Best Food Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls 11 Inch

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1. Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Food saver and Ziploc are registered marks of Sunbeam products and S.C. Johnson and son. A pack of 11 inch by 150 feet rolls with channels to increase the amount of air in the room, and a cutter box for cutting and storage, keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. The keeper/cutterbox is easy to use and will keep the roll bag clean. You use the cutter to cut the roll. Cutting with a cutter is convenient and accurate, and saves time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Weston, and Cabela's. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening.

Brand: Wevac

👤This product was purchased at a price point. The choice was a great one and they did everything they were told to do. Fantastic for many other needs. I don't like throwing out food that is normally good in the store but is going bad in the freezer. There's no end to what you can keep. Fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, etc. The Wevac Commercial Grade bags are ideal for the pulse option of the Avid-Armor 7900 vacuum sealer. I love the Wevac roll style so much that I have 2 size options for it. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can package the pine nuts and dried cranberries so they stay fresh. I can make Pignoli cookies and cranberry muffins. Over the holidays. This is a great product and economical at the same time. Some of the others that I tried didn't work with the Wevac bags. Even though they advertised it was okay to use any brand of bags, they weren't strong enough to seal the Wevac bags. Isn't a seal the point of a vacuum Sealer?

👤I like the idea of the box, but I don't like the brand of the box, it's thin and hard to cut, but I will use the box for future rolls from the good brand.

👤The box containing the roll and the cutter are genius. It works better than the cutter. I've used the cutter on my sealer hundreds of times, which is more than the number of times I've used the cutter on the box. It's more sanitary to have one large roll, cut from the box it's contained in. The idea of putting a whole roll of product in a machine was not something I liked. This eliminates the possibility. I will not buy the manufacturers bags again if I can get these.

👤I've been using a vacuum cleaner. I buy 3-6 cases of rolls for a year. I tried one box of this roll with an integrated bag cutter because I couldn't find them from my normal supplier. I made wild hog and deer meatloaf with 2 lbs. of meat tonight because deer season is coming to an end and 5 deer and 792 wild hogs have been killed. I used this product for the first time since 2006 and wish I had been using it since then. If you don't check your strip on your bar, they will seal perfectly. The integrated bag cutter is so simple that it saves a lot of time. I just placed an order for 3 more 150' boxes, and I highly recommend this product. Hopefully it will last a year.

👤I switched over from another product I had been using because it would not stay in place under the vacuum. I like the convenience of one big role I can cut to size without it being in the machine, and so far this appears to be a better product.

👤The reason I purchased this product was because of the cutter in the box. The bags work well for vacuum seal. In the past I have had bags that had a white area on them for writing notes and I wish these bags did that.

2. HEMOER Vacuum Commercial Storage Cooking

HEMOER Vacuum Commercial Storage Cooking

100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please let them know why and they will fix it and give you a replacement or full refund. Give them time to make it right for you. 3.5 mils Front Panel, 4 mils Embossed back panel are used for Heavy Duty. Extending food storage time for 3-6 times increases nutrition and storage time. The vacuum food saver rolls bag is food safe. You can reuse them, they are safe for the fridge, frozen or sous vide cooking, and also safe for microwaved and boiled. Value PerformanceVacuum Rolls length is convenient to pack up and freeze your leftovers instead of letting them go bad. You can have a little more control over the package saver nuts, cheese, meat, fruit, and pasta. The free-cut size allows you to process more food at the same time. Food saver bags are great for sous-vide cooking. The rolls protect everything from the harmful effects of oxygen and water, such as photographs, souvenirs, documents, coins, and silver. Food seal bags are the perfect accessory for vacuum sealers, compatible with Foodsaver, Seal a Meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, and so on.

Brand: Hemoer

👤She hasn't learned to make traditional homemade noodles yet, so I bought these bags to make sure. I wanted to make a lot like my mom did. She takes them to work and only one of the kids eat them so I needed to be able to different sizes with out a lot of bags. I used them to make some snacks for the kids. Little bags are more difficult to fold down because they don't seal, and you usually fold the top down. If you want to make small bags, I would order a smaller size because it is hard to fold. Otherwise fine product would be ordered again.

👤The product was easy to use and economical. What I was looking for. I like that it's made for a custom size. Will buy again.

👤It doesn't get all the air out of the bag if the pieces are cut a little long. Everything worked great when I figured this out.

3. Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Storage Sealers Commercial Vaccume Upgrade

Wevac has a quality guarantee. They have a no questions return policy and they are behind their products. All 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Sealer Machines are compatible with the universal design. The bags have a seal for a meal and a freezer bag. Food grade material is great for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also cook, freezable, dishwasher,Microwave, and boilable safe. Food shelf life can be extended 3-6 times. Air and water proof materials prevent leaks. Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness.

Brand: O2frepak

👤I decided to give these a try because I was sick of paying high prices for brand name bags. They are really large. The pre-made bags are so much easier to use than the food saver rolls. The bags are nice heavy duty and a better deal for the money. The food saver machine doesn't seem to like these bags, not sure if it is the grid pattern or not. It takes a little longer for the machine to get a good suction on the bags. This was not a big deal to me. I have been buying a lot of groceries in bulk and freezing them because we are still in a lockdown. The bags are great for that.

👤These bags are easy to use. Most of the time, I can cut off the ends of the bags to open them and reuse them. I have a quart, gallon, and extra large that are larger than a gallon. I use the quart the most. I use all of the sizes. I buy a lot of stuff. I found these and will never use any other brand.

👤The food saver vacuum machine works well with it. They are sturdy and cheap. If it's important to you, then make a decision on that. China isn't known for food safety so can't say what these bags are made of. They work well.

👤Won't give up. I get another if one breaks. The shelf life of your frozen goods is worth the purchase of another unit every 10 years or so. You can save money by buying the bags in bulk.

👤I use vacuum bags to store things in the freezer. When I ran out of smaller bags in local stores, I decided to try these on Amazon. The O2frepak bags are less expensive than the FoodSaver bags, but they have been a disappointment. The textured side of the bag doesn't have the same type of channels as the other bags, so they don't evacuate air during the vacuum seal process. There is a bigger problem with lack of seals. The heat seal doesn't hold well, it's inconsistent, and has to be changed at least two or three times. To make sure the problem was with the bag. I compared the O2frepak bags to the FoodSaver bags. The brand-name bags uniformly sealed on the first attempt, but the O2frepak bags required re-sealing and multiple applications of heat in order to maintain a firm closure. If you want to save money and don't mind having the seal fail or needing to re-seal the same bag multiple times, then this brand of vacuum bags are for you. I will not purchase them again because of the ongoing problems with failed seals and inadequate vacuum. The twohassle factors are not worth the small cost savings. I will buy brand-name FoodSaver bags.

👤This is my second order of these bags. They work just as well as the more expensive brand, but cost less. I took out chicken that was sealed in these bags for more than six months and it tasted like it had just been frozen. They work well for my garden veg that we freeze to last until next harvest. They reheated the soup in the bag in the hot water. I will save money by sticking with these.

4. Vacuum Sealer Bags Food Saver Rolls

Vacuum Sealer Bags Food Saver Rolls

Food grade material is safe for storing raw and cooked foods. The vacuum bags are made from a heavy-duty food grade material. It can be used in a variety of ways, from food storage to cooking. The food saver bags are designed for maximum air removal so that you can full seal your food for maximum freshness. The clear vacuum food bags make it easy to identify different foods. The bags keep the food fresh. Food with vacuum packed to block oxygen and dehydration makes it more safe. Food vac bags can be washed and re-used in order to reduce waste and save money. The pack of food seal bags has different sizes and is 10 feet long. The food storage bag is 60 feet long.

Brand: Kitchengynti

👤The food saver bags are amazing. You can adjust the length for different items. They hold a good seal for a long time. I use them for storage. It was perfect.

👤It was simple and effective.

👤These bags work. I don't have to use giant bags for smaller amounts of food because I love the different widths. It was great for my sous.

👤These bags are an excellent purchase for a lot of money. I have vacuum sealed cheese, lentils and ground beef so far. I will be cooking in the microwave and steaming to update my review. I'm very happy with this purchase. This review was not paid for. These days, you never know. Good day!

5. Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

Gamesaver Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

Don't remove the lid if you want to pour out food and snacks. Without making a mess. A great gift idea for people who want to make it easier to pour food. The heavy duty and prophylactic preventative system consists of 8 inch and 11 inch by 50 feet rolls with embossed channels. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, Ziploc etc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening, tea leaves, documents and electronics. Wevac has a quality guarantee. They have a no questions return policy and they are behind their products.

Brand: Wevac

👤I have purchased name brand rolls and machines from the same manufacturer for the last 18 years and they 888-492-0 888-492-0s are better. The rolls are larger than what will fit into the roll dispensers/cutter. I rolled a quantity back on my used up roll to fit in the machine and saved my tubes. The quality of the seals and the price make this a worthwhile task.

👤I'm not sure if the people who write positive reviews are related. Do you use them? I opened a package this morning and used both sizes to test it. I failed in the large size of the dry black beans, out of two. I had one fail on the small size. 50% failure rate on the large and 16.6% failure rate on the small. I know it's a small sample, but is it acceptable to you? It is not for me. I had zero fails in both sizes in the last rolls I used. I've used name brand bags before, but I'm an experienced user of vacuum sealers. I took a chance after reading the reviews. Don't buy if you're warned. We are in a time when putting up food is necessary. We are living it for real. I want them to work. The vac seal on the bags that do work is not as tight as the other bags. These are not to be avoided. completely.

👤There were no problems at all. Do not let the seal leak. We use this size more than the larger one. It seems to be less wasted material, which makes it more economical.

👤The vacume bags are hands down. I have used before. I have a lot of deer meat in them, and the bags are brittle and get holes when they thaw. They had to double seal them all because they didn't want to.

👤This product works great with my food saver. These are too large to fit inside the food saver. It is still perfectly usable. I don't put them in the food saver. The food saver takes a 20' roll. I think the 50' is a better deal than a smaller roll. The bags seem to be the same as the ones that came with the food saver.

👤These are the best of all the brands of seal bags. The FoodSaver bags are more expensive than these. The bags are not cheap, but they are work horses. I was surprised that they had yet to give me a crummy seal. The only thing that would make these better is if they offered a size that would fit in your machine or something like that.

👤I've picked foodsaver and foodvacbag many times. The bag is easy to use and the speed of vacuuming is good, but I didn't expect it to be as good as the first two. Unexpected discovery, affordable and useful.

👤If you want to keep your food saver safe, you should do a double seal on both sides of the bag. I've only had one thing out of over 30 things I've packaged with this break seal, and they are large.

6. FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Rolls Multipack

FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Rolls Multipack

Customer recognition of the product is their greatest expectation. If you have any problems when you use the product, or if you have any problems when you receive it, they will solve them quickly. The multi-layer design of the BPA free design is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. It's better to have the option to cut the roll to the length you need, rather than having to use up material or risk " Doesn't Quite Fit" scenarios. It's ideal for use with FoodSaver vacuum sealing systems. The FoodSaver vacuum sealers have a sealed strip that works with FoodSaver bag material to ensure a secure seal. It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods, and it's also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil safe. There are two heat seal rolls and three heat seal rolls.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤Garbage. I bought a food saver vacuum Sealer a couple months ago and have been unimpressed, I wasted $150 on a sub-par product. I bought a variety of rolls from the box that contained the sealer. I saved a small piece of the original roll to compare after reading some bad reviews. The original bag is wider than the one I got with this order, which is interesting since they're both supposed to be 11 inches. The original roll on the left has channels, but the one on the right has little studs not connected in any way. Next, look at the rolls and see all the wrinkling and creasing, as someone else suggested these are quality control rejects that are just going off via Amazon. The product unmade in China is funny, given how much the company lies about quality. FoodSaver gives an answer to some of the product questions. There are two trends involving misrepresentation. For example, someone asks if the bags contain the same things as FoodSaver, they don't even care enough to give an honest answer or take the time to read the question, and for many questions where people ask if the bags can be used for something. That's what I would recommend. I'm returning the garbage rolls and spending my money on a better product. FoodSaver is cheap and made in China.

👤I was thrilled to find a five roll pack for $10 cheaper than I pay at Walmart, but the bags I received were not the same quality bags I've used before. I wanted to use the 8 inch rolls when I opened this box because I was bagging up 80 pounds of chicken. The textured side was lighter in weight. The bags were textured only on one side. The bags were not sealed with air inside. I called Food Saver and they said they hadn't changed the design of their bags. I used the 11 inch roll from the last box to finish the chicken. The pictures show the box that the rolls came in and compares it to the box that the rolls came from on Amazon. The project turned into a complicated mess and hours on the phone, but Amazon is going to give me a refund. The original Food saver bags are great, but they are nothing more than junk. If I could, I wouldn't give stars.

👤These are good bags. I've tried the knockoff bags before, but they didn't always vacuum down all the way. The little dots weren't big enough to allow the air to flow through. The FoodSaver bags are always up to date. I like the fact that I can just toss the bag in the microwave. It's best to toss it in a pot of boiling water. It's likely to melt if you use a regular bag. It was not intentional.

👤These are not the same bags. The quality is different. Did you not seal? I got an automated response after writing to FoodSaver. Nothing has been done yet. Completely dissatisfied. A lesser quality product was paid for by this name brand.

7. Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

The vaccum bags keep your food fresh for 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. Any issues can be resolved online. They will give you a full refund or replacement for 30 days. A pack of 8 inch by 150 feet rolls with channels to increase the amount of air in the room, and a cutter box for cutting and storage, keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. The keeper/cutterbox is easy to use and will keep the roll bag clean. You use the cutter to cut the roll. Cutting with a cutter is convenient and accurate, and saves time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Weston, Cabela's, and Ziploc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening.

Brand: Wevac

👤The price is right and the packaging is great. I recommend!

👤There is a huge box of two. The material is sturdy and performs well. It has a smooth side that makes it easy to label with a permanent marker and a textured side that helps keep it in the vacuum machine. I package up a lot of meals for my elderly mother who eats better if she just has to pull something out of the freezer, so these are a great value for using in bulk. Someone put a lot of thought into the design of the cutter and box. I couldn't figure out the instructions on the box. I couldn't remove the press down the protective strip deep enough to take advantage of the cutter because of my arthritis. I would prefer a cheaper price for the engineered cutter and box. I will purchase these big rolls again in the future. I wish someone could make a six inch roll that would help with individual serving.

👤I didn't show the amount of space in the fridge. Excellent for a single person. Place your individually cut pouch in your large packs. Pre-cut sizes are not the best place to waste paper. If the cutter appears to not cut, press a little forward. It cuts at an angle. Great seals. They have to take their word for it, but can't prove that it's free of the toxic substance. Will purchase again. I will buy it in case I can't find it again.

👤This is the lightest vacuum bag material I've used, but it still works well. The safety cutter is a little difficult to use. There are warnings on the box to not take it apart because you will ruin it. I think they're trying to discourage you from buying replacement rolls elsewhere and using them in this dispenser when the first roll is gone. They want you to buy it again when you run out. I took mine apart and put a little tape on the top tab to keep it from sliding down. I had no choice but to open the box to get the end of the roll. If you take care of it, you should be able to reuse the box with new rolls, which will keep junk out of landfills.

👤The Wevac 8” x 150' Food Vacuum Seal Roll Keeper with Cutter is a great solution for cutting a perfect straight line with scissors. I've tried many vacuum rolls, but I prefer a vacuum roll with a smooth side and a textured side. The smooth side provides a uniform thickness which is nice to label the package with the date of seal and description of food contents. I found the thickness of the plastic to be more than adequate, for very conforming vacuum seal and food freshness preservation, despite the concerns of thinner plastic. I will be ordering again in the future.

👤Great product. We have been using their product for a long time. We saved our empty rolls so that we could refill them from this box. It's easy to use. They are heavy vacuum bags. They are not cheap vacuum bags. I would recommend this product to everyone.

8. Foodsaver MACHINE Commercial Avid Armor

Foodsaver MACHINE Commercial Avid Armor

The multi-ply material prevents freezer burn. A total of 100 feet of the AVID ARMOR are included in the 4 ROLLS PACK. A premium alternative to Foodsaver, Seal-a-Meal and other food vacuum sealed bags. Roll fit inside storage compartment of guillotine cutter machines is a universal design to fit inside the machine. The machine can cut and seal bags. Food safe food saver bags are of the highest quality. They are free for sous vide bags, meal prep, microwave safe and storing fresh or cooked foods in the freezer. Commercial quality is heavy-DUTY. The vac seal bags are designed with 3 mil front panel and 4 mil back panel for maximum protection. It's a good idea to prevent freezer-burn, icing and dehydration. Works with all food vac heat bag sealer systems. A food and money saver, easy to use, cut to length and vacum. The Food Saver Vietnam Sealer bags ROLLS have proven performance and quality. You can trust the products of Avid Armor to keep your food and valuables safe.

Brand: Avid Armor

👤I was surprised at the cost of the replacement bags after I received a Food Saver. I came across this product which is a fraction of the cost and it works just as well. The Food Saver brand bags are free. I have used them and they work well. Hats off to the company who has provided a good option. You have my business and a good recommendation too.

👤I have a machine that seals food. I bought the product to try it out. I found them equally good as the Food Saver product at a cheaper price. The material fits perfectly into my roll feeders. The material is tough and durable, making it a great material for bagging. The product I will be using from now on is the Food Saver. Thank you for a great product. Thomas M.

👤I was a bit skeptical of buying rolls for my Food Saver that were not the name brand I normally buy, but read the reviews which were good. I decided to give them a try because of the low price. They were just like the brand name rolls. They sealed perfectly, and I got a lot more for my money. I will purchase them again. The Food Saver brand rolls are made in China, but the company that makes them is right down the street from the one who makes the rolls. Try them. I bet you will like them as well. I own the Food Saver model. Also, note: The roll was too thick to fit in my model, I simply rolled it up and saved it for later.

👤Every year I vacuum seal all the salmon pieces after I smoke them and put them in the freezer to enjoy throughout the year. I have never had a problem with my Gourmia vacuum sealer, and usually after doing about 50 pieces of salmon, I will have at least one or two that the seal gave out on. I ordered these rolls because they said they were heavy duty and they were free of BPA. I noticed that the roll was thinner and not as strong as before. I sealed everything with this new roll. I was able to seal every piece with what was left of my old roll of sealer. I resealed my salmon in a new roll of a different product and they are holding up. I would not recommend these, they are very poor quality and I will try and return them.

👤The bags are great and work just as well as any of the other bags on the market. The price was amazing. We are very happy with our bags. We use our bags a lot. We freeze all of our food. The bags hold everything we put in them. We recommend them to everyone.

👤I bought this product to fit in my Food Saver. The roll is 2 1/2 and the hole in the FS is 2 1/2, which is not a real brand but a product called Avid Armor. I wanted something that worked more smoothly than when I tried to fit the roll into my FS as my hand made rolls tried to roll into the cutting mechanism, reason for 4 stars. I bought it because it is cheaper than the FS brand, and it has an acceptable vacuum seal. I can write on it with my name brand Sharpie and it won't be wiped off. Short term storage is great for money savings. I use the real Food Saver brand when I have a long term freezer storage because it has a better vacuum seal. I have never tried anything with sharp edges or bones. It does hold up well with bones and sharp edges.

9. FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

Premium machine performance. The shell of this product is made of superior material. Under goes rigorous laboratory testing,200+ Vacuuming & Sealing cycles without overheating. The multi layer design is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. It's better to have the option to cut the roll to the length you need, rather than having to use up material or make a mess. It's ideal for use with foodsaver vacuum sealing systems. The seal strip in foodsaver vacuum sealers is designed to heat to a precise temperature that works for foodsaver bag material, so you get a secure seal. It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods. It's also a refrigerator, microwave, and freezer.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The Food Saver device did not work well with this product. It did not vacuum seal. It does not work as expected because what we received is very old stock, which is why it is not working. If you're paying for a product that isn't the best, stick with buying local. We bought another box of Food Saver bags at Walmart yesterday and they work great. We were able to see and feel the difference. I think it is just a matter of newer product being better and the product Amazon delivered is not the same product Food Saver offers today.

👤I don't think these are actually Food Saver bags. The bags are lighter in weight, they came in a brown box, and the paper on the bags was cheap, and the tape on the bags was different than what I've used before. Jarden was often testing new designs and so the garbage was about how they may look different. I wouldn't recommend buying bags here.

👤These are not the original food saver rolls that I buy from Walmart and the ones that come with my FoodSaver are very inferior, they are very different and not vacuum or seal tight.

👤I've been buying the original FoodSaver manufacturer bags for a while now and I think they are better than no-brand replacements. The bags from the original manufacturer are double the money of other brands. The bags wouldn't get vacuumed on the FoodSaver machine. I went to the FoodSaver website and asked for a replacement, but they never responded. They're not accepting calls now, when I tried to call them. Poor customer service and expensive product don't work.

👤I bought the bags based on other people's reviews. I would like to buy them at the store. I have used other Food saver bags that did not seal. I went into my freezer to check on the food but found the bag was loose and the food was burning. Go to the store and know what you are buying and save yourself some money.

👤These were either old inventory or counterfeit according to recent reviews. I had to use multiple bags to get the airtight seal because the bags in this order were leaving air pockets. They were cheap and thin. It's not a good look to pass off compromised inventory or fakes.

👤I received a brown box with a Food Saver sticker that contained pre-cut bags, after purchasing Food Saver rolls for close to 20 years. I'll get them somewhere else in the future where I can view them before buying, I'm not happy with the return process. The photo indicated that I wanted 11 wide rolls to cut to my desired length.

👤Can't really tell if this is what I paid for. It's pretty tacky to put a photo of a Foodsaver 3-pack package in the ad and then send me bare rolls. The seller gave me very little evidence to believe that they are Foodsaver brand. I smell like I got cheated.

10. Rolls 11 Inch 50 Foot Vacuum Sealer

Rolls 11 Inch 50 Foot Vacuum Sealer

2 packs are 11'' wide and 50 feet long. 100 feet is the total. You are making your own bag. HEALTHY PORTIONS. Prepare meals in advance so you don't over eat. Pack up your leftovers and freeze them. You can portion out nuts, cheese, meat, candy, pasta, and anything else you want. Reduction of waste is achieved by storing fresh or frozen food in their bags for 2 times longer. You should stop buying ingredients that you already own. The vacuum food bags are made of the highest quality material. They are non-toxic, with no harmful or allergenic substances. Their vacuum seal bags save over brand name bags. The value of your hard earned dollar should be doubled. FoodVacBags can be used in a variety of ways, including for cabinet, fridge or freezer storage. You can reuse them because they are dishwasher safe. Coins, comic books, jewelry, documents, and even photos are protected from the effects of oxygen and water.

Brand: Foodvacbags

👤I ran out of my previous large refill rolls. I ordered two new brands. I ordered the 11 FoodVacBags and 11 Nutri-Lock because I do a lot of sous vide and sealing. The FoodVacBags are thinner than the FoodVacBags. The FoodVacBags wouldn't seal on my FoodSaver. I will need to replace the seal pads on my sealer soon because it is almost 2 years old, but the FoodVacbags wouldn't seal at all. They are too thin. They puncture easily according to another review. If I could get these bags to seal, it would be a problem, but the T-bone would pierce the bag anyway. The FoodVacBags don't work with my FoodSaver. The bags are heavier. I looked at my Amazon order history to find a third brand that I have been using. They were ordered from a company. They are heavier than the bags. I think I like them more. The small difference in cost is due to avoiding one bag and ruined steak. The bottom line is that FoodVacBags are too thin to seal and protect, and better, the Nutri-Lock bags are a little heavier. The best protection is punctures and leaks. All are available on Amazon.

👤I learned something. I'm getting ready to stock up on these. My husband can have a healthy meal even when I am not home because I cooked a huge amount of casserole before I left for a long trip. I had to buy the more expensive brand from a big box store because I ran out of the freeze bags. These bags are very sturdy and can be used for freezing food. I have never had a break. The ribbed version is more expensive. I take a lot of time to write my reviews. If this helped you in any way, please click "yes" on the bottom. Thank you.

👤These work as they should. I have been using them for a few months now and I am very satisfied. I will buy them again.

👤False advertising! These are not 4-mil bags, but 2.5 mil bags. FoodSaver Regular bags are 2.5 mil in thickness. Fix your title and description. The truth! It's complete false advertising, like BRIGHT AMERICANS can't afford it.

👤Wow! There is a lot of food saver baggage. I found this and I am very happy. We got a Food Saver for our wedding shower and use it all the time. The first time we used the Food Saver bags to split chicken, we went through both of the rolls that we got. I buy a lot of chicken at a time and then break it down into smaller batches to freeze. I was not happy about how expensive they were. I found these! They are affordable and quality is comparable to the name brand. Score! If this review was helpful to you, please click on the Yes button. It will be easier for other people to find the review. It isn't always easy to find the time to shop for the best prices at stores and I always go to Amazon since I have small children. I rely on other Amazon users for their opinions when making purchases. Really! I always look for products that have at least 4 stars in Average Customer Review. I rate every item I buy from the seller.

11. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Rolls Storage

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Rolls Storage

Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 3.5mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness. GERYON food vacuum sealer rolls are compatible with all 'Clamp Style' vacuum packaging machines. The seal bags are strong enough for freezing and can be used for simmering. Two packs of 16 feet length and 8 inch wide bags rolls can be easily cut into any length you need. Home processing is for storing food, documents, and vacuum bags so that they can be cooked in 3-6 times longer. Heavy Duty channels block both oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal, eliminate freezer burn, and keep the food fresh and tasty.

Brand: Geryon

👤I've had fun learning to use the machine after buying it mostly to store hamburgers, turkey burgers, chicken breasts or tenders. It's easy to operate. I keep touching the button pads while getting the bag in place and it wants to start. Hit stop! I have frozen meat for up to 24 hours and sealed it on moist. It seemed okay. I can't say if the seal holds up because I haven't inspected any bags or used one that's been filled yet. I do most as double seals. I am waiting to see if there is a leak. I have sealed bread and put too much vacuum in it. I sealed a package of cookies in a bag. I find it hard to touch food to the inside of the bag when I leave it or when I insert it, because of the greasy fingerprints on the bag. I am having trouble opening the bag and putting food in it because I am not sure how to put it in. There was no seal. It did seal after several tries of cleaning that area of the bag. I need more practice. The machine takes up a small amount of counter space, the other side is that it will turn backwards onto it's top easily. I have not had a reason to clean it, but it looks easy. I have ordered some bags that are 11" in length to try and hold something that is tall or thick. The price was correct. It's my new toy and I am having fun. It has a cutter for straight lines to make the bags. I think this model is a good one because of my learning curve and improvement.

👤These bags work well. If there is no water in the bag. Liquid that gets to where the bag is going to seal won't make a complete seal. The created bag will get air in it and completely defeat the "vacuum" portion of the way. When I use this for ground beef, steaks, chicken, etc... the "juice" from the meat rises to the top when the vacuum portion is gone. This prevents it from being properly sealed.

👤If you are trying to store dry goods like egg noodles or other dried goods in a bag, be aware that the ends of the bags can poke small holes if they puncture the bags.

👤Extra bags were offered at a good rate, and the price was very attractive. The directions are very clear and if you follow them correctly, you will get a successful outcome. It is easy to store. I am very pleased with this product.

👤The 2 extra rolls were purchased by me. The plastic is thick and should hold up well in the freezer. I have not seen any defects and they seem to seal well. I used the roll that came with the seal and the second roll. I will be buying more soon.

👤The bags that came with my vacuum food saver were great. I ordered an extra set of bags, but they are terrible because of small folds in plastic that prevent the vacuum from blowing. I will lose a lot of the bag when I find a spot with no folds. 100% dissatisfied.


What is the best product for food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch?

Food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch products from Wevac. In this article about food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch you can see why people choose the product. Hemoer and O2frepak are also good brands to look for when you are finding food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch.

What are the best brands for food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch?

Wevac, Hemoer and O2frepak are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food vacuum sealer bags rolls 11 inch. Find the detail in this article. Kitchengynti, Foodsaver and Avid Armor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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