Best Food Warmer Bag Large

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1. Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

The portable food warmer needs to be used with the FLAT and HEAT-RESISTANT containers size up to 9"W x 6.75"L x 3.5"H or less. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. There is no monitoring of the Temp Control. The portable oven for work will cook, rewarm, and produce no bad odors. You can easily cook meals at your office, bedroom, or home kitchen by placing your meal inside and plugging it in. Warming and re-warming of food is possible. It's best to heat your food quickly. The portable food warmer lunch box has a 110V connection. Enjoy warm tasty food and be done with it in less than an hour. The portable oven is perfect for leftovers, prepared meals, and frozen foods. There is a container with multiPLE CONTAINERS. The portable warming lunch box is compatible with heat- resistant containers. The portable lunch box can hold up to 9 liters of food and can hold up to 6 liters of food. The lunch box has a carrying handle. You can carry the portable microwave in your backpack. It is a great choice for taking to work, parties, travel, school dorm and hotel, perfect for office workers, patrolmen, nurses, and more. Aotto is their commitment to providing their consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect, contact their service team for a free replacement. They offer a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Aotto

👤Let me tell you about my work environment. It's 952 paces from my desk across two ware houses to a tiny break room where the microwave is. It takes eight minutes to walk. The break room is full of people. You have to wait on people in line and heating food uses up a lot of time. There is 18 minutes of a break before we walk back. We risk our jobs every time we want hot food to walk through with our cold food, then back with our hot food, which is not very hot by the time we get back to our desks, because the rules say no food is allowed in the warehouses. Carrying a hot container has other risks. The risk of dropping our food is added. This hot plate's arrival today was especially sweet because the guy who gets a 1 hour lunch and is allowed to leave the property during work hours to buy hot food or whatever he wants to eat, while us peons suffer and starve, he said, "I would ask." The printer works. He would let his crew eat cold food or be fired to eat hot food if he wanted a fancy one. He's a real piece of the sleaze. I bought this thing. I have more options for food container sizes and shapes with this bag. I was at my crappy job when it arrived. I put a dish of soup in it and plugged it in when I got home. It seems to work great and I forgive myself for being so happy, but I will eat fresh food at my desk tomorrow and my co-workers will be jealous. I plan to keep this item at work, and carry my cold food in my lunch box as usual, heating it up, because I carry a lot of other stuff in my lunch box as if it were a purse and still need that bag for it all. This is a great idea. The A-Hole will not submit a request for a stupid microwave for the nine people who eat cold sandwiches every day while he leaves site to go eat good food. I wish I could kill him with his chair.

👤It is the best thing I have ever purchased for my classroom. I have 24 minutes to eat. I don't have to walk to the teacher's lounge to get a microwave to open up, so I get the whole time. I can now enjoy the entire 24 minutes.

👤Great product. My office has gotten rid of all communal kitchen appliances, so I bought this lunch box. I could still eat hot food. I have been using it for a few weeks and can't get enough of it. It takes about 45-60 minutes to heat up my glass containers of food, and it is safe to plug in under my desk and forget about. The hot plate on the inside gets very hot, but the outside is never warm. The box is great for storing cold food, like cheese or applesauce, which can be kept in there for 4 hours after I leave home. I am very thankful for this purchase.

2. Enlarged Electric Lunch Heater Capacity

Enlarged Electric Lunch Heater Capacity

We care about their customers. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem with your purchase. They will reply in 24 hours. Buddew electric heating lunch box has designed the latest large-capacity lunch box, so don't worry about not having enough food anymore. The portable food warmer lunch box has a capacity of 1.8L, which is 20% more than the peers. You are just minutes away from being satisfied. It uses 70W high power and uses the latest design of constant temperature heating. The thermal cycle can be used to heat your lunch at the fastest speed while maintaining the freshness of the food. Fast food and sandwiches are not necessary anymore. You can eat home-cooked food in a short time at school, office, and construction site. A healthy way of eating. If you want to eat healthy, you can use electric heating lunch boxes to heat up the home cooking you prepared in advance, instead of eating cold sandwiches every day. Plug in the cable and it will heat up fast! The portable food warmer lunch box can heat up a healthy, hot lunch box meal in no time if you use the upgraded 70W power supply. The heating rate is very fast in the winter. Independent interface design is safe and durable. The lunch box supports household, truck and car voltages. You can enjoy your homemade food in cars, trucks, office and construction sites. The portable lunch box is portable and light-weight and comes with a carry bag. Don't worry about the weather, keep food fresh and clean. The lunch box is easy to clean. You can wash the trays in a dishwasher. Please do not wash the external lunch box.

Brand: Buddew

👤I was a little skeptical when I made this purchase, but it restored my faith in this product. I am able to heat up my food on the road without a microwave because I can heat it up to the point where it is as hot as it was when I cooked it. I save money and time. I don't have to look for a dirty microwave. I put it in the power port of my van and am ready to eat. I would recommend anyone that works on the road to buy this lunch box. It was worth every penny.

👤I bought this product for my man on a holiday. He told me that he was happy to use it and that it was so hot he left for 20 minutes to charge the wall plug and it got so hot that he told me that the bowl was deep and hot. Bye bye. I feel bad. I'm not going to cook for him, but at least he got something that works. He said it was easy to use and clean, so he might try it next time. I'm happy this work for him and he eats well, so I'll keep updating. The bowl is deep, it gets hot, it has a spoon and fork compartment, and if you love vegetables or friutes, it comes with a medium cup to put fruits.

👤No me arrepiento, no me arrepiento, no me arrepiento, no me arrepiento, no me arrepiento, no me arrepiento.

👤The plug in doesn't work after 3 uses. The indicator light is not on.

3. Aotto Personal Portable Reheating Cooking

Aotto Personal Portable Reheating Cooking

If you have a question about the product, please contact them with an e-mail and they will give you a 3 months guarantee. Plug a portable microwave into your car and come back later with a warm meal. Warming leftovers takes 30-40 minutes, heating raw or frozen food takes 1-2 hours. Car food warmers are a good way to warm up your meal to preserve it's flavor. The best temperature for food taste is 140F-158F. The portable food warmer oven is compatible with any flat bottomed food container size of 9"W x 6.75"L x 3.5"H, which accepts glass/plastic/cardboard/metal/aluminum foil/ceramic type of container. The food heating for car is great for camping, fishing, and anywhere you have a cigarette lighter. Pick your favorite meal in advance. They are confident that you will enjoy their 12V food warmer, because all their product goes through rigorous inspection and testing. If their product isn't up to your standards, they will replace it for you or give you your money back.

Brand: Aotto

👤I like this little oven. I prepare food on Sundays. I can now warm up my food on the bus, instead of waiting to get back to the house to cook or pack it, because I drive a school bus. We are in a busy season, so I leave the yard at 6AM and come back at 10PM without fast food or being hungry.

👤This item is useful. In a million years, someone would come up with this. They were thankful they did. I eat hot food on the go because I travel a lot and it saves me time and money. Home cooked food is the best. I don't like eating burgers on the go. Thank you.

👤My husband needs to warm up his lunches in his work truck. It works well.

👤The plug in was broken when I received it. I had to return it. I purchased the 1st one for over two years.

👤I like this portable oven, I take a frozen dinner, plug it into the cigarette lighter, and I have a hot meal, which is cheaper than going to the restaurants. This device pulls 3 A while running, it pulls 3 A for about two hours, and then it backs down to 1.5 A to keep it warm. There is a The battery in my car is always running for 4 hours. I have cooked hamburgers from raw frozen meat and it was done in four hours. If the bread gets really dry, the meals need to be covered. The potatoes don't come out crisp. There is a The cooker still works despite the plastic base cracking. It would be great if the heating plate was waterproof, so that accidental spills wouldn't ruin the device. It works well.

👤Does a good job of heating my food. I drive around and eat lunch in my work vehicle. I had a problem taking warm food because of this. The product is built very well and works well even though it takes an hour to heat up a dish.

👤My man works in the winter and I bought this for him. It's not usually possible to have a hot lunch. This has been a lifesaver. He likes it. I'm sure other things can be done, such as heating up frozen burritos. He hasn't tried to cook it on it. If he does, I'll add more.

👤Estoy una satisfecho con el producto calienta rpido.

👤I was wiping the hotplate to clean it and the side pieces broke off as I was doing it. It is most likely to be a few more days before it stops working. The seller said they sent a new one to me.

👤It wasn't what we expected. The bag they give is not strong. It was not suitable for warming up lunch or heating food in the car. The product is being returned to Amazon.

👤It is hot enough to re-heat my food. The plug is a problem. The wire stopped working after a few months of use. If you know how to solder wire, you can just open the plug and solder it back together. It works again. It is a great product. I need to re-solder the plug. I still love it.

4. Hango Insulated Lunch Cooler Sizes

Hango Insulated Lunch Cooler Sizes

It isdurable: The bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight. It keeps your food fresh and delicious. These bags are ideal for you to bring your lunch to school or work because of the foam insulation system that keeps your food and beverages at a stable temperature. For a cost of one, two bags. A set of large and small bags that measure 6x6x10 inches and 5x5x7.5 inches are ideal for different moments. These lunch bags are great for bringing food and beverages to a picnic. It is possible to convey and convey information to Barry. You can look good with these cute lunch boxes. These lunch tote bags are portable and easy to carry around. Excellent finish and resilience. It is made of high density 300D polyester canvas and a carabiner, so you won't have to worry about it being damaged. These bags are built to last for a long time. Promoting health is important. These environment-friendly lunch bags are great for bringing homemade meals. A great gift for your friends. You can order yours today.

Brand: Attican

👤I work at many different places for my job. I wanted to get a decent box because I was sick of eating fast food and pizza for lunch every day. I browsed through Amazon to get this one so I could start packing. I decided to write a review just to give it 5 stars because I'm so happy with this product and I've been a prime member for years. The lunch bags are fully insulated. Despite the very low price, double zip doesn't feel cheap. I'll probably use the pouch bag for change of clothes, and they have a coupon code on a thank you card. I'm very happy with this purchase and I'll be ordering from this brand again. The rubbermaid containers and blue ice packs that are suggested as a bundle fit perfectly.

👤The lunch box set from Hango was an easy choice when I needed a new lunch box. I wanted a more mature looking lunch box for my office. You get two for the price, which I swap between based on my lunch size. The lunch boxes have wide openings which make packing easy. The larger is the perfect fit for any container. Lunch boxes are more convenient for keeping your lunch packed in one place than for keeping it cold, and I have noticed that insulation only keeps things chilled for a couple hours. A lunch box is not a cooler. The lunch box set is a good value and light-weight. I bought a lunch box set from the brand "Hango" and I would buy them again in the future.

👤I was very disappointed to see that the handle was sewed on the bottom, but I hope that doesn't happen often. Will be back.

👤I need 2 different lunch bags for different things, so I bought this. Attached some pics to see what can be there. The small isn't big enough to hold a bottle. If you're having a nutrition check, you should have milk. You get two pieces for the price of one, durable material, I like both of them. Very happy with the purchase.

👤These are great lunch bags. They don't keep things as cold as I would like, but they allow me to carry lunch to school and work. They are stylish and durable. These are not Croc and Square. They are soft. They have a nice shape, but they do lose their shape. The size of each is perfect. They are nice for a lunch. The big one is a great size if you plan on carrying more than a drink and a bento box. If you're looking for a useful lunch bag, this set is for you. It came quickly and is strong.

👤I was amazed that I received my order quickly. I opened the box and found the lunch bags I ordered. This bonus bag is very nice. The bags were what I wanted them to be. They are the right size for what I wanted to use them for. I keep my medication in them so they are ready to go when I travel. The black bags look good for men or women. I might order a set of pink for my wife. The thermal lining of the bags makes them good for more than just lunch. The cloth on the outside is strong and can be wiped with a damp cloth so it won't rip like my old bag. I am happy.

5. Insulated Reusable Accessories Insullated Grey Black

Insulated Reusable Accessories Insullated Grey Black

The shopping bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight. insulated grocery bag shipt large green tote cooler refrigerator market produce extra portable heavy duty aluminum and other items that can be used for reuse. Cold or frozen food can be purchased with insulated grocery bags. The best shopping tote is made of cloth. It's Fordable. The shopping bags are easy to open and close, they can be used for groceries. The insulated bags hold a lot of groceries. Food warm. The bags are great for food delivery. The tote bag kept their food nice and cool. It isdurable: The bags are strong. 25 pounds per bag is the maximum allowable weight.

Brand: Bodaon

👤If you are using instacart, buy two sets because they are short of regulation. 4 bags are better than 2 for 27 or 28 dollars. If you use a lot or for a long time, the zippers aren't sturdy, but it's a great item for the price.

👤We bought theses for our business. Depending on what you put in them and how you place your items in the bags, they are very large. There are two large straps on each side. There is enough room in the bag for a 10 oz box between the jugs. We are very pleased with our order. Hope this helps someone make a decision.

👤I only got one of the two and the size was wrong, they seem like they would be nice, but I need it bigger so I can eat more. I'm sending it back for a refund and I'm hoping the photo that says 16x9x12 isn't true.

👤I wanted to use these before I wrote a review. They are strong. The handles are thick and lightweight. I am ordering more just for groceries. They are quick to pack and unload and are shocked at how much they hold. See the picture. The bag was not full. They are quicker to use than my bags that hold a few things. They stay open while you pack your groceries so it moves quicker. I hope you have the same experience.

👤I used these bags for the first time today and one of the seams split open. These bags are not durable enough for heavy items. Very disappointed!

👤These bags along with some cardboard are perfect for most drinks and orders.

👤I use these for groceries and for carrying several bags at the same time. A bag can hold 4 gallons of milk. They can be used to separate multiple orders.

👤I ordered this brand for my mother because I liked it so much. The bags are great. Will be ordering more.

👤When you have a meal delivery service, the insulated bags are great. The handles are sturdy. The bags are light.

👤They are light and thin, they are ok for the price. I haven't tried them with heavy weight because they seem fragile and useful to keep frozen groceries for a while.

👤This item is reasonably priced, and it is exactly as pictured. We're happy with the purchase and delivery was earlier than expected.

👤The bag was packed half full and the handle was ripped. I had to pay 14 Canadian dollars to get my refund because the cost was $22 Canadian. A lot of energy wasted. Stay away.

6. Vchiming Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Vchiming Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Two storage compartments are not included. The material is safe and high quality. The lunch box is made of PP and 304 steel. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe with Lonchera electrica para el almuerzo. The external food warmer lunch box should not be washed. Fast heating. Plug in the cable and you're good to go for Microwave heating. The process of heating a lunch box takes a few minutes. The Lunch Box 3 is electric. The portable microwave heated lunch boxes are for adults and have a capacity of 1.5L. They stand behind their portable food warmer and will always focus on your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question about the food warmer. They are committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Vchiming

👤I don't use microwaves at all, so when I heard that some of us had to come back N2 the office, I needed something to heat my soups, leftover casseroles, and such up, so I went to the microwave. I am heating my lunch at work. If I had a negative thing to say, it would be that the spoon that comes with it is more like a baby's feeding spoon, and that it would take a while to plug it up. I plug it up around 10:00 to make sure my lunch is nice and by 12:00 to make sure that I get my lunch. The spoon section is easy to clean. That is what I carry with me. If U R refuse to use a microwave, then this is a good second option for you. I think there are fake reviews on here, but I'm not one of them, I'm a real person and I'm not connected to this company in any way! Have a great day!

👤Adicional la bolsa térmica es fcil de transportar y protege la bandeja. Recomiendo 100%.

👤This is very difficult to clean and it is very heavy for storage once you are done using it.

👤It was nice to have a hot lunch. My husband likes it. I gave it to him for Christmas. He said it was so hot that it burnt his tongue, but he didn't mind.

👤My grandson and I love it. We used it on the train.

👤It is easy to use, cleaned and stored.

👤No compren estoy tan enojada, quieren comer comida tibia pues para eso, nico, sirve aparte tienes. He comprando directo ala basura.

👤The box was open when I got it. The plastic on the inside was ripped open as if it had been there before. There are finger smudges on the metal inside. I don't care if it works or not, I'm not going to use it because of this.

7. LUNCIA Insulated Casserole Carrier Cookouts

LUNCIA Insulated Casserole Carrier Cookouts

Promoting health is important. These environment-friendly lunch bags are great for bringing homemade meals. A great gift for your friends. You can order yours today. The measured dimensions are 15.7 x 11.4 x 4.7inch. It can fit up to 11 x 15inch casserole and baking dishes. Food should be kept hot or cold. The interior lining is made of food grade aluminum foil and padded with 8mm foam for great thermal resistance. The Casserole Carrier's exterior is made of Oxford fabric that is 600D water-resistant and dirt-proof, making it easy to clean. It's ideal for storing food to take to take to parties, picnics, tailgates, BBQ and cook-outs because of its large capacity, simple design and lightweight construction. It is convenient to use because of the wide opening and zip up. Two carry handles with padded velcro are easy to use. The large exterior pocket is great for holding knives, forks, spoons, condiments and napkin, keeping them close to hand.

Brand: Luncia

👤You don't realize you need this until you have it. We were having lunch with a family member who had an oven that was broken. I wrapped the green beans in towels and put them in a container of water. The items were still warm two and a half hours later, and we had lunch. This seems to work well for warm foods. I will most likely use it to keep heat in, even though I haven't tried it on cold food. It has two large compartments. It's easy to fit the pan and container. Grey is very nice. I recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Let me know what you think!

👤I am not happy with this product. I received it a few weeks ago. There was a plastic fork and Tupperware dish in the mesh bag that I opened, and it said HEB on it. I thought to myself that maybe they were showing what it could hold. I took out the bag that was molded inside, but I noticed it was different. I realized it was someone else's dirty Tupperware dish. I realized I got a used product when I saw it. I am very grossed out right now.

👤After a year of not seeing a close friend who lives over an hour away and is disabled by a stroke, I decided to make a big lasagna for our lunch instead of going to a restaurant. I baked the lasagna and then baked some bread sticks. The suggestion was to line the carrier with a kitchen towel and keep the inside of the case free of stains. I put the bread sticks in the case and wrapped them in foil and kitchen towels and put it under the carrier so I could start my journey. The lunch was great. The bread sticks as well as the lasagna was very hot. I am so happy I made this purchase.

👤I got this one because the strap went all the way down the case. There is a strsp on the place where the zippers are. I was worried that the weight of the dishes would damage the teeth on the zippers. It would happen when you have a dish in that container. The straps are supporting the item. It's much better. The wife likes this.

👤This is a carrier that I love. It is roomy and does what it says. I can fit 2 casserole dishes with room to spare because my church has a lot of them. The pocket is great for storing napkins, serving spoons, etc. A great purchase!

👤I got a casserole carrier for a school event. The colors are portable and bright. After heating the food for lunch, it kept warm for a long time. I received a lot of praise for my carrier.

👤It was difficult to get my dish in. I had to use a smaller one. It was easy to carry and kept my casserole hot.

👤I decided to give it a try after I realized my casserole dish was going to be too large. You can see that the dish is snug but it still zips up easily. Both dishes fit in the third picture and are zip up. The bag could carry the cast irons easily. I love this bag!

8. Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

We are confident that you will enjoy their 12V food warmer, because all their product goes through rigorous inspection and testing. If their product isn't up to your standards, they will replace it for you or give you your money back. The mini portable oven is portable. The Alfredx mini personal portable oven can heat leftovers and cook raw food. The portable microwave can heat most foods in about 1-2 hours, but you can take it anywhere. The reheat food oven is portable and lightweight, it can be large up to 11 feet by 9.1 feet. 1.5 hours for meals. Other companies have similar products. Car drivers can eat home cooked meals on the go. No need to worry about food burning or being blurry. It will cycle if the temperature is between 140 and 230. You don't have to worry about the temperature or time settings. This is a slow cooker, so it isn't over cooked. If you could cook a meal without setting a timer, adjusting the temperature or stirring food, how much time would you save? The Alfredx fast oven eliminates time constraints from your meal. Put this personal slow cooker in your backpack and you will not even feel its weight, it can be taken through railway, airport and metro security. A great choice for truck driver, railway worker, flight attendant, office worker, patrolman, nurse and more.

Brand: Alfredx

👤I bought this for use in the car to keep my mother's food hot when I took her out for drives. I can't take mom out for drives because of covid 19. We eat lunch at state parks or metro parks. Mom complains if her food is not hot, and this has been excellent, almost too good, at keeping her food hot until we get to our destination. The model I chose was larger than most of the other bags. It is possible to fit two plastic square carry out containers that are 8 in square cake pan size. The container is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches high. For a total of 6. It is nice to have my lunch in the bag. It seems safe with foil or paper wrapped food and with cardboard or plastic food containers, but do not use stinging agents! The styrofoam is melted by the heating element. My bag now smells of mom's food. If you have a Styrofoam melt down, the bag cleans up easily. I put the plastic 8x8 carry out containers in the lunchbox upside down to create an air pocket between the heating pad and the styrofoam carry out containers. Mom's food stays hot and does not melt, so no room for my food that way. I am happy with this bag. If it weren't for covid, I wouldn't have bought one. It would be great for work or for taking a hot dish to a family member.

👤I bought this bag because I can't use the microwave on my electric plant-based diet. I use it to heat up my food. I put my food container in the fridge and plug it in when I eat lunch at 1pm. I have to blow on my food at 1pm to cool it off. It works well at family gatherings. I don't have a way to heat my food so I can go places and not starve. Great product.

👤Update again. They contacted me after I sent them an email. They were great and I received a replacement. Very happy with the seller! Almost all of the sellers I purchase from on Amazon don't respond to my issues at all. An update:! I had it for about 3 months and it melted when it got hot. I don't know why. I tried to contact the seller, but he is still not responding. I am not sure if I would recommend this item. A small home cooked meal can be cooked in 1 hour. It is awesome. I love it when I am truck driving. The bottom material seems to be ripping from the heat after about 10 uses.

👤This bag is everything. I usually put the bag in the HR before my lunch because I deliver packages for a living. The food is hot. Take the lid off of your food. I love this bag because it keeps me eating healthy.

👤I love this product. It worked well. It has been 4 months since I bought. When I used it last week, my food wasluke warm after being plugged in for 1.5 hour or so. I thought I plugged it in too early. I plugged in an hour and a half early. There was a red light on. The sides and bottom of the warmer were warm to the touch. I thought it was working. Another hour has passed. I opened the bag and found my food still cold and the bottom warmer warm. I have been using the same container since I bought it. It was never a problem. I really liked this product.

9. Portable Personal Adjustable Detachable Shoulder

Portable Personal Adjustable Detachable Shoulder

The large exterior pocket is great for holding knives, forks, spoons, condiments and napkin, keeping them close to hand. No timer, no settings, plug-n-play is what the portable oven is upgraded to. Extra space for phone keys, and small items, is provided by the two side pockets. The soft carry handle and comfortable shoulder strap make carrying this Lunch cooler easy. You will be able to open and close the bag. Poly canvas material construction is built to last. The insulation lining is made of aluminum. The film is heating differently from the market, and it has superb PE foam. The portable oven fit is shown in pictures for the size. The over size package is compatible with most containers. Black and Blue are available. The Mini Oven can cook the food and also cook the leftovers. The portable microwave oven warms most meals in about 3 hours, it's a slow cooker and there's no dial or timer. You can be a busy mom, a truck driver, a business traveler, or an off-site work crew. Take one and you will love this portable oven. If you have a question about the product, please contact them with an e-mail and they will give you a 3 months guarantee.

Brand: Talc

👤It does not come with an A/C power plug, despite what is shown in the pictures and description. The cigarette lighter plug attachment is what it comes with. My rating will remain 1 star until they send me an A/C accessory or remove the description from the product. I don't tolerate deceptive marketing.

👤My husband is a truck driver and I bought this item for him. I found him this product because he was tired of sandwiches. He's been using it for a week now and it warms up the food as if it was coming out of the microwave. The first two times he plugged it, it took a while for the food to come out. He has been using a plastic container and Pyrex.

👤It was the best product I have purchased in a long time. The food was hot enough to blow on it. Lighter foods should be warm up for 2 hours. When warming up food, use glass ware. After a month and a half, it stopped working. I really wanted to like this product and I did, but not work after a month and a half. Before anyone says anything, I checked the connections. It was always in my trucks floorboard, I could understand if it was where I had it. I am the only one in the truck and it is clean.

👤A dirty used one was received. It's just insane.

👤A friend of ours is a police officer and spends a lot of time in his car. He's able to enjoy a hot meal late in the night when he's on his shifts because of this. He loves it and says it's the best gift he's ever received. I'm going to get one next. Very impressed!

👤I bought this for my husband, who does not have access to a microwave at work, because he works in concrete construction. He likes it. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a few disposable pans that fit in the bag and he just plugs it in and warms his food before he eats. He loves it.

👤Each of our sons is a service technician. They love them! They absolutely love it, but they have to be careful on containers to avoid melting, but it's not an issue. It's nice to have a warm lunch. Unlike a microwave, it evenly cooks food. Don't drain down since it works off the vehicle battery.

👤I don't like that it melted in my meal prep container. I have no lunch today. First time using it. Not impressed at all. The plastic on the container melted.

10. Arctic Zone 2007IL15284B Expandable Insulated

Arctic Zone 2007IL15284B Expandable Insulated

Lunch bag with warmer is included. Hot casseroles, lasagna, roasts, and baked goods can be taken straight out of the oven into the Thermal Carrier. Place your hot dish from the oven onto the trivet and use the oven mitt to hold it in the carrier. Food is kept hot or cold for hours using specially designed thermal insulation with heat reflecting Therma-Flect. The Therma-Flect interior barrier reflects heat rather than absorbing it to keep food fresh for hours. Two storage compartments are not included.

Brand: Arctic Zone

👤The review was electronically. My original review was for 3 stars, but I noted that the product arrived to me missing a piece and that I couldn't get anyone to get back to me. Someone at the mfr replaced the missing piece after reading my review. I changed my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars because of this edit, since it was the only thing wrong with it. I want to review this at 5 stars because I've used it several times and it's amazing at keeping food hot for long periods of time. I want to review it at 0 stars because I can't get anyone in customer service to get back to me about a missing piece, and maybe I should have contacted Amazon instead of trying the contact information on the product documentations. It arrived without the dish holder that allows you to take hot food out of the oven and place it inside the carrier. I left a message at the contact points on the product documentations, but nobody came back to me, even though the instructions state that you have to use that part. I used a towel instead of the missing piece, and boy. I've kept food warm for hours, once from home to a work lunch and once on a short road trip, but that missing piece and crappy customer service isn't worth it. I wouldn't buy from here again.

👤This was a great purchase for our family Thanksgiving gathering, and will be used by all of our family gatherings. I've had a single-high casserole carrier for a long time. I need something to keep the casseroles warm. After taking the dishes out of the oven and fitting them into the carrier, the table was ready for several hours. Having them double stacked helps keep two items warmer and saves counter space in a kitchen area where food prep and warming space is limited. The structure is sturdy and attractive. It's easy to carry two dishes. Before placing the lid on the casserole in the oven, I find that putting foil between the food and the casserole lid helps retain the heat for a longer period.

👤This is a great vehicle. It holds a lot of items, including my largest casserole pans. The food was nice and hot. It made transporting food and serving items to our family reunion easy. The reason for 4 stars is that the handle won't stay snapped when the carrier is full. It seems like it would be easy to fix. The odor didn't go away after a few days of airing it out. All you could smell was the food in the casserole.

👤This is the second one of these that I have owned, I moved and sold my first one, and then ordered the exact same one again because I loved it so much. It works so well. Hot foods are great for insulation.

👤The top compartment didn't have a thermal pad in the bottom to protect it from hot dishes, which left us wondering if it was missing, since I would think the top would also need protection. The top doesn't look as big as the bottom, even though it's supposed to hold two baking dishes. The handle seems to be able to carry the weight of two dishes if they broke. Time will tell. '

11. HotLogic 16801169 BLK Warming Lunch Black

HotLogic 16801169 BLK Warming Lunch Black

Put this personal slow cooker in your backpack and you will not even feel its weight, it can be taken through railway, airport and metro security. A great choice for truck driver, railway worker, flight attendant, office worker, patrolman, nurse and more. It's ideal for preparing and transporting healthy meals and warm comfort food in the office or at a party. Place your meal inside and go about your day, without having to worry about burning or drying your food. The tote contains non-perishable food items, utensils, and other accessories, all contained separately from the warming section. Up to 8 75-Inch W x 6 75-Inch L x 2 5-Inch are compatible with most flat bottom containers with sealable lids. Their make it right and customer service team that has one job to leave you completely overjoyed. Lunch bag with warmer is included.

Brand: Hot Logic

👤The last one my husband used got dirty in its insulated area and had some tears, so he got a new one. He wanted a bigger one with a shoulder strap. We thought it would have a bigger insulated area since it was double the original size, but it wasn't. They added a regular bag to the insulated bag. The top area is not warm. The shoulder strap could be better with this price. I don't know how long plastic pieces will last. My husband still enjoys it.

👤I wish I could buy a car charging cable to switch out without buying a new lunch box. I wish it was bigger for glass pyrex. The casserole tote is too large and this one is small. It evens up sandwiches with the fun colors. I put it in a piece of paper that will crisp it up a bit and then I can flip it over and do the other side. It takes time, but it makes me want to make a grilled cheese sandwich when I get to the office.

👤It's the best thing for people who work on the road. I recommend this product.

👤This little warmer is so cute. It can take a long time for frozen things to thaw. It's true that you can't make rice or pasta. I made both. They were fine. I only tried a small amount of pasta and the rice was parboiled. I haven't used a pan in the last four days. I love this item.

👤I was worried that my quest for a neat little bag thing that can get hot would end in tears because I got burned by a similar thing that was a cylinder shape. This voyage has reached its destination. It made my day old chimken Mcnuggies hot enough to need to blow on after a few minutes, and restored some of their crispyness. It passed the Macnugie Test. The materials and build quality are fantastic, but I wish it had an on/off switch, it's very good for re-warming drinks, but I don't think it's necessary. I can tell by the fully colored and illustrated instructional pamphlet and leather zipper pullers that this was made with a lot of passion, so if the maker of this is reading, I hope you can take pride in knowing that this bedridden dude doesn't have to eat cold leftovers anymore.

👤When my mom was sick, my sister introduced me to it, and we spent a lot of time in the hospital with her. We brought our meals to her room and used the gizmos in her room to cook them. They work well. I had to buy another one for myself because my daughter started taking mine to school so that she could have better hot meals. I haven't had a chance to use the additional upper compartment yet. I will find it useful when I do. I work from home and my microwave is broken so I am waiting for a replacement. My Hot Logic warms up leftovers for lunch. I highly recommend.


What is the best product for food warmer bag large?

Food warmer bag large products from Aotto. In this article about food warmer bag large you can see why people choose the product. Buddew and Attican are also good brands to look for when you are finding food warmer bag large.

What are the best brands for food warmer bag large?

Aotto, Buddew and Attican are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food warmer bag large. Find the detail in this article. Bodaon, Vchiming and Luncia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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