Best Food Warmer Bag for Delivery

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1. Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

Cherrboll Insulated Delivery Commercial Moisture

AMAZINGLY MULTIURPOSE The insulated delivery bag is perfect for all your delivery services. It can be used to carry pizza, grocery, food containers, and more. It's perfect for keeping your food cold. This insulated bag can stack up to 5 pizzas and can be measured in an interior measurement of 20”L x 20”W x 14”D. Pizza boxes. It is large enough to hold many dishes of food, such as trays, casserole, etc. Premium insulation. The pizza delivery bag has two layers of insulation to keep the food fresh for 2.5 hours. It has an aluminum interior that will not retain odors or moisture. The insulated pizza bag will be dependable for years to come because of the thick 600D polyester exterior. The food delivery bag has two handles with padded on the top for easy carrying and dual strong zippers, which are specially designed to not get stuck. The pizza delivery bag is collapsible and easy to store in a compact size with a reinforced bottom. They sit flat when loaded so they don't roll around in your car or trunk. Their insulated bag is risk free. It keeps food hot and cold and everything will get where it needs to be. They will refund every cent.

Brand: Cherrboll

👤I have had this bag for a year and I just noticed it is 18x18 instead of 20x20. I wish I had something to make it sturdy. I cut a piece of cardboard to make sure it was not 20. I had to bend it for it to fit. The bag is expensive for its quality. It ripped after a few uses. It's good so far. I wouldn't buy another unless the price goes down. I overpaid a lot.

👤Dennis Bega is the owner of The Squared Circle Pizzeria. The pizza delivery bag we purchased was insulated. I think this is the best insulated bag we could have gotten. The bag is worth more than they are asking. Our customers love the fact that their pizzas arrive hot. We will be buying more for our shop.

👤The bags have bad zippers. The zippers last about a week. Will be looking for something with a closed mouth. I am out of money and not worth the trouble to return them.

👤If you live in a tiny house, this is a really convenient way to fold up the bag. It was difficult to get items out of the bag. It takes some time to open the bag and it requires two hands to zip it. I returned it and bought a better one for less.

👤This bag is very nice. I like the ability to Zip close. It is very thin with a shiny reflective film on the inside. I've had similar bags before. I have learned not to leave these in a car with cold weather because the film often dries out and becomes useless. The film makes it easy to clean up spills. I use the bag for pizza and general groceries because I want to keep it cold at home.

👤The quality was terrible because of the broken zippers.

👤When I open the bag, a cloud of hot steam comes out in front of the customer. The bag was paid for by the tips.

👤There are 4-5 pizza boxes inside this thing. I bought this to avoid delivery fees and to get some exercise on my bike, because I live alone and the pizza shop is just down the street. I've used this to get a pizza on my bike and both times it was hot when I got home. It came out of the oven. If you only get a single pizza, put a towel over it to keep the heat out of the bag. When getting more than one pizza, the pizzas will keep you warm.

2. NZ Insulated Collapsible Instacart Restaurants

NZ Insulated Collapsible Instacart Restaurants

It is easy to clean and portable. You can clean it easily with the tray. There are no leaks. The box has an anti-scalding handle to make it easy to carry, a built-in utensils tray, and a sealed outer container to keep food fresh. It's 20W x 13H x 10D. Light and easy to carry, it only weighs 2.5oz and is made with comfortable handles that make carrying a breeze. Polyweb handles for lifting extreme loads are super strong. The front pocket is handy for storing important information. Saving precious space in your car, tent, home or office is possible with collapsible.

Brand: Nz Home

👤I work for instacart and they use bags that are great to transport food.

👤I bought a few insulated bags from Amazon, but this is the best. The sturdy handles on all four sides make it better than others. The material feels thicker with quality for the price. The bags keep things cold for a few hours and they don't topple over in my trunk. I can stack them in the cart and take my time. Heavy stuff is better handled by side handles. They are perfect for road trips or grocery shopping because they fold up flat.

👤I have been using a lot of bags but these are better. The size is perfect and they stand up on their own. The young woman bagging my groceries was very impressed by the maiden voyage. After using these for a while. I put some Velcro on them to keep them closed because I didn't like how they fold up. One inch or two will work.

👤Don't buy it. Poor insulation. Very thin. I bought it because I wanted to keep my groceries cold in the summer. It doesn't keep the temperature stable. I paid for each one. I found a cheaper option at walmart that works better than this one.

👤I am using these bags to make food deliveries and I am very impressed. I noticed in the "Q and A" section that someone asked how many zippers one bag has, and they are a little bigger than the bags you can purchase from them. The two bags I received had different zips. The straps that extend from the handles under the bottom are the best feature for me. Ask any food delivery person what a pain it is to keep their food bag open while getting someones order into their bag without spilling anything, and they will tell you that it is. The quality of the bags makes me feel secure that they will last a long time even with everyday use, and the speed with which they are delivered has improved my individual delivery experiences.

👤I am very happy with the bags. They are waterproof and well insulated to keep food warm or cold. You can go to the beach with no problem if you hold a lot. The bags will help you get away from using disposable bags. I will buy from this seller again.

👤The product description was accurate. Take them to the store. The bag is easy to hold 25 pounds and the straps are high quality. In the heat of southern California, ice stays frozen.

👤These are used by a private chef to transport hot/cold food. I have washed them in the washing machine and they are very sturdy and larger than I thought. I will be buying more.

👤They were bought to store frozen food. I had to keep the food frozen because the freezer was iced up and I hadn't done so before. The answer was provided by these bags. I put freezer ice blocks in each bag to keep the food from thawing. The food did not stay completely hard frozen after about 4 hours. It was fine to return to the freezer and not have to dispose of food. Will use again.

3. Insulated Delivery Foldable Restaurants Postmates

Insulated Delivery Foldable Restaurants Postmates

Catering for up to 5 pizza boxes or 3 trays. 4 large thermal cup holders You can fit bottles, cups, containers, beer and more in holders that keep your drink cold or hot. There is no need for a caddy for this bag. Carry your food and drink with you. Cold intrusion and weapon intrusion. The interior of your food and drink is made of aluminum foil. You can keep this in your car. During your deliveries, keep your food fresh. The collapsible tote bag has an aluminum foil interior that makes it easy to clean and take groceries with you. Delivery pizza, storage, grocery shopping, and service from restaurant are some of the things that can be accomplished with the Large CAPACITY. Their food delivery bag is designed for Caterers,Delivery Drivers,Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and pizza lovers.

Brand: Ogefoted

👤It is a decent bag for the price. If you deliver regularly on one of the delivery platforms, it will work for most smaller deliveries. Doesn't hold small cups from fast food restaurants. You will need a second bag for larger orders. The handle is not ideal for quick movement. The handle should be sewn into the top, not the sides. There are better bags.

👤The bag is a life saver. I have been using the service for a while now. Warm and cold food can be kept warm. There is plenty of room in the bag for two large bags. The cups holders are large enough to hold larger orders. Will be able to hold a 12in pizza. The only downfall to this bag is that it's too big for a 12in pizza. This bag is great and can fit in the passenger seat of my car.

👤I have some of the bigger bags made by K*baga that are twice as wide as this one, and I ended up finding some extra space in those. They are great for larger orders. I get a bit of smaller orders as well. I finally got this bag. It makes a huge difference. I can fit many of my orders in this bag, up to a large pizza, once you use the bag a little bit. It's easier to carry in smaller spaces, it reduces the amount of space inside, and it holds most drinks I've tried to put in it. If you are not rough on your bags and their zippers, the build quality is great. I haven't carried a lot of food in these so I have not had any issues with the handles breaking. Customers love receiving food from a professional looking bag and driver. I would recommend these bags to food delivery drivers, as well as people who often find themselves trying to transport warm food in Tupperware, for family, church, or whatever reason. Smaller companies could probably get along with these if they didn't use the fancy heated bags. A good one.

👤I am very happy with this bag. The drink holders and the cardboard inserts are great. The drink holders are a game-changer for multiple drinks.

👤I thought the cup holders would be good for holding your food, but they are kind of lean to the side. I fear the drinks will spill. I usually don't use the cup holders, but it is a very good bag to use.

👤I have to say that this bag is awesome. I tell you that I don't go to restaurants that have a cup holder. I feel secure when I deliver my drinks in this bag.

👤The bag is too small for most drink cups in the US. It doesn't fit most large drinks, and that's what people order in my state.

👤The bag is very sturdy. The food is warmer than most delivery bags.

👤This bag is very durable, thick insulation and does the job for DoorDash and Skip. I wish I would have bought the bigger one, as some of my orders don't fit.

4. BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They mean it when they say they stand by their products. Let them know if your bag gets damaged and they will send you a replacement. The bag is made of 1680D polyester material, 10mm PE foam insulation, and aluminum foil inner lining. The insulated grocery bag keeps hot and cold foods cold for longer. It's perfect for restaurant food delivery and professional caterers. It's great for grocery shopping, holidays, picnics, parties, family get togethers, BBQs, and can double as a great car trunk organizer. Premium ZIPPERS + PULLS are high quality industry leading YKK #8 zippers. The zippers are designed to not fall apart. Every time, the top loading design of the food warmer bag opens and closes. There is plenty of room to hold 4 full size steam table pans/chafing dishes or a combination of smaller takeout containers. The 1680D outer and inner aluminum foil lining are water and spill resistant. They can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Brand: Bluevoy

👤Got the bag today. The bag is flimsy and needs a harder liner and food divider to keep your food separate. I bought this for the game. It's big. The insulation looks good. There is a mix of dividers for this bag. The bag is doing well. There is nothing wrong with the bag so far. I cut out the cardboard liners at home and took about half an hour to cut the right ones so the bag would hold its shape while I was transporting food from local restaurants for deliveries. There is a I show up for the job with the right equipment and the merchants appreciate it. The bag gets me good ratings for Door dash and eats. It gives me more tips. I contacted Bluevoy to see if they could help me turn this review into a 5 star one. Some liners that won't go bad from the water are needed. I can put the bag back in place to separate drinks, food, and other items. After bluevoy made things right, my rating was changed to 5 stars. I bought a second bluevoy bag and cut out a skeleton for it, as well as the first one. This bag is really great and has a great design.

👤I was initially hesitant to buy these bags because of the price, but they are worth it. I will be replacing all of our delivery bags soon. I have had to replace all of our bags at least once a year because they break. These bags are very strong. I will only have to buy them once and they will be worth the investment. Thank you for the great product!

👤I received the BlueVoy delivering bag on January 19th. I bought the bag to deliver meals to needy areas that my nonprofit serves 26 miles from the location where food is prepared. I was hesitant to purchase because I was uneasy after delivering in bulky cambros that have a safe temperature for over 6 years. After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to purchase one bag from another company and then from Amazon. I haven't used the other yet. The bluevoy bag held three fullsize pans and three half size pans, and it was comfortable to ride in the back of the delivery van for 26 miles. Food was very good at each location. The last stop bag was sweaty and should be wiped before packing up. I will be buying more bags for other local sites. It's better to have a bag for less than $300 than it is to have a cambros for more than that.

👤I bought the bag for multiple purposes and found it works well. The appearance was the primary reason I chose it. It has a classy look and I have received a number of comments about it. It works well because it is large enough to hold hot and cold items on one side of the bag. I recommend a cooking sheet for the bottom of the bag to give a more even weight distribution. If you're worried about the food shifting around during transit, I recommend keeping a towel handy to fill the gaps between the items in the bag. The seller was prompt in responding to my inquiry about supplemental products and committed to my satisfaction. Don't forget to return the bag to its folded state after use in order to preserve its box-like form, if you decide to purchase the product.

5. Waterproof Insulation Commercial Instacart Postmates

Waterproof Insulation Commercial Instacart Postmates

There are 3 large pizza boxes or 2 trays of food in this case. 20% to 100% more insulation is available in the commercial grade than any top seller! The bag was built with the help of delivery and catering professionals and tested to make sure it wouldn't break after a few weeks. They offer more insulation than any of the competitors. Their construction allows the bag to stand up on its own, which means your food will stay hot or cold longer. Baghdad is on its own. Their unique construction allows this bag to stand on its own for easy loading and unloading, unlike most competitors who use a cheap, thin construction that easily falls over. It's perfect for transportation, storage, grocery shopping and restaurant food delivery. They built this bag to address all the issues ignored by others. Do you want to have your bag torn away from you? They too. They found that a velco top offers a number of benefits, including: quick and easy access to your bag, no breaks, and increased heat retention. Do you have a hard time carrying a heavy delivery bag with just a few small handles? They also couldn't stand it. This bag has handles for small loads and a padded shoulder strap for heavy loads. What about night deliveries? The bag has bright reflective strips on both sides so on-coming cars can easily see you. The inside of the gourmet bag is water resistant and easy to clean, with cup holders on both sides that fit bottles and cups of various sizes. It's great as a large insulated bag. The best insulated bags.

Brand: Veracious

👤I've tried them all, and this one finally checks all the boxes. It collapses down small for storage. Instead of slow, cumbersome zippers, you can use a piece of Velcro. The shoulder strap! There are reflective lines for safety. The most important thing is that it's open, so two handed loading is possible. If you don't hold them open with one hand, they will collapse. The external side pockets are great for tossing things that don't need insulation. There are two problems. It's a little bit smelly at first, but it airs out quickly. I have to buy another one because my wife just claimed this one to keep groceries cold during summer trips back from the grocery store. It's a great bag. You can buy one or two.

👤It's a great bag. After a 15 minute ride, the food comes out steaming hot. The material is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is a thicker material than the flimsy survival foil blanket. My previous bag was only 19 inches wide. I rigged that along with the floral vase support system to make sure the new bag doesn't collapse. I needed it to be stretched out to its full dimensions after unpacking it. See the pictures. The foam drink holder and thermal divider were transferred by me. The side pockets hold extra utensils. I wouldn't want to give them a drink. If you are new to food delivery and have the money, then you should get the bigger bag because it is what I need now. I'd be interested in testing out the larger bag if it came out with a support system.

👤I have had this product for about three months and it holds up well. It's great for putting bags of food inside. It keeps orders hot and I get great tips for it. Sometimes I put groceries in there. Extra napkins, utensils, holds bottles, and smoothies can be kept in the side pockets. It's easy to clean, and it's been a lifesaver for big orders. I use dish soap to wash it. The little divider is great for keeping orders separate. I would recommend this product to other food delivery drivers.

👤I wanted to be able to keep food cold. There are big openings on the strips that stop before the edges. I wanted to put ice in it, but it didn't melt quickly. I think I may have been expecting more than I was promised. I would have returned it, but I threw away all the packaging and labels, and it's hard to return something from overseas. Lesson learned!

👤The bag is great for keeping groceries cold on the drive home. It works for hot stuff as well. The divider can be used as a small shelf for double stacking food, and it is foldable for beach or fishing trips. I will probably get a few more. It would work great for people who work at grub hub.

👤The perfect size, compact, easy to clean inside, looks strong. I bought a second one.

6. Homevative Electric Insulated Delivery Included

Homevative Electric Insulated Delivery Included

The insulated food delivery bag is ideal for food delivery service at home, who travel by bicycle, motorcycle, or car, and it is suited for trips, fishing, picnic, and beach. If you have a problem with this food delivery bag, please get in touch with them and they will be able to help you within 12 hours. Deliver food that is hot. It should be as hot as it came out of the oven. The insulated pizza bag, heating element, AC wall plug, and DC car plug are included. There are pockets for easy cord and plug storage in the rear. Their bag has a UL Certified AC Power Adapter and enclosed heating element. There are 3 large pizza boxes or 2 trays of food in this case.

Brand: Homevative

👤It went to 130 degrees in 15 minutes when the bag was plugged into the ac outlet. I would like to use this to keep food hot and even bring home leftovers from restaurants. I love it! You will not find a better price than this one. I think I'll order another one. The price will go up. Is it possible to make a bag with the same price and enclosure? Thank you so much!

👤First, to the pros. The bag is very stiff and well made. The heating plate can be heated with AC or DC power. The male and female electric cords have a male and female connection that comes out of the bag in the rear. There are electric cords in the back of the bag. It comes with two clear id windows on the top, as well as a carrying strap that bonds together with a velcro handle in the center. It is adequate. The cons are next. The bag is a bit smaller than expected, but still should fit at least 3 boxes. Less ability to overpack bag with smaller boxes is a result of rigidity. The heating element is pretty warm even though it doesn't get as hot. You must keep the heating pad plugged in to get the best effect. Bag does not hold residual heat as long as other products, but the difference is not huge. The bag arrived with a small knick in the heating element wire, which cost the rating one star. It showed the wire weave in the cord. It is recommended to use electrical tape around the wire where it comes out of the bag. I think it is worth the price, and I am satisfied. Changing the heating element to a plate to retain heat longer, a bit more insulation, and some reinforcement around the wire where it passes through the grommet in the rear is what I would suggest for future improvements to the design.

👤I can't get places to deliver when they're short handed. Delivery wait times are always over an hour and they always want to go to many stops before me. I bought a standard bag for my brother. I found this one. Let me tell you something. When I was leaving, I picked up my pizza and plugged it in. It gets very hot very fast. I took my pizza out and opened the box after I got home from my drive. I have been looking for an electric one for a while and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It seems to be good quality. It should be easy to clean outside. I'm pretty sure you would want to avoid spilling food in it because it's a softer fabric. It's nice to keep it hot when you go back for 2nds, because you can plug it in at home.

👤This product is perfect for carry outs when I travel frequently. I used to eat in a hotel room. I plugged the pizza into my car and ate it for 45 minutes, but it was piping hot and I didn't want to eat it again. This is a permanent accessory in my vehicle. I can get a pizza in Chicago and bring it home to Wisconsin. It's so easy to keep it in the back of our SUV, so we use it locally to keep it warm on a quick drive across town. It's made with heavy duty fabric and pockets to keep the quality cords. We recently bought a 21" pizza, which stretched the bag to its limits, but still worked to keep it piping hot. I love it! Highly recommend it.

7. Insulated Reusable Zippered Accessories Insullated

Insulated Reusable Zippered Accessories Insullated

We promise to offer the best quality products. Delivery bags for food. Cold or frozen food can be purchased with insulated grocery bags. The best shopping tote is made of cloth. The canvas bags can be used for both genders. You can use it for a picnic and put all the freezer items in the cooler bag. It's perfect height for wine bottles. There are 30 cans of isu meal lunch soft sided ice. The shopping bags are easy to open and close, they are a great way to save money on groceries. They are very easy to store because they collapse into a flat shape when not in use. They are portable after folding. Easy to pack, easy to stand upright, easy to collapse. The insulated bags are large enough to hold a lot of groceries. Extra large size is great for holding a lot of items. When you go shopping at a large Warehouse bulk shopping, you need something small that you can fold up and bring with you. They are easy to carry and you can order two more. The bags are great for food delivery. The tote bag kept their food nice and cool. Excellent product for hot food delivery. Food is kept cold during warmer weather. They're great to use when traveling to family gatherings with food. Large bags for carrying food. The shopping bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight. insulated grocery bag shipt large green tote cooler refrigerator market produce extra portable heavy duty aluminum and other items that can be used for reuse.

Brand: Bodaon

👤If you are using instacart, buy two sets because they are short of regulation. 4 bags are better than 2 for 27 or 28 dollars. If you use a lot or for a long time, the zippers aren't sturdy, but it's a great item for the price.

👤We bought theses for our business. Depending on what you put in them and how you place your items in the bags, they are very large. There are two large straps on each side. There is enough room in the bag for a 10 oz box between the jugs. We are very pleased with our order. Hope this helps someone make a decision.

👤I only got one of the two and the size was wrong, they seem like they would be nice, but I need it bigger so I can eat more. I'm sending it back for a refund and I'm hoping the photo that says 16x9x12 isn't true.

👤I wanted to use these before I wrote a review. They are strong. The handles are thick and lightweight. I am ordering more just for groceries. They are quick to pack and unload and are shocked at how much they hold. See the picture. The bag was not full. They are quicker to use than my bags that hold a few things. They stay open while you pack your groceries so it moves quicker. I hope you have the same experience.

👤I used these bags for the first time today and one of the seams split open. These bags are not durable enough for heavy items. Very disappointed!

👤These bags along with some cardboard are perfect for most drinks and orders.

👤I use these for groceries and for carrying several bags at the same time. A bag can hold 4 gallons of milk. They can be used to separate multiple orders.

👤I ordered this brand for my mother because I liked it so much. The bags are great. Will be ordering more.

👤When you have a meal delivery service, the insulated bags are great. The handles are sturdy. The bags are light.

👤They are light and thin, they are ok for the price. I haven't tried them with heavy weight because they seem fragile and useful to keep frozen groceries for a while.

👤This item is reasonably priced, and it is exactly as pictured. We're happy with the purchase and delivery was earlier than expected.

👤The bag was packed half full and the handle was ripped. I had to pay 14 Canadian dollars to get my refund because the cost was $22 Canadian. A lot of energy wasted. Stay away.

8. Bodaon Insulated Insulation Commercial Instacart

Bodaon Insulated Insulation Commercial Instacart

It's perfect for saving precious space in your car, tent, home or office. Maybe you're frustrated that you don't have bags big enough to store items. The Insulate Delivery bag is large and strong enough to hold hot and cold items for a long time and keep them fresh. The ideal bag for food. Strong enough. The Insulate thermal Delivery bag has a high quality two-way pocket and two pairs of hand straps, which is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. The size is 23"W * 15"H. The bag is soft anddurable and can help you save valuable space, it is also suitable for your car to store food or to help you clean the trunk. The insulated delivery bag has pockets for storing important and visible items. This bag can be used to keep your pizza warm. It is safe and practical for men and women. It will become a must have for you. They promise to offer the best quality products. The food delivery bags are for the food relay. Premium 24x16x13 warmer with extra tall etz 85 bike beverage.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The bag is soft but the stitching on the holding straps isn't great and one broke off after two weeks, but they put two in case one breaks.

👤I don't know why I didn't do 5 stars. I did not. I have been doing food deliveries at night after work and found that the bag sent to me by one of the companies was not keeping food hot. I know what I would hope for from a delivery order that I placed, I am not a kid. I made an investment in myself with this purchase. It works 100% better and I don't know if it increases my income, but I feel like I did the right thing. The feel is cheap and the zippers isn't great, so I did 4 instead of 5. It works; cold is kept cold, hot is kept hot.

👤This bag is not as good as a bag I purchased for $4.99, and the walls are thin, so it is not as good as a bag I purchased for $2099. The larger bag has a thicker wall, which will help keep the outside heat out. I will have the smaller bag of ice cream. I'll keep it because of the size, but it seems like it's just a bag for calming my mind that my cold groceries are in the bag, rather than actually keeping my ice cream frozen on the drive home from the store.

👤This product keeps food warm. I use it while I'm doing doordash. The bag is not as strong as the doordash bag. It serves the purpose. I usually leave this bag in the car. This is a good starter bag until you save for a thicker bag. I still use this bag even though I have a thicker one.

👤I received the 2 bag set in November. In January, the 1st nag lost all of its zippers and had a large hole in the bottom. The 2nd bag lasted a bit longer. It lasted until April, once again, I lost both of the zippers, they just pull off because they are cheap. The bag is being ripped on. It kept the food hot, and there was plenty of room for all kinds of food. The bag is mediocre. Not a lot of good craftsmanship was put into the product. It's cheap to make a quick buck. If you're looking for a bag that will last for a while, this one is pretty expensive. This is your bag. If you want to spend your hard earned money on something that lasts longer, then you should. Keep searching.

👤I only used this for food deliveries on rare occasions because most of my deliveries didn't need that much space. I needed this bag more frequently after the Pandemic hit because my orders started getting bigger. The sipper had to be sewed by hand because the ends of the zip ties kept detaching from the seams at the end. The bag would be better if the craftsmanship were better. You should be prepared to get your needle and thread.

9. Himal Outdoors Professional Transportation 23Wx15Hx14D

Himal Outdoors Professional Transportation 23Wx15Hx14D

Their insulated bag is risk free. It keeps food hot and cold and everything will get where it needs to be. They will refund every cent. The Large Capacity is made of 600D Water Repellent Oxford and Leak-proof Liner. The leak-proof and insulated liner inside of the food delivery bag make sure that food stays hot and cold for a long time. It is easy to use. It is collapsible when storage. When using, it is durable. It is possible to see lables of orders, dates, and temperatures in a transparent pocket. If you have a question, please contact them. Himal has the most satisfactory service.

Brand: Himal Outdoors

👤I have had food delivery bags that did not hold up before. I've only used this bad twice but I like how durable it is. The insulation inside is very good. The food comes up and doesn't leak. I'm waiting to see how it does down the road, but I might buy a second bag.

👤This bag can hold two full-size briskets, a 2 17in foil pans and 5 slabs of ribs. The food stayed hot for about 7 hours, even though I insulated my BBQ with aluminum foil and towels. The ribs were hot for 4 hours. It was a good purchase.

👤I would have liked to have found this sooner. I work full time and do a lot of curb-side pick-ups. Sometimes I have to pick up groceries on my lunch because they are only open during the day. I can keep my food cold while I go back to work. It keeps it cold with a cold pack.

👤I'd be surprised if a small would fit in this bag, it's listed as a pizza delivery bag. The grocery bag is just big. Unless you buy a huge amount of frozen food, it's to big and folds when lifted. It is a suit case with insulation. They tried to cover many bases with one bag, but missed them all.

👤We're looking for an entry level bag for our drivers that's black and has all the features we need. It's easier to clean and wipe than a standard Choice brand bag since it doesn't appear to be completely waterproof, but it does appear that it can leak through the inner seams. The bag overall is a good deal for the price point and we'll recommend it to our drivers who can't afford our signature bags.

👤The food stayed cool after 12 hours on the road. I was able to pack a lot of food in it.

👤This cooler is a great accessory to have outdoors or in your car to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. It has a sturdy handle and is insulated, as well as having a cover. Would use this for our weekly beach trips.

👤The sides and bottom are not strong. It is not easy to carry items in a bag if they are placed on a flat surface. I wouldn't recommend it for carrying heavy items from the car to the house or picnic area.

10. Homevative Insulated Pizza Delivery Pizzas

Homevative Insulated Pizza Delivery Pizzas

If you have a question, please contact them. Himal has the most satisfactory service. Keep food warm for your customers with their industry leading thermal insulation. Control the perfect temperature by keeping heat in and humidity out with steam releasing holes on each side. The deal receipt windows can be used to organize multiple orders. Their bags are made of nylon and will work for you for many years. Catering for up to 5 pizza boxes or 3 trays.

Brand: Homevative

👤After a few uses, the construction of the closure is flawed. I ordered a replacement and we will see if it is better, but it doesn't seem likely. The stitching isn't strong enough to hold the material.

👤I used this to keep takeout orders hot for the family, I was able to fit 4 large pizza hut boxes in it and still have room to put wings in there, I've also used it for other orders, stand it on its side. I was able to put an entire chili's order for 4 inside (6 clam shell containers) and still have room for more. It feels flimsy until you put your food inside. The longest I've eaten in it has been 25 minutes. The handles help you carry food from the car to the table. It hasn't had a leak or a spill so far, and also doesn't have a smell, which is a plus, and you can keep your car smelling like fried food.

👤I have one complaint about this bag. It is very strong. I am a great bag. You might want to find a way to get the smell out of the bag. The smell is strong and I am trying to get it out. Had it in the sun. If someone has a suggestion, please let me know. It is small but still has a lot. If you know how to get rid of the smell, then buy this bag. If you don't mind having a bad smell in your food carry bag, then buy it.

👤Most food establishments use a red carrier for deliveries. My daughter loves pizza and I packed her 3 large pizzas from a local shop. I put them back into the pizza boxes and then packed them all in this carrier. I flew from Norfolk, VA to Austin, TX on a 6 hour trip. They were ready for the freezer. The bag is roomy and insulated.

👤I read a review about a weird smell that comes from the bag and the dude wasn't kidding. Sometimes when I pull pizza out in front of customers, they smell weird. The smell is still there despite the fact that I have washed the bag a few times. It's a very nice bag, it's almost as expensive as it is in my opinion, it keeps food hot, decent size. I had a large order of pizzas and it fit four of them perfectly. The 18' and 20' pizzas are not as large as they could be. The bag should show that you care.

👤The unit is well insulated and works as described. Our favorite pizza shop is close to our house. This carry case is the perfect addition to my car for keeping carry-out warm during the drive home. The box is large enough to hold other foods besides pizza. All food is nice and warm. I highly recommend.

👤It's nice to deliver a stack of pizzas on a cold day. I love this bag. I drive for Door Dash and my customers like it. I highly recommend it. If you use it for delivery, it counts as a tax write off.

11. NZ Large Insulated Commercial Delivery

NZ Large Insulated Commercial Delivery

We stand behind their portable food warmer and will always focus on your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question about the food warmer. They are committed to your satisfaction. It's 23"W x 15"H x 14"D. Light and easy to carry is only 3oz and is made with comfortable handles that make carrying a breeze. Extra-Strength Construction is built tough to keep items safe. It is easy to see the transparent pocket. It's perfect for saving precious space in your car, tent, home or office.

Brand: Nz Home

👤I use the large bags for grocery delivery. One of the straps broke on the second day of use. I will see if I can sew it back on.

👤I bought 5 of them. I use these bags daily for my deliveries. You would have to line them up with cardboard or something to keep them from slumping when you load them up. The straps bust so you cannot overload them. The straps snapped while I was on delivery. It didn't look professional to me. I like the size. For a 30 minute drive, they keep things cool or heated. I only gave them 2 stars because of their quality. A more professional bag would be a better buy.

👤This bag is amazing. I lent it out to a friend who is not able to get it back. I think... He likes it. It is large enough to hold multiple dishes and keep them warm or cold. Excellent quality and folds up to store. You can see how much room there is in the picture.

👤The bag is perfect for shopping. It can fit 4 grocery bags. The driver's professional image can be seen on the side window with the instacart logo. The bag is not cheap nor is it by any means. It is definitely not cheap. It is a perfect solution for instacart. I will be buying more this week.

👤Very cheap bag. The first 2 weeks of occasional use were when the zippers broke. The bag isn't strong enough to hold groceries. The bottom seam broke the first week. If I hadn't noticed the seams were coming apart, my groceries wouldn't have come out of the bottom. Weak and flimsy are the words that describe the Zippers. It was made of poor quality. The bag had a bad smell. I can't get a return or replacement for this purchase, so I am very dissatisfied. If you are reading this review and you're not sure if you should buy this bag, think again.

👤We need a bag to deliver hot meals to senior citizens. The big foam containers we send in do not work for us. We were hoping that it would be strong enough on the bottom, but all 11 containers tipped over and spilled in the bag. I'm sure it would be someone who needs the larger soft bottom, but it doesn't work for us. Sorry.

👤The delivery was received today and there were no manufacturing defects. I'll be using these bags for grocery delivery and the first thing I'll be doing is cutting plywood bottoms to help support the weight and reduce stress. The ply will be sanded around the corners and edges. The major complaint about all of these bags is the inadequate zip. I will never use the zippers for deliveries. There is no need for that. I might reinforce the seems. After these babies get a little wear, that will be decided. I recommend buying a good quality folding stair climbing cart with 6 wheels and a tie down strap. The use of a cart will reduce the wear and tear on your bags, as well as saving your back. I hope this review will help other delivery shoppers who have invested in these bags as a better quality alternative to the cheapy delivery bags that have to be replaced every 2 weeks to a month of use.


What is the best product for food warmer bag for delivery?

Food warmer bag for delivery products from Cherrboll. In this article about food warmer bag for delivery you can see why people choose the product. Nz Home and Ogefoted are also good brands to look for when you are finding food warmer bag for delivery.

What are the best brands for food warmer bag for delivery?

Cherrboll, Nz Home and Ogefoted are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food warmer bag for delivery. Find the detail in this article. Bluevoy, Veracious and Homevative are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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