The boxcutter! This is a lifesaver. I don't like cutting vacuum bags because it's time consuming, tedious and the cuts are never straight. The boxcutter negates all these issues. If you get a bad bunch, just send them back and get another one.

👤Excellent value! I have a food saver that works great. Will buy again and again. Food Saver and Sous Vide Bag Rolls have FDA approval and are commercial grade.

👤I got these because they were cheaper than the food saver bags at Target. They work just as well. I don't see a difference except for the lack of texture.

👤This stuff has not caused any problems with my Food Saver. The bags work the same as the food saver brand. These are a great way to save money.

👤I was unhappy with others and tried these. They're tough enough to last in the freezer and don't have holes in the bags. I am able to use every inch of the roll so there is no loss of footage. You need to seal the end on the roll once you're down to 3'-4' because the end against the roller is not sealed. I'll keep ordering them. They're a great space saver when packing soft items for shipping or traveling.

8. Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Wevac has a quality guarantee. They have a no questions return policy and they are behind their products. All 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Sealer Machines are compatible with the universal design. The bags have a seal for a meal and a freezer bag. Food grade material is great for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also cook, freezable, dishwasher,Microwave, and boilable safe. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: O2frepak

👤I decided to give these a try because I was sick of paying high prices for brand name bags. They are really large. The pre-made bags are so much easier to use than the food saver rolls. The bags are nice heavy duty and a better deal for the money. The food saver machine doesn't seem to like these bags, not sure if it is the grid pattern or not. It takes a little longer for the machine to get a good suction on the bags. This was not a big deal to me. I have been buying a lot of groceries in bulk and freezing them because we are still in a lockdown. The bags are great for that.

👤These bags are easy to use. Most of the time, I can cut off the ends of the bags to open them and reuse them. I have a quart, gallon, and extra large that are larger than a gallon. I use the quart the most. I use all of the sizes. I buy a lot of stuff. I found these and will never use any other brand.

👤The food saver vacuum machine works well with it. They are sturdy and cheap. If it's important to you, then make a decision on that. China isn't known for food safety so can't say what these bags are made of. They work well.

👤Won't give up. I get another if one breaks. The shelf life of your frozen goods is worth the purchase of another unit every 10 years or so. You can save money by buying the bags in bulk.

👤I use vacuum bags to store things in the freezer. When I ran out of smaller bags in local stores, I decided to try these on Amazon. The O2frepak bags are less expensive than the FoodSaver bags, but they have been a disappointment. The textured side of the bag doesn't have the same type of channels as the other bags, so they don't evacuate air during the vacuum seal process. There is a bigger problem with lack of seals. The heat seal doesn't hold well, it's inconsistent, and has to be changed at least two or three times. To make sure the problem was with the bag. I compared the O2frepak bags to the FoodSaver bags. The brand-name bags uniformly sealed on the first attempt, but the O2frepak bags required re-sealing and multiple applications of heat in order to maintain a firm closure. If you want to save money and don't mind having the seal fail or needing to re-seal the same bag multiple times, then this brand of vacuum bags are for you. I will not purchase them again because of the ongoing problems with failed seals and inadequate vacuum. The twohassle factors are not worth the small cost savings. I will buy brand-name FoodSaver bags.

👤This is my second order of these bags. They work just as well as the more expensive brand, but cost less. I took out chicken that was sealed in these bags for more than six months and it tasted like it had just been frozen. They work well for my garden veg that we freeze to last until next harvest. They reheated the soup in the bag in the hot water. I will save money by sticking with these.

9. Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

The vaccum bags keep your food fresh for 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. Any issues can be resolved online. They will give you a full refund or replacement for 30 days. A pack of 8 inch by 150 feet rolls with channels to increase the amount of air in the room, and a cutter box for cutting and storage, keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. The keeper/cutterbox is easy to use and will keep the roll bag clean. You use the cutter to cut the roll. Cutting with a cutter is convenient and accurate, and saves time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Weston, Cabela's, and Ziploc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening.

Brand: Wevac

👤The price is right and the packaging is great. I recommend!

👤There is a huge box of two. The material is sturdy and performs well. It has a smooth side that makes it easy to label with a permanent marker and a textured side that helps keep it in the vacuum machine. I package up a lot of meals for my elderly mother who eats better if she just has to pull something out of the freezer, so these are a great value for using in bulk. Someone put a lot of thought into the design of the cutter and box. I couldn't figure out the instructions on the box. I couldn't remove the press down the protective strip deep enough to take advantage of the cutter because of my arthritis. I would prefer a cheaper price for the engineered cutter and box. I will purchase these big rolls again in the future. I wish someone could make a six inch roll that would help with individual serving.

👤I didn't show the amount of space in the fridge. Excellent for a single person. Place your individually cut pouch in your large packs. Pre-cut sizes are not the best place to waste paper. If the cutter appears to not cut, press a little forward. It cuts at an angle. Great seals. They have to take their word for it, but can't prove that it's free of the toxic substance. Will purchase again. I will buy it in case I can't find it again.

👤This is the lightest vacuum bag material I've used, but it still works well. The safety cutter is a little difficult to use. There are warnings on the box to not take it apart because you will ruin it. I think they're trying to discourage you from buying replacement rolls elsewhere and using them in this dispenser when the first roll is gone. They want you to buy it again when you run out. I took mine apart and put a little tape on the top tab to keep it from sliding down. I had no choice but to open the box to get the end of the roll. If you take care of it, you should be able to reuse the box with new rolls, which will keep junk out of landfills.

👤The Wevac 8” x 150' Food Vacuum Seal Roll Keeper with Cutter is a great solution for cutting a perfect straight line with scissors. I've tried many vacuum rolls, but I prefer a vacuum roll with a smooth side and a textured side. The smooth side provides a uniform thickness which is nice to label the package with the date of seal and description of food contents. I found the thickness of the plastic to be more than adequate, for very conforming vacuum seal and food freshness preservation, despite the concerns of thinner plastic. I will be ordering again in the future.

👤Great product. We have been using their product for a long time. We saved our empty rolls so that we could refill them from this box. It's easy to use. They are heavy vacuum bags. They are not cheap vacuum bags. I would recommend this product to everyone.

10. Sihuuu Plastic Sealing Keeping Reusable

Sihuuu Plastic Sealing Keeping Reusable

The fully starter kit. The vacuum sealers for meat package also includes a mini automatic compression vacuum and a vacuum roll that can be used again. A complete set of cookware. They provide lifetime technical support for their Mini sous vide vacuum sealer machine. The packaging is material. The size is 11 cm. There are five colors of the seal clip, made of plastic. The hairpin design is easy to open and close. The mouth of the bag can be locked by just pinching it. Plastic seal food fresh keeping clips are suitable for keeping food fresh in plastic bags. Sturdy and reuse. The bag holder can be used indoors. Different foods can be kept fresh in the storage room, refrigerator or freezer. The most convenient kitchen utensils are the clips. Perfect Customer service. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Sihuuu

👤I have had these for a while, but they are a bit wider. I think they are better.

👤The tight clip is nice. It is easy to use.

👤The key to using this style of clip is to fold the corners of your chip bag in half. The bag should be folded a couple of times. Before applying the clip, make sure the width of the bag is shorter than the width of the clip by folding the corners in. You're ready to put the clip on. These clips seem to work well when this pattern is followed. The clips have a tongue and grooves on the two halves that will seal the bag pretty well if you want to seal a bag that's almost full or can't be folded.

👤The chip clips are very good. They are used for both loaves of bread and bags of chips. They are lightweight, durable, and have a lot of power. They can be used for softer things like a loaf of bread. They are worth what they cost. You will not regret it if you grab them.

👤The principal of a spring clothes pin is worked on by most snack bag clips. I can't use this device on any pouch longer than the clip because it has to open along the entire opening. The closing won't happen if anything longer is involved. Maybe I am missing something. It doesn't seem useful.

11. Vacuum Reusable Resealable Storage Sizes15

Vacuum Reusable Resealable Storage Sizes15

It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening. 5 PCS VACUUM SLEAER ZIPPER bags are small, medium, and large. It is suitable for use with any sous vide cooker. Food safe material, freezer safe and cook safe are some of the things that make up the sous-vide bags vacuum. Each bag can be used more than 10 times. It takes just a few seconds to vacuum the bag, seal it with white clips, and start cooking or storing. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and can be stored in a dry place before being used again. Work with most vampire killer machines. Most handheld vacuum sealer machines are compatible with the Vacuum Sealer bags. The double zip is used to maximize air removal. The multi-layer material blocks oxygen and moisture. It can be used to store your valuables to prevent the loss of water.

Brand: Decoo

👤I bought these because they came in a variety of sizes. I own a handheld vacuum. It takes longer to vacuum out the air when these are closed, even with the little tool that is included. I don't use them for Sous Vide. I will probably not re- purchase these as they will probably be used up.

👤It's easy to get rid of stuff with other machines. Does not take up a lot of counter space. The bags are zip lock and do not require trimming to open. If all your bags are full, you only need to buy more. I buy English cucumbers, but once I cut them into slices, they will only last a few days, and I hate the waste. They stay fresh in the vacuum bags. My best efforts were just the next day, but not now. It saves a lot of money on produce, meats, and cheeses.

👤I have had an air exchanger for a long time. I can use it again. Great find.

👤I was able to buy different sizes of bags that work with my machine. I have used several of them and have not had any problems with the seal.

👤The bags are strong. I put a half of anavocado in a small bag and decided to use it a few days later. I would recommend them to a friend.

👤It was built really well. The plastic is heavy. It can be washed again and again.

👤The bolts are shoddy. Unless you find the sweet spot, the vacuum will rarely work. I will not use brand bags from now on.

👤This is a great idea, it's easy to put meal leftovers to use. There are different options for size quantities. Middle size and less large.

👤The item arrived on time. I've used two and it seems to keep its seal well. Let's see if they are better than Food Saver's seal bag, where after a few use it looses the seal where the air valve is. I would like the bag to be bigger, so I can put things in it, but so far I can't find any use for it.


What is the best product for food vacuum seal bags large?

Food vacuum seal bags large products from Foodsaver. In this article about food vacuum seal bags large you can see why people choose the product. Simple Houseware and Foodsaver are also good brands to look for when you are finding food vacuum seal bags large.

What are the best brands for food vacuum seal bags large?

Foodsaver, Simple Houseware and Foodsaver are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food vacuum seal bags large. Find the detail in this article. Wevac, Huispark and Foodsaver are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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