Best Food Vacuum Sealer Bags Zipper

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1. FOYO Quart Sized Reusable Double Layer Designed

FOYO Quart Sized Reusable Double Layer Designed

There are safe Vallejo Sealer bags. There are no harmful chemicals in the plastic that could possibly taint your food, which is why you should use the VICARKO Vacuum Sealer bags. PE/PA can be used for microwave and frozen storage. The name and date of the food can be recorded in the notification area if the double-layer zip ties the vacuum bag to the wall. Put food in a bag with a vacuum cleaner. Pack fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, medicines, peppers, chicken, dry lunches, leftovers, snacks, and so on. What vacuum bags do you get? The size is 1.06 US gallons.

Brand: Foyo

👤I've bought a lot of these bags. 25%+ can't vacuum. I washed the bags, put a solid object inside and used a rubber mallet to confirm the top seal. Still can't hold a vacuum. None of the bags were found to have leeks in them. The major defects are coming from either the seal or valve.

👤I replaced the original freezer vacuum bags with these. I used the originals so quickly that I ran out of them. The bags from Hoyo were a total waste of money. They are cheap and do not work. They don't prevent ice from forming on the food when it's in the freezer after it's been vacuum sealed. These do not seal out cold/ice as well as a regular bag. I feel like I was taken advantage of.

👤I was looking for bags that would work with my vacuum cleaner, and these are perfect!

👤I use these to store my rolls. Zip lock bags fit my rolls. The bag does not fit my roll size. I own a battery power vac. It is great. The vac works with bags. Does not work with these bags. Some of the bags work according to a reviewer. I wouldn't by these again.

👤Almost 1/3 of my first purchase leaked, rendering them impotent. I have bags that are expensive. You know I reuse. The second purchase was better than the first. Most of them work well and it appears the manufacturer made adjustments so the valves are in the center. My wife and I would play the first few songs. It made the frustration go away. I had a bag filled with backs for eight months. The desiccant stayed dry. I use packing to cover the vent after removing the air because it appears to be the weakest link.

👤I use this type of storage to keep my food fresh when I travel. Only three of the bags actually sealed the holes in them and were useless. The other three failed as well. I'm looking for a product that works, I wish I could remember the brand of the ones I got first.

👤The Food saver bags are made by the same manufacturer as my Food saver machine, and they are more dependable, durable, and perform better than any other brand I have tried. They are great for everything from Sous Marinate/ cooking to vacuum packing for long term food storage at any temperature. All available bag sizes have reliable, multi-use capabilities for frequently accessed and resealing for a wide range of food items, such as homemade cereals, snack-mixes, dehydrated fruits & vegetables, tea, coffee beans, superfood supplements, grains, and aromatic herbs and spices. I use them to vacuum pack my medications, vitamins, and supplements, as well as my luggage space, to ensure freshness and potency, as well as to speed through security checks. I vacuum sealed a bag of dehydrated, foraged morel mushrooms and a seal bag of pecans four months ago. Hope this helps other prospective buyers, as nothing is more frustrating than a food saver storage bag that fails to retain its vacuum seal integrity indefinitely!

2. FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

FoodSaver Vacuum Custom Sized BPA Free Sealer

Premium machine performance. The shell of this product is made of superior material. Under goes rigorous laboratory testing,200+ Vacuuming & Sealing cycles without overheating. The multi layer design is made of durable yet flexible material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors. It's better to have the option to cut the roll to the length you need, rather than having to use up material or make a mess. It's ideal for use with foodsaver vacuum sealing systems. The seal strip in foodsaver vacuum sealers is designed to heat to a precise temperature that works for foodsaver bag material, so you get a secure seal. It's safe for storing raw and cooked foods. It's also a refrigerator, microwave, and freezer.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The Food Saver device did not work well with this product. It did not vacuum seal. It does not work as expected because what we received is very old stock, which is why it is not working. If you're paying for a product that isn't the best, stick with buying local. We bought another box of Food Saver bags at Walmart yesterday and they work great. We were able to see and feel the difference. I think it is just a matter of newer product being better and the product Amazon delivered is not the same product Food Saver offers today.

👤I don't think these are actually Food Saver bags. The bags are lighter in weight, they came in a brown box, and the paper on the bags was cheap, and the tape on the bags was different than what I've used before. Jarden was often testing new designs and so the garbage was about how they may look different. I wouldn't recommend buying bags here.

👤These are not the original food saver rolls that I buy from Walmart and the ones that come with my FoodSaver are very inferior, they are very different and not vacuum or seal tight.

👤I've been buying the original FoodSaver manufacturer bags for a while now and I think they are better than no-brand replacements. The bags from the original manufacturer are double the money of other brands. The bags wouldn't get vacuumed on the FoodSaver machine. I went to the FoodSaver website and asked for a replacement, but they never responded. They're not accepting calls now, when I tried to call them. Poor customer service and expensive product don't work.

👤I bought the bags based on other people's reviews. I would like to buy them at the store. I have used other Food saver bags that did not seal. I went into my freezer to check on the food but found the bag was loose and the food was burning. Go to the store and know what you are buying and save yourself some money.

👤These were either old inventory or counterfeit according to recent reviews. I had to use multiple bags to get the airtight seal because the bags in this order were leaving air pockets. They were cheap and thin. It's not a good look to pass off compromised inventory or fakes.

👤I received a brown box with a Food Saver sticker that contained pre-cut bags, after purchasing Food Saver rolls for close to 20 years. I'll get them somewhere else in the future where I can view them before buying, I'm not happy with the return process. The photo indicated that I wanted 11 wide rolls to cut to my desired length.

👤Can't really tell if this is what I paid for. It's pretty tacky to put a photo of a Foodsaver 3-pack package in the ad and then send me bare rolls. The seller gave me very little evidence to believe that they are Foodsaver brand. I smell like I got cheated.

3. VICARKO Storage Compatible Handheld 30 Pack

VICARKO Storage Compatible Handheld 30 Pack

There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food. 30 PCS Quarter-SIZE VACUUM SLEAER ZIPPER bags are non-toxic and great for sous vide cooking. The VICARKO Vacuum Sealer bags are compatible with most handheld vacuum sealer machines. The double zip is used to maximize air removal. The multi-layer material blocks oxygen and moisture. The VICARKO Vacuum Sealer bags help food to be fresh up to 5X longer. Food should be kept tasty and delicious. Fruit and vegetables are no longer soggy. Meats should always be juicy and delicious. Reusable and high-quality vampire sealed bags are made of excellent-quality and multi-layer non-toxic material to create an airtight barrier around food, blocking moist and oxygen to extend freshness and locking flavors. The design allows for complete air removal. Resealable vacuum bags are used for food items.

Brand: Vicarko

👤The pump is good. Powerful and easy to use. The bags were not great. The idea is great, but at least half the time the little valve doesn't hold the vacuum. It was difficult to get bag to work in the first place. It took a long time before my pump could start sucking the air out. If one worked at first, it would hold the vacuum on reuse. I had a roll of packing tape on the counter and thought I'd use it to seal the valve after the pump stopped. It worked very well. I put the piece on as soon as I moved the pump after folding over the edge to make a tag. I can reuse bags with this addition. Duct tape is more difficult to work with than packing tape.

👤I use the bags with the vacuum pump. Less expensive than brand name bags. I think the bags are a little heavier than the brand names, and I think they seal better than the Foodsaver branded bags.

👤The bags are similar to those sold by the major company. Even if sealed properly, they don't hold for more than a month. You get at least three or four times as many as you get for half the price, and you get a small hand-held pump which would be great for camping. After doing 12 bags of pre-prep meals, we purchase the rechargable food sealer handheld for under $30. If 2 to 4 weeks is good for you, then so be it. They are disposable. It's not long-term freezer storage.

👤It works well for removing air from bags that are mostly flat. I use this device to remove air from the bag, and then use the water bath method to submerge the bag in the water. The air out of the bag is pushed by the water pressure. The bag should be removed from the water bath when you've submerged it completely. A sealed bag is what you should have. The water bath method makes a perfect seal, as good as that of a FOODSAVER machine, and is much easier and less expensive.

👤I wanted to vacuum seal some of the extra veggies from the harvest so I bought this. I was surprised that the system was cheap. Looking forward to eating a lot of vegetables for a season.

👤The white clips that come with the bags are not part of the packaging. They are going to help close the zip. It's true! These are better than Food Saver bags. After soaking in very hot water, we wash and reuse vac bags, and the vac ports seem to wear out faster than the Food Saver bags. It's not certain which is more frugal.

👤It is harder to get the pump to seal around the valve than it is with the original. I am very pleased with the performance of the bag, but I have to learn how to use the pump with this product.

👤The company contacted me to bribe me into taking down a bad review by first offering me a gift card and then a $25 card. I only asked them to send me bags that work because I have a few that do work. I told them I preferred new bags which would have cost them less. They have gone missing after 2 attempts. Life goes on. I was very happy to receive this product. The little machine is great but not perfect. 2 out of 6 have been done. After 1 hour, they start to take in air. There is a problem with the seal. I am going to look for better bags. Good luck!

4. Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

Wevac Vacuum Keeper Commercial Storage

The vaccum bags keep your food fresh for 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. Any issues can be resolved online. They will give you a full refund or replacement for 30 days. A pack of 8 inch by 150 feet rolls with channels to increase the amount of air in the room, and a cutter box for cutting and storage, keep fresh without freezer burn or dehydration. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. The keeper/cutterbox is easy to use and will keep the roll bag clean. You use the cutter to cut the roll. Cutting with a cutter is convenient and accurate, and saves time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Weston, Cabela's, and Ziploc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening.

Brand: Wevac

👤The price is right and the packaging is great. I recommend!

👤There is a huge box of two. The material is sturdy and performs well. It has a smooth side that makes it easy to label with a permanent marker and a textured side that helps keep it in the vacuum machine. I package up a lot of meals for my elderly mother who eats better if she just has to pull something out of the freezer, so these are a great value for using in bulk. Someone put a lot of thought into the design of the cutter and box. I couldn't figure out the instructions on the box. I couldn't remove the press down the protective strip deep enough to take advantage of the cutter because of my arthritis. I would prefer a cheaper price for the engineered cutter and box. I will purchase these big rolls again in the future. I wish someone could make a six inch roll that would help with individual serving.

👤I didn't show the amount of space in the fridge. Excellent for a single person. Place your individually cut pouch in your large packs. Pre-cut sizes are not the best place to waste paper. If the cutter appears to not cut, press a little forward. It cuts at an angle. Great seals. They have to take their word for it, but can't prove that it's free of the toxic substance. Will purchase again. I will buy it in case I can't find it again.

👤This is the lightest vacuum bag material I've used, but it still works well. The safety cutter is a little difficult to use. There are warnings on the box to not take it apart because you will ruin it. I think they're trying to discourage you from buying replacement rolls elsewhere and using them in this dispenser when the first roll is gone. They want you to buy it again when you run out. I took mine apart and put a little tape on the top tab to keep it from sliding down. I had no choice but to open the box to get the end of the roll. If you take care of it, you should be able to reuse the box with new rolls, which will keep junk out of landfills.

👤The Wevac 8” x 150' Food Vacuum Seal Roll Keeper with Cutter is a great solution for cutting a perfect straight line with scissors. I've tried many vacuum rolls, but I prefer a vacuum roll with a smooth side and a textured side. The smooth side provides a uniform thickness which is nice to label the package with the date of seal and description of food contents. I found the thickness of the plastic to be more than adequate, for very conforming vacuum seal and food freshness preservation, despite the concerns of thinner plastic. I will be ordering again in the future.

👤Great product. We have been using their product for a long time. We saved our empty rolls so that we could refill them from this box. It's easy to use. They are heavy vacuum bags. They are not cheap vacuum bags. I would recommend this product to everyone.

5. Vacuum Reusable Resealable Storage Sizes15

Vacuum Reusable Resealable Storage Sizes15

It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening. 5 PCS VACUUM SLEAER ZIPPER bags are small, medium, and large. It is suitable for use with any sous vide cooker. Food safe material, freezer safe and cook safe are some of the things that make up the sous-vide bags vacuum. Each bag can be used more than 10 times. It takes just a few seconds to vacuum the bag, seal it with white clips, and start cooking or storing. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and can be stored in a dry place before being used again. Work with most vampire killer machines. Most handheld vacuum sealer machines are compatible with the Vacuum Sealer bags. The double zip is used to maximize air removal. The multi-layer material blocks oxygen and moisture. It can be used to store your valuables to prevent the loss of water.

Brand: Decoo

👤I bought these because they came in a variety of sizes. I own a handheld vacuum. It takes longer to vacuum out the air when these are closed, even with the little tool that is included. I don't use them for Sous Vide. I will probably not re- purchase these as they will probably be used up.

👤It's easy to get rid of stuff with other machines. Does not take up a lot of counter space. The bags are zip lock and do not require trimming to open. If all your bags are full, you only need to buy more. I buy English cucumbers, but once I cut them into slices, they will only last a few days, and I hate the waste. They stay fresh in the vacuum bags. My best efforts were just the next day, but not now. It saves a lot of money on produce, meats, and cheeses.

👤I have had an air exchanger for a long time. I can use it again. Great find.

👤I was able to buy different sizes of bags that work with my machine. I have used several of them and have not had any problems with the seal.

👤The bags are strong. I put a half of anavocado in a small bag and decided to use it a few days later. I would recommend them to a friend.

👤It was built really well. The plastic is heavy. It can be washed again and again.

👤The bolts are shoddy. Unless you find the sweet spot, the vacuum will rarely work. I will not use brand bags from now on.

👤This is a great idea, it's easy to put meal leftovers to use. There are different options for size quantities. Middle size and less large.

👤The item arrived on time. I've used two and it seems to keep its seal well. Let's see if they are better than Food Saver's seal bag, where after a few use it looses the seal where the air valve is. I would like the bag to be bigger, so I can put things in it, but so far I can't find any use for it.

6. Pouches Vesta Precision Designed Handheld

Pouches Vesta Precision Designed Handheld

If you cook in the water bath, do not submerge the air valve in it. After use, you just need to turn them inside out, scrub them on a mild dish soap or warm water, then rinse and wipe them to dry. Food can be stored in a vacuum sealed bag for up to 6 times longer. It's perfect for sous vide cooking. The bag size is 8 x 12 inches. It was designed for handicapped vets. These bags are easy to seal and have double zippers. A handheld pump is needed. Vegetables are stored in container bags. These vacuum pouches are used for more than just preserving food. They can be refrigerated, frozen, microwaved and heated. Works with portable vacuum machines. Beyond the Kitchen is great for storing food and can also be used for storing collectibles. They are free of lead, lead, and phthalates. It's ideal for vacuum sealed food in your precision cooker. Make sure that every meal is cooked perfectly with the use of sous-vide machines.

Brand: V Vesta Precision

👤The bags worked well with the handheld sealer, but a few of them would not seal, or they would lose their seal after a few minutes. I found a small hole in the side of the bag when I put water in it. I haven't checked the other bags yet. The bags that worked held a good seal so far, but they are pricey to have some of them not seal at all.

👤The Food Saver or ZipLoc brands are not as good as these vacuum bags. They are easier to seal. They stay sealed with vacuum over time, unlike the Food Saver or ZipLoc which will lose their vacuum seal in time. Since they seal better, it's not hard to lay it flat and run a thumb from one end to the other. I won't be getting the other brands anymore because this is a superior product.

👤I thought this size might be too big but was pleasantly surprised how much I use it. Good bags, love the fact that they can be recycled. I found these to be very easy to seal. Would definitely recommend.

👤I tried to seal with a vacuum. The food saver bags work well, but not with the Vesta bags. The food saver vacuum isn't powerful enough to open the valve on the bag. I may have got a bunch of bags with bad seals. I'll be using Food Saver bags from now on.

👤The quality is better than Ziplock bags. The bags were more transparent. I was able to use my pump.

👤The vaccum was not held in these bags for more than a few hours.

👤It's hard to find the right size at a decent price.

👤The bags were used to seal the food in the refrigerator. The bag sizes can be used for many things. The products are easy to use.

👤Ests bolsas funcionan, solo por unos minutos, probé con ms de una. Con unas cosas (pan,fruta). The resultado was a mismo. Las photos tienen unas rebanadas de pan segundos, pero una misma bolsa tienen un par de horas.

👤Es un poco complicado usarlas con la bomba manual. Tengo la sensacin de las medidas son exteriores, se restar a tipo zipploc. La bolsas ms grandes, para la bomba manual.

👤Adquir las bolsas junto, pero no funciona. Las bolsas no incluyen.

👤Chiusura a cerniera per sottovuoto.

7. SINCHI 11 Inch Resealable Storage Reusable

SINCHI 11 Inch Resealable Storage Reusable

The size of the automatic vacuum sealing machine is small and lightweight, and it does not take up a lot of kitchen space. The vacuum bags help you save space in the fridge and are easy to store. It can be carried with you, and the food can be kept fresh at any time when you go out on a picnic. The portable vacuum machine is an excellent travel companion. Welcome to a smarter way of preserving food, with the use ofSINCHI vacuum seal bags and a SINCHI automatic vacuum pump. They keep your food fresh up to five times longer by slowing down the oxidation process. The bags can be used with most handheld vacuum machines. The most common size for food storage is 10 x 11 inches, which is why the kit contains 20 vacuum seal bags. The vacuum pump can be purchased separately from the kit. TheSINCHI food saver zipper bags are constructed of excellent-quality, certified food grade, multi-layer,BPA-free material. The multi-layer film makes them durable and can be used again and again. SINCHI food saver vacuum bags keep a vacuum seal for a minimum of several weeks. They help keep food fresh up to five times longer by locking out oxygen and humidity, reducing waste, and maximizing space in the fridge. They are safe in the freezer. They are the perfect bag for the sous-vide cooker. They recommend using plastic canisters or glass instead of bags for lettuce, juicy food such as tomatoes or berries, and other fragile materials, as they may be destroyed when squeezed by a vacuum bag.

Brand: Sinchi

👤I bought a wine vacuum kit from Sinchi a while ago. I bought a vacuum glass box again. This vacuum box has a red wine vacuuming machine. You don't need to buy this vacuuming machine separately. I want to see if the glass box can keep freshness. I peel bananas and put half of them in a piece and the other in a piece outside. All of them are in a room. There is a noticeable difference after five days. The bananas are black. The bananas in the glass box are pale. It seems that the product has an effect on preservation. I opened the vacuum glass box and took out half of the bananas. It was amazing. This product can help keep food fresh. I usually keep the box in the fridge. I would recommend it to my friends.

👤I like the Sinchi Vacuum Sealer. I have used other pumps and have been disappointed. The battery life is good. I sit the pump over the vacuum place and watch it work. It has a strong force. I like it.

👤The funcin de vaco is efectiva. Un da en el frigorfico! Is it porqué? No hay problemas.

👤I bought this product as a companion to the SINCHI Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit. The bags are great despite the fact that the sealer did not work as promised. It is easy to see what is in the bag. The bags are easy to clean.

👤The sealameal did not work as well as we thought.

👤I love this vacuum Sealer. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. My wife will have a lot of fun with the easy operating vacuum pump and vacuum bags. Excellent product, recommend!

👤We have been wanting to vacuum seal foods for a long time and never got around to actually looking so this is our first product we've tried and we are not disappointed! It's very easy to do. The size of the bags is great. If you're looking to do this, I would highly recommend using these.

👤The vacuum holds up well. The started kit and 2 glass containers were purchased by me. The glass containers are small but the vacuum holds up. I will be buying more plastic containers.

8. FoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 000 1 Gallon Vacuum Zipper

FoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 000 1 Gallon Vacuum Zipper

The bags are made of plastic. The bags are 12 gallon-size. The double zip up seals the seal. Resealable for food items. The material is strong and multi-ply. The channels block air removal.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤The initial review was very positive. Food saver bags. The bags can be resealed and washed after use. The zip-lock bags are great for things that go in the refrigerator, but they lose their vacuum in the freezer. It takes about 1-2 hours for the freezer to hold a vacuum. Very disappointing. I have found that regular Ziplock bags, with a small puncture in the upper corner, will vacuum out just as well, a piece of duct tape immediately applied, and they hold the vacuum in the freezer.

👤I'm new to the bags and had a few fail after use. To find the location of the leaks, I filled the bags with air and put them under water. One leaked air right away, and the other leaked with a lot of pressure applied. The leaks were on the lower part of the seal valve. I covered the leaking spots with aluminum tape after drying the bags. I retested the bags by stuffing them with dry towel and drawing a vacuum. The bag is working. The larger leak required more tape around the valve, but that seems to be holding up now. In the future, it will be easy to apply four small pieces of tape that cover the edges of the valve, and then draw a vacuum. I apply the tape with some pressure and massage it onto the bag for a tight seal. There's a link to this at the bottom of the page.

👤I bought the electric hand held FoodSaver unit to keep my produce fresh. I like the idea of FoodSaver bags, but they are expensive and do not work well if you reuse more than once. The FoodSaver hand held unit must be plugged in when needed. It takes hours to power up if not plugged in. I don't recommend this type of unit.

👤The bags are great for freezing, but they are not for freezer use on the outside. I purchased these and the accompanying hand held vacuum sealer because of that. Some people have been using these in the freezer. I will probably give the freezer a try and update the review if they work well.

👤The FoodSaver 1-Gallon Vacuum Zipper bags, 12 Count, Multi Brand FOODSAVER Material Plastic Color Multicolor item dimensions LxWxH 11 x 10.9 x 4.3 inches is a 12 gallon vacuum bag. How does it say that it only works with the food saver? They have not sold the "food saver bags" that everyone calls them. We used the same material as before and it worked, but we had to cut off the seals since they were time sensitive. We'll never trust Foodsaver off Amazon as they make weird products and don't distinguish them clearly enough for an online store, and we'll go back to buying the big rolls from Costco.

👤The Long Detailed version is easy to use and has a good size for big meat items or a lot of smaller items. These work exactly as they are supposed to. I can feel the difference between these and the other no-name bags that I've used before. The gallon works for a lot of small items. Sometimes I need a smaller bag for smaller items. I cut these bags in half and use the heat seal to close the second bag so that I get two uses off one bag. The price is the reason I'm knocking it down. There is no difference between these and other brands that have been tried. The quality on this feels a bit stronger and better, but not much better or cheaper than before. Net-net does what it's supposed to do and is what you would expect.

9. Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

There is a material that is non-toxic. It's safe for storing raw and cooked food. The PCS Food Vacuum Sealer Set can be used at home or in a restaurant. You will get an electric vacuum pump, 10 vacuum seal bags, 10 vacuum bags, 10 small storage bags, 5 cooking clips, and a bag for reuse. 10 new air valves. The portable mini electric vacuum sealer is one touch switch button, easy to use and fast, only need 10 seconds to vacuum air. The water can be vacuumed from the bag. The vacuum pump is good for food storage. Savesealer food vacuum kit 30 PCS 3 Sizes reinforced double zip vacuum bags help keep foods fresh up to 5X longer. Slow down foods and keep them fresh. Saving space and not wasting food is important. The bags are made of plastic. Reusable vacuum food storage bags are food safe. It's much better than normal bags. Zip lock bags can be used for meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, and sandwich, vacuum storage can keep food fresh and long. Reusable vacuum bags are safe for freezing, microwave, or cooking at higher temperatures. 5 PCS cooking clips can be clop when cooking. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and store in a dry place. This is a good set of bags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I wondered how disparate the reviews were. It was a big time. There are not many in the middle. People think they are useless. I thought there had to be a reason. I decided to try them and see how it went. I can always come back. They work well. If you follow the directions. The corner of the bag has a line that says not to fill beyond it. They are not playin. If you fill beyond that, you mess up the space. They give you little slides to help seal the bag. They are there for a reason. Use them. I thought I had sealed it, but it wasn't. I double checked it again. There is still nothing. I used the slide after that. I didn't seal it as well as I thought. It worked well. I have gone crazy. I haven't even touched my freezer, I've used 98% of the bags included. I ordered more bags and thought I should write a review. Since I'm buying more bags, I would purchase again. I'll update if they don't maintain their seal. Anything that emits a gas doesn't do well. Don't put bananas in one. I had fresh green beans that had been washed and cleaned. It works great on cheese, butter, and other things. It's not good with things with water.

👤It is easy to use. I use it for everything I put in the freezer. When I use a few leaves, I vacuum quickly and easily.

👤I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this one, it's better than the other ones on the market. My husband catches a lot of fish so I used a little device to seal the fish in the freezer instead of filling it with water. Since there is no ice block to melt, the thaw time is cut down. It's powerful and lightweight. It's easy to clean and charge. It comes with a lot of bags. I should be fine for a while. Highly recommended!

👤This is a review for the vacuum bags that were purchased in August 2020. One year after purchase. The rating was lowered from 4 to 3 stars. I accidentally put pressure on the cable that connects to the pump when I was using the vacuum pump with it. The cable housing inside the pump was broken because of the slight pressure. I could have avoided this damage if I had taken the cable out before use. I believe that the pump should be stronger. I can't offer a long-term view because I only had the product for a few days. The product arrived on time. The pump was charged using the provided cable. I tested the system by putting a small bag and a loaf of bread in it. It was easy to place the pump over the air-valve and remove the air in a few seconds. Two days after the seal, the result is shown in the attached photos. I am satisfied that the product is working as expected, because the pump was able to create enough vacuum to almost flatten the bread, and the air-valve held the seal well for two days. There are many bags and spare air-valves in the set. I expect to use the storage of different foods in the coming years. There is a There are a few points that detract from my satisfaction. 1. The set does not include a power accessory. You will need to connect to an existing port on your computer or mobile phone to charge. 2. The charging port is located in the body of the pump. The charging cable is supplied with the set. 3. The instruction sheet has a lot of errors. This does not affect the product's function, but it leads me to question the quality control used by the supplier.

10. ZEROLISM Reusable Sealing Cookers Preservation

ZEROLISM Reusable Sealing Cookers Preservation

It can be used to store your valuables to prevent the loss of water. Package include and satisfactory. 50 pack sous vid bags are guaranteed. If you're not happy with the quality of the sous vide bags, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. The bags are made of food safe material and are non toxic. They can be used in a freezer or sous vide cooking. Zip lock food organization bags can be used for meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nut snacks and sandwich, and vacuum storage can keep foods fresh and long. It takes just a few seconds to vacuum the bag, seal it with white clips, and then start cooking or food storage. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and can be stored in a dry place before being used again. The vacuum bags have double zip construction and strong seal. Air removal can be maximized by blocking oxygen and moisture with the air valve tenology. Your food should be in good condition.

Brand: Zerolism

👤Large bags are ideal for packing clothing for camping trips. The bags were ideal size. The bags can be clean. I like single use for food items.

👤Vegetables and fruits can be preserved in a vacuum state in the fridge or on the counter with these vacuum bags. A simple hand pump seals the bags.

👤The Waring Food Saver uses these. I have purchased them multiple times for myself and others. It is possible to be washed/reusable.

👤The bags are very easy to use and can be used with a vacuum machine.

👤They love how they come in multiple sizes. I get more value for my money if I vacuum seal my food.

👤The bags are well made. It's a better value than the original.

👤Couldn't get them to work. I was immediately refunded by the Shipper.

👤The disposable bags are great.

11. ShieldNSeal Clear Black Heat Zipper

ShieldNSeal Clear Black Heat Zipper

It is easy to use and fast, it can easily sort out the messy refrigerator without taking up valuable kitchen space, is a good companion for food preservation. 50 bags, 5" x8" Shieldnseal vacuum seal bags with a reseal feature. The plastic is super thick. The vacuum heat seal is the best. One clear side allows you to see what you seal and make light-proof by double-bagging. The channels allow for the vacuum of the maximum air for freshness. Open on the other side of the sealed container. It requires a heat seal. It's compatible with most of the sealers. It was tested for optimal performance.

Brand: Shieldnseal

👤I wanted to package and seal my hops. I was able to cram 1 ounce of hops into the bags. If you use these for hops, I recommend using gloves to smush the hops, as I had to cram them down into the bag. The label strip makes it easy to identify the hops in the package. It's easier to write your information on the label with a Sharpie than it is to look at it.

👤These bags work well. A good price for a quality product.

👤I love these bags. They are safe. No leaks or odors can be made through sealed containers. I purchase frequently.

👤Absolutely love them! I make my own homemade jerky. Everybody I give some to loves them as well.

👤These bags are great. I used them in a vacuum and they worked well. The only change I had to make was for the seal time. The thickness of the bag needed to be increased by 50%. The smaller seal allows me to portion out snack sized portions for the kids.

👤I have tried to use these bags, but they are too small. When you consider the amount of space needed to seal, you realize they cannot just be stuffed and sealed. I thought they would be a hassle but they were.

👤The inside doesn't hold a lot and they don't always seal. I went up a size higher just to feel the same way.

👤Great product! It's a perfect size for a lot of meat.


What is the best product for food vacuum sealer bags zipper?

Food vacuum sealer bags zipper products from Foyo. In this article about food vacuum sealer bags zipper you can see why people choose the product. Foodsaver and Vicarko are also good brands to look for when you are finding food vacuum sealer bags zipper.

What are the best brands for food vacuum sealer bags zipper?

Foyo, Foodsaver and Vicarko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food vacuum sealer bags zipper. Find the detail in this article. Wevac, Decoo and V Vesta Precision are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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