Best Food Warmer Bag for Parties Buffets

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1. ALPHA LIVING 70014 GRAY Stainless Complete

ALPHA LIVING 70014 GRAY Stainless Complete

There are package contents. The package includes 12 diethylene glycol chafing fuel cans with a free opener tool. Alpha living's 4 pack chafing dish allows users to keep their food warm and ready, with a top-quality frame and body. COVENIENT STRUCTURE. There are 2 fuel holders, frame, and a full-size pan tray in each dish. The product can be moved with ease with the handles on the dish. Alpha living has a strong material, a frame and handle that supports its 8 quart tray. The chafing dish is easy to clean and maintain. The ALPHA LIVING chafing dish is rust resistant and made with high quality material. The foldable frame has thicker legs to make it more effective and to make sure your food is well supported. The included components are large Trays, Legs, Lids, Small Tray, Alcohol Stoveholder, and Alcohol Stove Trays.

Brand: Alpha Living

👤Like others posted, edges are sharp and handles could look better. Four dishes for a really low price, they will do the job and last a long time. This is not the product for you if you want a perfect product with a mirror finish. If you're looking for something cheap and functional that looks better than a bunch of serving dishes on your table, these are the ones for you. If the pans are stuck together when you take them out of the box, you can separate them by hand if you put ice and water in the top one. The ice water should be poured in the next pan. You will waste time and possibly bleed if you try to separate with tools or hands.

👤I have yet to receive a product from Amazon that is as bad as this one, the item is deffective, the box was torn, and my Thanksgiving meal was ruined. I couldn't get the trays to separate from each other and there was no way to do it. There was a hole in the bottom tray. What a terrible experience. The handles were scratched.

👤The material was so sharp that it cut me when I tried to take it out of the box. The handles were removed.

👤I needed them for the 40th day of mourning. I wanted to keep the food fresh and warm, so I turned them on at 4pm. By the time we started eating the food was warm enough. I left them on because I wanted someone to have more food when the family left around 8pm. The food was hot, I mean like someone just turned the stove off, kept the food warm and fresh, and I just love it.

👤These are okay. They get the job done. Not good quality. A deep cut on my finger was caused by the sharp edges on several of the pieces. I wish I had spent more for better quality.

👤The trays were packed tightly and it took 3 people to separate them. The edges on these are so sharp that you can cut yourself if you use your bare hands. The handles of the lids were scratched. The material is very thin. Burned marks can be seen on the bottom of the trays. The fit of the lids is not perfect. These are so sharp that they are a safety hazard and probably won't be ordered again. They were able to serve their purpose.

👤It's nice. Yes. I have damage to my handle.

👤My wife and I purchase this product to serve food at our wedding reception. The product arrived on time. There were serveral scratches on the handles and tops. This was not a big deal because the tops were removed and set aside while food was being served. The tops were sore from the event. One would expect a higher quality from a product that was not cheap.

👤There were holes in the box that received the item. The items were broken and some of the dents can't be fixed. There are some missing parts. The item was not well packed. The pans were hard to separate. I cut my fingers trying to separate pans. I will not recommend. The products were returned by me.

2. Cupcake Stand Premium Weddings Birthday

Cupcake Stand Premium Weddings Birthday

The product was built to the standards of North America. Are you looking for a special way of displaying cupcakes? The European cupcakes stand will make any wedding, anniversary, or birthday party more fun and exciting. Premium design. The cupcake stand has four plates that are close together. You can disassemble the superior plates and reassemble them. Premium 4mm thick acrylic is used to make the pastry rack. The details are vague. The cupcake tower display has a cupper nut in the middle of the stand to keep it stable. The cupcakes stand can hold up to 52 cupcakes of 2.5” diameter or the equivalent of 12 lbs. of food. There is a special bonus. A special light Garland that can create a magical feeling to the ensemble can be found beside the dessert display. The rubber dots on the bottom of the display prevent it from slipping. Product features There is a guarantee of success. The design of their cake stand is of the highest quality. If you find any issues with their product, you will get a full refund within 30 days.

Brand: Yestbuy

👤You would have to thread the strand through the holes. No. You will go insane if you try that. Use a glue gun. You will know what I am talking about if you have one. If you don't wrap the lights around the pole, you won't have enough lights to reach the top. The picture makes it look like this thing can hold a bakery full of cupcakes. Read the numbers. It looks great and is worth it. I like it.

👤It was easy to assemble the 2 that were ordered. I looked very beautiful.

👤I bought this for my 50th birthday party and it was a hit. I received a lot of praise and I can't wait to use it more. Hopefully I can buy different colored lights from yestbuy, so I can try it with glow lights. It was fine, but it could have been better. This product will be of great use to you.

👤I found the # for the round batteries for those who ordered the cupcake holder. It takes two CR2032. The lights are on. I haven't set it up yet.

👤The stand can hold 50 cupcakes. It was easy to setup. There is a great cupcake stand. I took off one star because the light strand is not long enough to wrap around all the tiers. It is beautiful. 3 AA batteries are not included.

👤There is a lot of food in this stand. There were two on the table. There was one stand that loved the lights. It is easy to put together.

👤The string of lights didn't work and I had to go through a lot of assembly to find out what was wrong, the second one had a short that cut off if touched or bumped, and the third one was too hot to touch.

👤The talk of my 55th birthday party was the cupcake stand. It made the dim light area feel good. Everyone was asking where I got it. I let the helpers put the cupcakes on it. They had no idea. It's true! I'm a bling bling kind of girl, so they already knew I was extra. I loved it. It was a chore to put the lights on. I got it. Would like to purchase some lights.

👤Would highly recommend this cake stand.

👤The item arrived without screws.

👤I absolutely adore this. The directions were easy to follow, but I wish the lights were more clear and I could assemble it more quickly. Looks great once done.

👤If you place a heavy cake on the plates, they are easy to break. Breakable.

👤It worked great, but it was a little tipsy after cupcakes and cake. It was great all night at the wedding. The battery box was held underneath the stand with sticky sides.

3. HeatMax Commercial 19x19x29 Warmer Catering

HeatMax Commercial 19x19x29 Warmer Catering

All parts are guaranteed for safe use. Light weight aluminum makes it easy to carry. To help you stay within your budget. No worries, it's a full one year warranty. Takes up a small amount of counter space. If needed in the future, parts can be found in their shop in Florida.

Brand: Heat Max

👤We bought this as a proofer for our small restaurant and are very pleased with its performance so far! The thermometer is a little whacky, but it just takes some skill to figure it out. It's definitely worth the money.

👤Many churches have metal pans of food prepared for dinners and they keep them warm and ready to serve. The cabinet is only made of a single sheet of aluminum, so it gets hot to the temp set. This adds a lot of heat if you are already in a warm area. Adding A/C duct board to the exterior sides and top will cut down on heat. The unit works well.

👤Works well. We use it to keep hot items ready to serve.

👤This is a great food warmer. It works better than I expected. It was full of meat trays. It was perfect. I can warm pies. Hot apple pie. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

👤Two warmers that were larger than this one were previously purchased. It is easy to operate. If it fits a large cooking pan or two small pans.

👤I love this! It was great for keeping the food warm. It was easy to move because it is lightweight.

👤The equipment that holds food is very useful.

4. Bodaon Insulated Insulation Commercial Instacart

Bodaon Insulated Insulation Commercial Instacart

It's perfect for saving precious space in your car, tent, home or office. Maybe you're frustrated that you don't have bags big enough to store items. The Insulate Delivery bag is large and strong enough to hold hot and cold items for a long time and keep them fresh. The ideal bag for food. Strong enough. The Insulate thermal Delivery bag has a high quality two-way pocket and two pairs of hand straps, which is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. The size is 23"W * 15"H. The bag is soft anddurable and can help you save valuable space, it is also suitable for your car to store food or to help you clean the trunk. The insulated delivery bag has pockets for storing important and visible items. This bag can be used to keep your pizza warm. It is safe and practical for men and women. It will become a must have for you. They promise to offer the best quality products. The food delivery bags are for the food relay. Premium 24x16x13 warmer with extra tall etz 85 bike beverage.

Brand: Bodaon

👤The bag is soft but the stitching on the holding straps isn't great and one broke off after two weeks, but they put two in case one breaks.

👤I don't know why I didn't do 5 stars. I did not. I have been doing food deliveries at night after work and found that the bag sent to me by one of the companies was not keeping food hot. I know what I would hope for from a delivery order that I placed, I am not a kid. I made an investment in myself with this purchase. It works 100% better and I don't know if it increases my income, but I feel like I did the right thing. The feel is cheap and the zippers isn't great, so I did 4 instead of 5. It works; cold is kept cold, hot is kept hot.

👤This bag is not as good as a bag I purchased for $4.99, and the walls are thin, so it is not as good as a bag I purchased for $2099. The larger bag has a thicker wall, which will help keep the outside heat out. I will have the smaller bag of ice cream. I'll keep it because of the size, but it seems like it's just a bag for calming my mind that my cold groceries are in the bag, rather than actually keeping my ice cream frozen on the drive home from the store.

👤This product keeps food warm. I use it while I'm doing doordash. The bag is not as strong as the doordash bag. It serves the purpose. I usually leave this bag in the car. This is a good starter bag until you save for a thicker bag. I still use this bag even though I have a thicker one.

👤I received the 2 bag set in November. In January, the 1st nag lost all of its zippers and had a large hole in the bottom. The 2nd bag lasted a bit longer. It lasted until April, once again, I lost both of the zippers, they just pull off because they are cheap. The bag is being ripped on. It kept the food hot, and there was plenty of room for all kinds of food. The bag is mediocre. Not a lot of good craftsmanship was put into the product. It's cheap to make a quick buck. If you're looking for a bag that will last for a while, this one is pretty expensive. This is your bag. If you want to spend your hard earned money on something that lasts longer, then you should. Keep searching.

👤I only used this for food deliveries on rare occasions because most of my deliveries didn't need that much space. I needed this bag more frequently after the Pandemic hit because my orders started getting bigger. The sipper had to be sewed by hand because the ends of the zip ties kept detaching from the seams at the end. The bag would be better if the craftsmanship were better. You should be prepared to get your needle and thread.

5. Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

The portable food warmer needs to be used with the FLAT and HEAT-RESISTANT containers size up to 9"W x 6.75"L x 3.5"H or less. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. There is no monitoring of the Temp Control. The portable oven for work will cook, rewarm, and produce no bad odors. You can easily cook meals at your office, bedroom, or home kitchen by placing your meal inside and plugging it in. Warming and re-warming of food is possible. It's best to heat your food quickly. The portable food warmer lunch box has a 110V connection. Enjoy warm tasty food and be done with it in less than an hour. The portable oven is perfect for leftovers, prepared meals, and frozen foods. There is a container with multiPLE CONTAINERS. The portable warming lunch box is compatible with heat- resistant containers. The portable lunch box can hold up to 9 liters of food and can hold up to 6 liters of food. The lunch box has a carrying handle. You can carry the portable microwave in your backpack. It is a great choice for taking to work, parties, travel, school dorm and hotel, perfect for office workers, patrolmen, nurses, and more. Aotto is their commitment to providing their consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect, contact their service team for a free replacement. They offer a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Aotto

👤Let me tell you about my work environment. It's 952 paces from my desk across two ware houses to a tiny break room where the microwave is. It takes eight minutes to walk. The break room is full of people. You have to wait on people in line and heating food uses up a lot of time. There is 18 minutes of a break before we walk back. We risk our jobs every time we want hot food to walk through with our cold food, then back with our hot food, which is not very hot by the time we get back to our desks, because the rules say no food is allowed in the warehouses. Carrying a hot container has other risks. The risk of dropping our food is added. This hot plate's arrival today was especially sweet because the guy who gets a 1 hour lunch and is allowed to leave the property during work hours to buy hot food or whatever he wants to eat, while us peons suffer and starve, he said, "I would ask." The printer works. He would let his crew eat cold food or be fired to eat hot food if he wanted a fancy one. He's a real piece of the sleaze. I bought this thing. I have more options for food container sizes and shapes with this bag. I was at my crappy job when it arrived. I put a dish of soup in it and plugged it in when I got home. It seems to work great and I forgive myself for being so happy, but I will eat fresh food at my desk tomorrow and my co-workers will be jealous. I plan to keep this item at work, and carry my cold food in my lunch box as usual, heating it up, because I carry a lot of other stuff in my lunch box as if it were a purse and still need that bag for it all. This is a great idea. The A-Hole will not submit a request for a stupid microwave for the nine people who eat cold sandwiches every day while he leaves site to go eat good food. I wish I could kill him with his chair.

👤It is the best thing I have ever purchased for my classroom. I have 24 minutes to eat. I don't have to walk to the teacher's lounge to get a microwave to open up, so I get the whole time. I can now enjoy the entire 24 minutes.

👤Great product. My office has gotten rid of all communal kitchen appliances, so I bought this lunch box. I could still eat hot food. I have been using it for a few weeks and can't get enough of it. It takes about 45-60 minutes to heat up my glass containers of food, and it is safe to plug in under my desk and forget about. The hot plate on the inside gets very hot, but the outside is never warm. The box is great for storing cold food, like cheese or applesauce, which can be kept in there for 4 hours after I leave home. I am very thankful for this purchase.

6. HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Black

HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Black

The Extra Large Delivery Bag is great for use with food delivery services. Hot food within arms' reach. It's ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food at home. Your food is perfectly cooked. Evenly cooks or cooks leftovers in about an hour without burning or drying out your food. It's compatible with most flat- bottom, sealable containers, including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. Accommodates containers up to 8.25” W x 8.25” L x 2.5 H. Set it and forget it - just put your meal inside, plug it in, and enjoy your meal when you are ready. No more waiting in line for food, no more eating in frozen centers, and no more having to deal with splattered food. Their triple guarantee is backed by their make it right guarantee, one-year warranty and a customer service team that has one job: to leave you utterly and completely overjoyed. The product was built to the standards of North America.

Brand: Hot Logic

👤I intended to bring raw food to the office, put it in the oven in the morning, and have it ready to eat by lunch. I decided that I would have to sear/brown any meat before putting it in the oven after testing the unit out. This unit is worth every penny. If you register your oven, the manufacturer will give you a 2-year extension to the 1-year warranty. Don't forget to register! I put the frozen rice and chicken in the oven. The food reached temperatures after three hours. The chicken looked terrible when it came out. I put it on the pan. The temperatures were measured using a meat and anIR thermometer. The temperature of the rice and chicken was raised over three hours. The countertop temperature was higher than 55F. The heating plate gets up to almost 200F, and the bottom of the glass tupperware that was on top of it reached a temperature of 162F.

👤The sides of the pouch that holds the heating element started to melt and stick together after I started using it.

👤Where have I been hiding and not noticed? We are famous for having to live on fast food and junk because we don't have a place to cook on the engines we spend our lives on. Some people cook and warm food on the motor in the engine compartment, which is a greasy mess of diesel fumes and oil, and others warm things on cab heaters that may or may not work properly, and were designed as a heating source for the air temperature, not for foods. The mini oven is portable and can be plugged into your home's outlet. It works great plugged into the 74v DC current outlet on locomotives. I think the company doesn't promote its use like this, but it works. I can heat my prepared meals in plastic portion containers. It is a great item that does not add weight to your bags. It is easy to clean and reach a safe temperature.

👤This is the best purchase I have ever made. I buy a lot of things on Amazon. My work is gross. Like gross. I work for a trash company. There is a roach problem in the kitchen. I just put this puppy in a flat bottomed container. I plug it in when I use the 3 cup pyrex ones. I have a foil wrapped breakfast and a dish for lunch. I mean a burrito. When I get hungry after my coffee, I slap the burrito in and eat it in 2 hours, then throw the tin foil away and eat the leftovers in about 3 hours. I take the whole thing home when I'm done so no bugs get in it. I can keep my food out of the actual kitchen and it's on my desk that I clean every day. It's warm when I want it, but not as warm as a microwaved effect would make it. I don't have to use our microwave that is rusty on the inside, who knows what that does. This thing works like a charm. If you drive a long time or work somewhere without easy access to a kitchen, you should get this.

7. H°eats Flameless Food Warming Pads

H%C2%B0eats Flameless Food Warming Pads

It's widely used in buffet, bar, and restaurant. The food will cool down soon. The "heat curve" is patented and keeps food at a certain temperature. For up to 2 hours, the kitchen is fresh and delicious. Natural minerals and plant-based materials are used in the compound. Simple transport and set up reduces time and labor. Works with equipment. The water-activated food heating pads are very absorbent. It's perfect for weddings, parties, and more. Easy-to-use design makes it easy to set up. Add water and feel the heat.

Brand: Lava Gel

👤The product was very easy to use, and it replaced those fire-hazard sternos for me. I used this product for a party and everyone was impressed. It kept my dish warm.

👤They were great for our Super Bowl party. The food was nice and warm, and it was cool not to have to worry about fires with kids and pets running around. Next time we have a pot luck event, I will definitely use again.

8. VEVOR Commercial Food Warmer Stainless

VEVOR Commercial Food Warmer Stainless

1200W, 120V Ac 60Hz. Each pan has a capacity of 16 quarts, and the overall dimensions are 22.6" L x 15" W. The large capacity is enough to meet all your food heating requirements. Temp control is precise. The food warmer buffet has a temperature that can be adjusted by a knob. This warmer has internal heating elements that allow it to hold your food at ready-to- eat temperatures for hours. The U-shaped design is able to distribute heat. Food grade steel. This bain marie is made of 304stainless steel and has rust and resistance. The wall is thick enough to prevent worry about scratch or deformation. Cleaning and maintenance are easy with the detachable pans. The pan's contents are kept warm and sealed in all the flavors with a cover. The practical lid helps retain water and keeps dust out of the food. The soup warmer commercial has a drainage faucet. You can use this steam table commercial to keep your vegetables, chicken wings, eggs, and bacon hot. It is a great addition to your buffet, concession stand, homestyle restaurant, cafeteria, or hotel breakfast bar, standing up to the demands of the day.

Brand: Vevor

👤The gauge size of the steel is cheap, or maybe it's not even SS. It was already rusting when it arrived. Within a week, the water valve was rusted on. Poor quality.

👤The entire unit is covered in plastic that protects the bare sheet metal, but some of it can't be removed because it's covered by the top lip. Which is cheap. They used a sharp knife to cut out spots for their labels. All of the corners and places where it is spot welded are rusted, but they are painted over with aluminum paint. It's not food safe to use aluminum paint when it's not used normally. The heating coil is crooked and the seals aren't properly under compression, which will cause leaks in no time, and probably allow water inside the heating element. It leaked the minute I put water in it. I removed the bottom sheet metal to see what was happening. There are too many bad welds and soldering. The leak appears to be coming from a tiny spot that's burned through the water pan. Obviously not. There are a couple of unused zip ties floating around inside. Buy a better one if you want to save money.

👤The product lasted less than two weeks before the heating mechanism broke open in multiple spots, but I have been unable to get anyone from the company to respond with anything other than a computer-generated email. I don't recommend this product or the manufacturer.

👤I was looking for a bigger steamer for my deli. I am cautious when ordering online because the descriptions and pictures can be misleading. When my order arrived on time, I was very happy. I would recommend others to them. There is a person named JJ.

👤I like this warmer. I have a food truck. I can hold the food I need in this warmer. The temperature is held well. I have been using it for several months and I am very happy with it. The pans that come with it are very thin. They are hard to break apart.

👤I was hesitant to purchase some of the bad reviews. The main complaint was that it was leaked. My first use did leak, but it was very small around the drain. The only thing that has to be done is not use the chrome ring that goes on before attaching the spigot, this will allow it to tighten further in to the unit. Use the supplied teflon tape. There are no more leaks. It seems obvious to me. It works great and is a great value. One of the pans has a slight bend in it, I fixed that with my bare hands. It seems piddly to leave a bad review. I will buy another if necessary. 5 stars.

👤It worked out for us. We use it in our store. If someone is looking to keep food hot for a long period of time, I would recommend this item.

👤I died after 2 weeks and the seller wants me to pay return shipping for a new one.

9. Personal Portable Electric Potlucks Kitchen

Personal Portable Electric Potlucks Kitchen

Buy it, love it, and gift it. This thermal lunch box can be used for a variety of purposes, from gift giving for your Husband, Boyfriend, Father and friend to being used for yourself while on the go. They are going to love it. Add to cart now. A mini propane oven. The mini portable microwave keeps you from the queue and allows you to enjoy the taste of the food. The portable food warmer is easy to use and doesn't have to worry about overheating the food. You can do other things if you plug in the power. Will help you use your time more efficiently. Most flat- bottom containers have sealable lids and are compatible with this. The mini food warmer lunch box is lightweight and portable, so you can easily carry it wherever you want. It's perfect for home kitchen, travel, and office. There are 3 ways to curse. The portale can be carried in 3 different ways: grapped in your hands, as a shoulder bag or as a backpack. Even in the subway, you can text message on your phone. The portable food warmer needs to be used with the FLAT and HEAT-RESISTANT containers size up to 9"W x 6.75"L x 3.5"H or less. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Rottogoon

👤I wasn't sure if this product would work as advertised, but man does it. The portable oven on my desk was used to cook the meal. When you open it, everyone around you gets jealous that you have a hot meal waiting for you. They have to go to the break room to get a bite. Purchase one and do yourself a favor.

👤My husband works as a metal worker in commercial construction and I purchased the Personal Portable Oven, Mini Food Warmer Electric Lunch Box for him. I was concerned that he would be eating his lunch cold on these rainy days because there was no access to microwaves. I thought I'd have him try it. If it didn't work, I'd rather lose money and have him eat cold lunches. It folds into his backpack. When he's ready to eat, he sets it up about an hour before lunch. He likes to eat a hot lunch in the cold weather.

👤I was initially skeptical of these types of portable mini ovens. How could you have a mini oven that could cook food? The cost of eating out at work would quickly add up and I was tired of it. I decided to try one of the mini ovens because of two reasons. Food should be kept warm while traveling. 2. To cut down on meal prepping the night before, cook food from scratch at work. Food can be kept at a warm temperature in a variety of containers, but can be cooked from scratch within hours. It can be used while driving, but you should not cook while the car is not running as it can severely drain your battery. The food has stayed moist, though cooking for too long can make your chicken or salmon a bit mushy or slightly dry. If you want to heat it up again, cook it in the microwave or oven first. The slow cooking keeps the nutrition contained within the cooking container, portable and small, front pouch to hold utensils, carry strap, and FDA states that cooked food should be kept warm at 140F or warmer. It's best to cut it up into smaller cubes to make sure it's safe, and I cover it with aluminum foil to keep it clean.

👤I work in an office and they don't keep the microwave clean. I am a germaphobic person. I was looking for something else to heat my lunch. It is smaller than I thought it would be. It can hold a frozen meal that you can find in the freezer section. It's a good way to keep me on track to eat a healthy meal. I keep frozen meals in my office. I put a meal in the oven when I get to the office. The lunch is warm. I think the investment was worth it.

👤I bought this because I don't want to use the common kitchen at work. I put my food in it about an hour before lunch and it was ready to go. It can fit a Lean Cuisine or a typical size frozen dinner. It would not be large enough for a family. Meal prep containers work great for me. When I had spaghetti on one size and garlic bread on the other, it produced hot food and toast. I left the food longer than I wanted and it was not burned. It was like having your food in the oven. Unless you spill something, I don't think it needs to be cleaned very often. It's really convenient. I'll use this even after the fears of the virus pass. It's better than using a microwave that people don't want to use.

10. Inflatable Serving Cooler Buffet Outdoor

Inflatable Serving Cooler Buffet Outdoor

Their pan chafer is backed by a no-hassle, 12-month warranty with the manufacturer. The value pack is very large. 3 sets of inflatable tray are easy to inflate and deflate. The trays have an easy water drain plug and are easy to carry. You can keep food and drinks fresh for hours by filling the tray with ice. The portable serving bar is easy to use and store. It's perfect for a party or celebration, relaxation, swimming pool party or a summer beach vacation. Premium quality. A bunch of salad, fruit, beers, soda and all beverages are held in this thicker material. It's tear free. 100% risk-free guarantee. The material is free of the harmful substance.

Brand: Joyin

👤Instead of buying a drink, chill n fill table. I bought a pack of inflatable thingys. I put pre-chilled drinks in them and they worked well because they don't get deep enough in the ice. The drain is on the table and it's bad design. When the ice has melted, it's difficult to drain it because you have to finagle the thing around and get the drain off the surface. You can't beat them for the price, they're just laid out differently.

👤These rocks! It's easy to inflate and deflate. They are much larger than I expected. I like that guests can easily see what beverages are available, instead of having to dig in a deep cooler.

👤These are huge and fantastic. A big safe place for food and beverages can be found if you fill with more than 10 lbs of ice. The only reason I gave them a 4 was because of the ridiculous plastic thing they sent to inflate it. I used a smaller attachment to my small inflator that inflated each pool toy in about 90 seconds. My friends were so impressed with the BBQ that they immediately ordered it from Amazon. These are a good place to hold an event outside and unfinished basement where you won't care if water gets on the floor when it's time to empty them.

👤It was used for a party. All the food was cold when it was around 85. They were placed on a table in the shade. If it sits in the sun, it might need to be refilled with ice more frequently.

👤These were great additions to my party. They were used for a table. I only needed to use one for this event because they were a bit larger than I expected.

👤This was very useful for an outdoor outing. We have started having one family over at a time. I usually set up food inside, but using this is a lot safer. It was difficult to get the dirt off. After one use, it looks dirty.

👤The item I was sent was the wrong one. The seller got the right item out in one day, despite the pain of having to bring the wrong item in to be sent back the week before a wedding reception. It worked well.

👤The inflatables are great. They were used for our wedding reception. They're easy to clean. Will use them again.

11. Ovente FW170S Electric Warming Inches

Ovente FW170S Electric Warming Inches

Their spandex stretch table cover can be used for many purposes. It is not easy to stick small crumbs on a tablecloth outdoors, so it is perfect for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Hannukkah,Thanksgiving,Wedding,parties,celebrations or any special event. This tray has a heating element that will keep your food warm without burning the underside of the tray. Use dishes made of ceramic or heat resistant glass. This buffet server is small but spacious, and you can keep it warm by putting whatever you serve on the warmer. It's not necessary to worry about serving cold food to your guests. The server is perfect for holiday dinners. The warming tray is made of durable STAINLESS steel, which will not bend or warp even at extremely high temperatures. The buffet server has a temperature control knob that lets you choose your heat setting. The heat for the food can be chosen by turning the knob. Customer Service in the US lets you buy with confidence. The product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date.

Brand: Ovente

👤Even though it has a thermostat dial that can turn around, it's not a big temperature range. The lowest temperature was 231'F and the highest was 257'F. You have to turn the knob about 1/3 of the way to turn on the appliance. If I try to keep food warm, it will still cook. I bought two trays and they are the same size.

👤A lot of parties are hosted by us with a large number of family and friends. These were perfect because of the concern of keeping food warm. I could fit two containers on each tray. They kept our food hot. I would buy again.

👤Make sure you do a test run first. I only took a test during Thanksgiving. It worked well. I used all three of them the following Sunday to keep egg casseroles warm. The other two were so hot that they burned both of my casseroles. I didn't know they could cook food. I couldn't get the temperature settings low enough to not burn my food so I will be returning them.

👤I've used this product for many years and have been very pleased with it. It is easy to carry. It keeps food hot. I have been careful to keep it from being scratched. I wish the light would stay on so people wouldn't touch it. When the desired temperature is reached, it goes off.

👤The tray is the best way to keep food warm. It is large enough to hold several baking pans. It is easy to transport. The controls are easy to use and the tray is easy to clean.

👤The heating plates are better than the sterno sets. Stir food and mix it from the bottom of your food when they are hot. I liked that I could turn them off. They were used for self serve for a meal.

👤The item was smaller than expected and the picture looked bigger than it really was. Small sides pans only hold a few cups.

👤I returned them because I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to pay for the time it took for the food to be cold. What a waste of money.


What is the best product for food warmer bag for parties buffets?

Food warmer bag for parties buffets products from Alpha Living. In this article about food warmer bag for parties buffets you can see why people choose the product. Yestbuy and Heat Max are also good brands to look for when you are finding food warmer bag for parties buffets.

What are the best brands for food warmer bag for parties buffets?

Alpha Living, Yestbuy and Heat Max are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food warmer bag for parties buffets. Find the detail in this article. Bodaon, Aotto and Hot Logic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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