Best Food Warmer Bag Small

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1. HotLogic 16801174 BLK Warming Lunch Black

HotLogic 16801174 BLK Warming Lunch Black

Come with a portable bag. Order from A-1UX for a worry-free experience. Customer support and lifetime warranty are provided by them. If you're tired of eating the cold lunch, click "add to cart" and order their lunch box. If the lunch box has a problem, contact them for a replacement and take advantage of their warranty. The lunch box should not be washed into the water. The cable plug needs to be dry. It's ideal for preparing healthy meals at home in the office or at parties. Evenly cooks your food without burning it or drying it. Plug your meal in and you can go about your day. The tote contains non-perishable food items, utensils, and other accessories, all contained separately from the warming section. Up to 8 75-Inch W x 6 75-Inch L x 2 5-Inch are compatible with most flat bottom containers with sealable lids. Lunch bag with warmer is included.

Brand: Hot Logic

👤I work in healthcare and see a lot of patients. I love that I can just plug this in and forget about it until lunch. I love that I don't have to leave my office to go to the break room and wait for the microwave to come on, I also love that I can use my glass storage containers which are healthier than plastic, and that this is a much safer heat source than using a microwave. I bought a wall accessory that I plug into the car accessory. It works out better because my fiancée and I travel a lot and this will allow us to keep our food warm. Win! Win!

👤The shelf life for this is about 18 months, which is my 4th or 5th Hot Logic. I've never had a problem with being sent a replacement. This is my first one with a pouch and I have found it to be great for carrying items that have nothing to do with food. It has a power-on indicator light which eliminates the chance of you getting a cold lunch because you didn't have it plugged all the way in. Don't look at other units, just buy this now and be done with it.

👤I work out of my car, and this unit makes leftovers in plastic bags hot and steamy and delicious, and I just throw the baggie and plastic fork away. This thing is great. The unit has a bowl on the heating element. I put the baggies in the bowl because I was afraid they would melt. If it happens, it will melt in the plastic bowl, not on the heating element. You will be happy if you buy this. You probably won't be sad, that's a bold statement.

👤The bag portion is nice but the top half is cheap and won't last long since I use it for work every day. It was worth the price, but I would like it to come with a few more containers. I might upgrade to nicer ones during the colder months.

👤I bought this for my son because he is a contractor. Each night he puts his dinner leftovers in a plastic container and then packs them cold. He plugs it in at 10:00 am and has a hot lunch by noon. He keeps his bread in the storage area and it is warm. I highly recommend this for anyone who works outside, on the road or traveling for pleasure. I plan to purchase one for use in our RV so we don't have to eat tasteless meals on the road.

👤I bought the larger hot logic warmer because of its size. I think I got a mini or the sizes listed are wrong. I bought a pyrex 3 piece set and it had 11 cups. " It's too large to fit. It comes with a container that is 8x6x2 and it fits well. The mini version has a size about the same as that. So... I'm not sure what's going on. The mini is the size of the standard hot logic. I have to wire it into my truck's electrical system, so I haven't used it yet. 2 stars. If I modify it to use it, it won't be returnable. I'll send a message to the seller.

2. Vchiming Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Vchiming Compartments Removable Stainless Container

Two storage compartments are not included. The material is safe and high quality. The lunch box is made of PP and 304 steel. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe with Lonchera electrica para el almuerzo. The external food warmer lunch box should not be washed. Fast heating. Plug in the cable and you're good to go for Microwave heating. The process of heating a lunch box takes a few minutes. The Lunch Box 3 is electric. The portable microwave heated lunch boxes are for adults and have a capacity of 1.5L. They stand behind their portable food warmer and will always focus on your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question about the food warmer. They are committed to your satisfaction.

Brand: Vchiming

👤I don't use microwaves at all, so when I heard that some of us had to come back N2 the office, I needed something to heat my soups, leftover casseroles, and such up, so I went to the microwave. I am heating my lunch at work. If I had a negative thing to say, it would be that the spoon that comes with it is more like a baby's feeding spoon, and that it would take a while to plug it up. I plug it up around 10:00 to make sure my lunch is nice and by 12:00 to make sure that I get my lunch. The spoon section is easy to clean. That is what I carry with me. If U R refuse to use a microwave, then this is a good second option for you. I think there are fake reviews on here, but I'm not one of them, I'm a real person and I'm not connected to this company in any way! Have a great day!

👤Adicional la bolsa térmica es fcil de transportar y protege la bandeja. Recomiendo 100%.

👤This is very difficult to clean and it is very heavy for storage once you are done using it.

👤It was nice to have a hot lunch. My husband likes it. I gave it to him for Christmas. He said it was so hot that it burnt his tongue, but he didn't mind.

👤My grandson and I love it. We used it on the train.

👤It is easy to use, cleaned and stored.

👤No compren estoy tan enojada, quieren comer comida tibia pues para eso, nico, sirve aparte tienes. He comprando directo ala basura.

👤The box was open when I got it. The plastic on the inside was ripped open as if it had been there before. There are finger smudges on the metal inside. I don't care if it works or not, I'm not going to use it because of this.

3. Electric Microwave Insulation Stainless Container

Electric Microwave Insulation Stainless Container

The MIER Double Casserole Carrier Lunch Tote has a two-year manufacturer's warranty. They are behind their products. If a product fails because of a defect in material or the quality of workmanship, they will repair or replace it for free. The materials and workmanship of their products will be free of any defects, as MIER takes pride in the quality of their products. If a problem develops, please contact them. Two in 1 design, 12V and 24V for cars and trucks, and 120V for work and home use. It's suitable for school students, company office employees and truck driver who need to carry lunch by themselves. The electric lunch box is your best choice because it is cheap and there are no microwaves around. The inner box of the container is made of food grade PP plastic and 304stainless steel and has PP plastic compartments for food safety. Environmental materials are high temperature resistant. Fashionable appearance, without odor and healthy. You can get a spoon and fork for free, not like the plastic ones. Plug in and heat. It is using constant heating to prevent overheating and save energy. The design of recycle heating in low power keeps the food warm and fresh, it will keep constant heating between 60C and 70C when plugging in, always serving you a hot meal. You don't have to worry about eating cold food anymore. You can separate the rice and vegetables on the food tray with the help of a 1.5L inner tray and a 0.45L plastic salad box. There is a small compartment on the lid. The lid has a safe clip lock on it. It is easy to separate and clean. Come with a portable bag. Order from A-1UX for a worry-free experience. Customer support and lifetime warranty are provided by them. If you're tired of eating the cold lunch, click "add to cart" and order their lunch box. If the lunch box has a problem, contact them for a replacement and take advantage of their warranty. The lunch box should not be washed into the water. The cable plug needs to be dry.

Brand: A-1ux

👤Wow. The lunch warmer is good. I've bought 3 more for my husband. The first one didn't go well. The 2nd was bought because my husband used it so much. The first two were made of plastic. This one has metal utensils and a bag. There is enough room for at least 2 bottles of water on the inside and one in the pocket. My husband manages the night crew on a large farm and he's never near a microwave so he might not be in the same truck every night or even in a truck at all. All the guys he works with have bought something like this for their lunches. I would have liked to have started with this one. I've seen other ones, but they were much higher quality.

👤I was not expecting this when I ordered the item, in reading it never said to put water before heating. It says to put water before heating. This is very bad information, we need to know what we are buying or ordering, and this is not good information. We realized that the information before was incorrect when it reached our doorsteps. This item is very bad and unacceptable.

👤The seller only asked my address after reaching out to inquire about a warranty. A new lunch box was delivered on a federal holiday. I might add some helpful information to the page after using the product. 1. I learned that other containers can be used to hold food while shopping for a new lunch box. Microwavable material can be used. Hefty makes a container that fits. 2. If you want to keep the lunch box closed, add water to cover the bottom of the liner. The water won't leak under normal conditions. I don't have access to any gorilla first. 3. Plug the lunch box into the lunch box before you press the center of the lid. The meal will be reheated. I don't want to use a community microwave. I like to have leftovers for lunch. Both are microwave no-nos. My coworkers seem to like the smell of food in this lunch box. People ask what I'm having for lunch. My lunch always tastes better than dinner. I haven't reheated spaghetti yet. It's on the list now. The food is not reheated. It's correct, even soups. I had to eat a cold lunch after I enjoyed it. It's not a long time. I didn't use it often. The portion size was too large. It should have sections.

👤This item was open. Plugs in different colors. There were mismatches of silverware. Very disappointing. I got an open box after buying a new item.

👤I was looking for a good heating lunch box for my husband. Read reviews on different websites. I was able to eat the way I did. The bag is too nice for his job, but everything inside was perfect and the way of heating it was perfect! He liked it. He said that the bad boy was good. He said it's like a mini crock pot. It was the best purchase on Amazon. He has been working for 2 months. It has a downfall. The flaps that keep it clean have lost their strength.

4. Neoprene Insulated Washable Container Lightweight

Neoprene Insulated Washable Container Lightweight

Lunch bag with warmer is included. There is a Lunch Bag. The insulated Lunch tote bag is made of high quality material which is eco-friendly. The wetsuit that is used to keep one's temperature is made of ner nese. It can keep food fresh for several hours. The measurement is 12.2*11.8*6 inches. Perfectly fits food containers, beverages, snacks, drinks, milk, fruits and so on. A good bag for packing healthy meals for work or a weekend picnic. durable and sanitary-- The lunch bag is not allowed to be washed out of its shape. It is easy to dry and never fade. There are no worries about spills or accidents in the tote anymore. When you are on the go, a sturdy and smooth secure zip up is needed to keep your lunch inside. The lunch bag is made of tear-resistant material. The handles are soft and comfortable. You will never find a better lunch box. The lunch tote bag is designed in a variety of colors. Everyone can find their favorite bags with the variety of fashionable and classic design they provide. Black dots and colored stripes are great for women. It is suitable for everyday use. Good idea for Christmas, Thansgiving, Birthday or other holiday gifts to your family, friends and the one you love. The versatile lunch bag is suitable for women, men and other people. It's ideal for work, weekend picnic, travel, beach, camping, fishing, cycling and more. It can be used as a lunch bag, meal prep bags, picnic bag, shopping bags, lunch box. Also can be used as a diaper bag. It's portable and lightweight, it only weighs 0.4 lbs. When not in use, fold flat or roll up. A tote bag is useful. Quality problems occur within one year replacement, lifetime warranty for it is their intention to offer the best customer service on Amazon. Their lunch tote bag is confident. A full refund will be issued to you if you are not completely satisfied with their product. They will reply in time with a good solution for you if you contact them.

Brand: Cilla

👤This bag is very versatile and waterproof. It has a strong zip. I know it's a lunch bag. I use it as a protective bag for my camera when I travel. I have another one that has an extra pouch on the side, so I rated it a tad lower. There were many colors to choose from.

👤My daughter chose this for her school lunch bag, she loved the print and the material, but she was so excited it had a zip, until the first hour she had it, the zip broke and fell off. It was very disappointing.

👤I can fit a container for salad, a drink, banana, sandwich, and snacks.

👤It works well as a lunch bag. It zips closed, as we lived in a rainy climate.

👤The bag looks the same as in the picture. The material feels good. The print is very cute. My old Byo brand bag is taller than the new one. I love it!

👤The size is easy to carry. It is easy to clean. I just got it, don't know about durability.

👤My food stays cold for hours when I put a small flat ice pack on. There is a lot of room for several items.

👤This tote is so cute, I could have never wanted it. The size is perfect for me to keep my lunch box cool and insulated for the whole day. The material is soft. Love it.

👤Fast shipping, good quality, and they sent a packet of cards with a thank you note. A personal touch is something I love.

5. Lille Home Insulated BPA Free Containers

Lille Home Insulated BPA Free Containers

It's all safe to store food. The Lunchbox is long and wide. A complete lunch box set includes a vacuum insulated lunch box, 2BPA-free food containers, 7oz each, a portable spoon and fork, and a lunch bag. The lunch box and food containers are made of food grade plastic. They are non-toxin, eco-friendly and can keep your food fresh for a long time. You can bring hot food, such as fried rice, soup, pasta, together with cold food, such as salad, fruit, veggies or even nuts. The set of lunch boxes will fit all your needs. You can bring it to work. The insulated bag and vacuum insulation give up to 6 full hours of warm retention. No more cold lunches. No more microwaves. The vacuum insulation keeps food warm and healthy. Convenient for you to make your own food at work or school. Wrap it with ribbons and give it to someone you love so they can enjoy home made delicacy for a healthier eating style.

Brand: Lille Home

👤My daughter brings her own lunch to school. I thought this would be a great item to keep her food warm when she brings a hot lunch. She said that her food did not stay warm. We are going to try again and see what happens. The strap is able to clip onto her backpack, which is a great size for a 3rd graders. I will have to update this again after we try again to see if it stays warm.

👤It's a great set for the price. The small containers' lid should open and close more smoothly. They are easy to get jammed. I ordered two sets for my kids, one in blue and green. I thought the first set was just a bad set of lids, but they were just like that. I'm certain my boys will do the same if I have a hard time opening and closing it. It does its job well.

👤Will not keep food warm for more than a few hours. It gets hot on the outside so the kids fruit is not what I wanted. I wanted this for my kids, but it didn't work out. I tried it a few times and it didn't leak. I bought something that works. My food is kept hot and my fruit cold. I didn't return it.

👤It was used for soup. I first did a temp test, which was when I primed the canister with hot water, then filled it with "hot" 185 temp water 6 hours later, and it was about 120- or "warm". Good enough, given the price. When I put the canister in my purse, it spits soup out at the lid, with no time to fix anything, so I put it on the lunch bag I got. As I walked, I could hear it hissing and gurgling. The bag was wet. soup was still warm! I think it would be good for low liquid items, but not soup. No release valve, so unsure how to fix it. Will try again.

👤I like this small lunch box very much. Especially the bag. The bag is small but it can hold things. The mugs are small and easy to open when I store cold food. The big mug is hard to open when I pack hot meals. My son hurt his wrist when he untwisted to open. Four male classmates helped him open it, but he couldn't get it out. The female student opened it for him. It is very embarrassing. They should have designed the snapped on style to make it easy to open. I'm not sure if I should keep it or return it to get the stack up. I could replace the mug with a snap on container from Walmart if I kept it.

👤When this first arrived, I was excited. My daughter has been back to school for three weeks and we were able to use this lunch bag, but that level of excitement tanked. The vacuum seal isn't leak proof. The first morning we used it, I tested and retested it. I put the container in two bags to hold the spills. After soaking in hot water, I realized the water had leaked inside the lid. Yuck! This has not lived up to expectations. P.S. The other two containers are too small.

6. Reusable Sandwich Bags Environmental Waterproof

Reusable Sandwich Bags Environmental Waterproof

Quality problems occur within one year replacement, lifetime warranty for it is their intention to offer the best customer service on Amazon. Their lunch tote bag is confident. A full refund will be issued to you if you are not completely satisfied with their product. They will reply in time with a good solution for you if you contact them. Choose the green way now. The bag is non-toxic. It is made of recycled materials and will last a long time. Will keep your food, snacks, and sandwich cold and fresh. The food grade was approved. It's a great way to keep food fresh. These bags will keep your food fresh and cold until you eat it. It can be used at home to store cheese, veggies, and more. It is easy to open and close and save money. You should stop using plastic bags. It's too late to save the environment. There are additional features. It's a lightweight item, it measures 8,25 x 8,5 inches. It is easy to bring at work, school or on travels. It's very easy to keep it clean and waterproof. Buy now and enjoy a hassle-free money back guarantee. If you don't like their product or have a problem with it, they will give you a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Insu-bags

👤The bag is very lightweight and you can get some incredible insulation for $2 per bag. I will bring one with me for my next backpacking trip to keep my meals warm. I put a cup of boiling water in a freezer bag, then put it in an insulated bag and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. The water was at 158 F after 15 minutes. You can put this inside a Big Sky International Insulite Pouch to get even better results. If I needed to keep a lunch warm for a few hours, I would probably go that route. The bag weighs about 500 ounces.

👤My son's food was kept warm until lunchtime. I put a heated gel pack inside of it with the food. It kept the heat inside.

👤My son likes to eat pizza. I usually wrap it in foil when I warm it in the microwave. I tried these bags because I was tired of going through foil. They work well. Some people get water in the lining, so they just hang it sideways to let the water trickle out.

👤I wanted to give my case more insulation. The inside measurement is 7 1/2 x 7 1/2. When the package is not the size of the actual item, I run into this kind of thing. That's the only explanation of the 4. They are just a sandwich bag. I give them 3 stars because they are ok.

👤We did a bike tour of Ireland where we did a lot of fishing. We were limited in what we could carry. It was difficult to get the fish back to camp. We would place the fish in the insulated bag and rinse it in the cool water. We would find ice cubes if we were going a long way, but for an hour or so they needed nothing. They were also clean and reuse.

👤People mentioned that they kept food warm. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for us. It was cold even two hours later. They are a good size for a cold sandwich. It's not good for warm lunches.

👤These are great. They won't keep food warm or cold, but they're very functional for sturdy bags to replace plastic single use sandwich bags. I've had them for a long time. I rinse them with soapy water and they've remained in good shape. It took 2 or 3 years for the ziploc to tear apart, but I used them often and feel like I got my money's worth out of them.

👤My husband's sandwiches used to be soggy from the ice pack, but that is no longer an issue. It is easy to clean. They are holding up well. Use every day.

7. Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

We are confident that you will enjoy their 12V food warmer, because all their product goes through rigorous inspection and testing. If their product isn't up to your standards, they will replace it for you or give you your money back. The mini portable oven is portable. The Alfredx mini personal portable oven can heat leftovers and cook raw food. The portable microwave can heat most foods in about 1-2 hours, but you can take it anywhere. The reheat food oven is portable and lightweight, it can be large up to 11 feet by 9.1 feet. 1.5 hours for meals. Other companies have similar products. Car drivers can eat home cooked meals on the go. No need to worry about food burning or being blurry. It will cycle if the temperature is between 140 and 230. You don't have to worry about the temperature or time settings. This is a slow cooker, so it isn't over cooked. If you could cook a meal without setting a timer, adjusting the temperature or stirring food, how much time would you save? The Alfredx fast oven eliminates time constraints from your meal. Put this personal slow cooker in your backpack and you will not even feel its weight, it can be taken through railway, airport and metro security. A great choice for truck driver, railway worker, flight attendant, office worker, patrolman, nurse and more.

Brand: Alfredx

👤I bought this for use in the car to keep my mother's food hot when I took her out for drives. I can't take mom out for drives because of covid 19. We eat lunch at state parks or metro parks. Mom complains if her food is not hot, and this has been excellent, almost too good, at keeping her food hot until we get to our destination. The model I chose was larger than most of the other bags. It is possible to fit two plastic square carry out containers that are 8 in square cake pan size. The container is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches high. For a total of 6. It is nice to have my lunch in the bag. It seems safe with foil or paper wrapped food and with cardboard or plastic food containers, but do not use stinging agents! The styrofoam is melted by the heating element. My bag now smells of mom's food. If you have a Styrofoam melt down, the bag cleans up easily. I put the plastic 8x8 carry out containers in the lunchbox upside down to create an air pocket between the heating pad and the styrofoam carry out containers. Mom's food stays hot and does not melt, so no room for my food that way. I am happy with this bag. If it weren't for covid, I wouldn't have bought one. It would be great for work or for taking a hot dish to a family member.

👤I bought this bag because I can't use the microwave on my electric plant-based diet. I use it to heat up my food. I put my food container in the fridge and plug it in when I eat lunch at 1pm. I have to blow on my food at 1pm to cool it off. It works well at family gatherings. I don't have a way to heat my food so I can go places and not starve. Great product.

👤Update again. They contacted me after I sent them an email. They were great and I received a replacement. Very happy with the seller! Almost all of the sellers I purchase from on Amazon don't respond to my issues at all. An update:! I had it for about 3 months and it melted when it got hot. I don't know why. I tried to contact the seller, but he is still not responding. I am not sure if I would recommend this item. A small home cooked meal can be cooked in 1 hour. It is awesome. I love it when I am truck driving. The bottom material seems to be ripping from the heat after about 10 uses.

👤This bag is everything. I usually put the bag in the HR before my lunch because I deliver packages for a living. The food is hot. Take the lid off of your food. I love this bag because it keeps me eating healthy.

👤I love this product. It worked well. It has been 4 months since I bought. When I used it last week, my food wasluke warm after being plugged in for 1.5 hour or so. I thought I plugged it in too early. I plugged in an hour and a half early. There was a red light on. The sides and bottom of the warmer were warm to the touch. I thought it was working. Another hour has passed. I opened the bag and found my food still cold and the bottom warmer warm. I have been using the same container since I bought it. It was never a problem. I really liked this product.

8. Electric Portable Removable Stainless Container

Electric Portable Removable Stainless Container

The Andvon portable food heater for car is the best gift for men because it allows them to enjoy warm and healthy food in a variety of places. It's the best gift. 3 in 1 electrical punch box with 12V and 24V for cars and trucks, and 110V for work and home use. The electric heating lunch box has a three-compartment design for separating your favorite foods, such as stew, lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, mac & cheese, or even leftovers, home-cooked meals, ready to go! It's suitable for students, construction workers, drivers, company office employees who want to carry lunch by themselves. Are you getting sick of eating cold lunches? Plug in and heat. It is using 40WPTC constant heating for preventing overheating, it is safer, and it is more energy-saving. The time for heating will be 30 minutes. You will be happy with how it warms the food while keeping it moist, not like warming it up in the microwave. The electric lunch box food heater is made of food grade thick PP material. The container is made of grade 304stainless steel, which is high-temperature resistant, durable, eco-friendly, and safe to use, it is easy to take out and clean. The container is dishwasher safe. Are you still worried about the soup leaking from the lunch box? This lunch box is leak-proof, keeps meals and snacks fresh, and is mess-free with the upgraded design and craft. There are unique gift ideas. This lunch box warmer has a heating lunch box, insulated lunch bag, and home-use charging cable. The Punup lunch warmer portable is a great choice if you are looking for a portable lunch box.

Brand: Punup

👤When I received the product, I was so excited to try it out. The food is a little warmer than cold after an hour and 30 minutes. Absolutely do not approve it. The picture posted is not accurate. There is a switch at the indicator. I can't find the switch. The indicator seems to be malfunctioning. There are two lights, but only one is on. I am not sure how this thing gets good reviews. I don't think a container is better than a poorly made one. I would like to add one more thing. The edge of the tray is very sharp. The cut is not horrible. It was not a small cut. The tissue was cut under the skin.

👤He comprado una y otra, y ninguna calienta en 25 minuto.

👤There was a review that said this would work without the food tray. I wanted a dual unit so that I could use it in the office and in the vehicle without the need for an inverter. The lunch box needs the food tray to be sealed. The lid is loose without it. If you want to carry it without the tray, you might drop the bottom half. It won't be wet. The photo shows the dimensions and it shows the bottom is just over 4 inches. The top, food tray, and bottom are all about 4 inches. If you want to cook a frozen pot pie, it might not fit in the big pocket for the silverware. I think I'll be using a different lunch box.

👤La verdad! An no la USA en el camin. Agregue una vianda extra y cerro!

👤I have always wanted this. It is amazing. Thank you so much! It is the best invention.

👤Some hotels don't have microwaves if there are restaurants on site. I warm my food in the middle of the night. I wanted a warmer that I could use in the car when people were stranded on I- . My other warmers aren't as good as the car charging one. I wanted to be able to use it in my car and hotel. I'm glad I tried it. I was going to save it for the winter. I didn't work. The light wouldn't come on when plugged in. I had food, but it was too cold to warm it. I sent it back. Very disappointed.

👤You can only eat so many cold lunches in the microwave where I work. It takes 45 minutes to fully heat the food. This was a good purchase for the low cost. It's very high quality.

👤No trae instructiva para el uso correcto de los alimentos.

👤Producto de buena calidad has a capacidad.

9. Portable Personal Prepared Reheating Cooking

Portable Personal Prepared Reheating Cooking

Come with a portable bag. Order from A-1UX for a worry-free experience. Customer support and lifetime warranty are provided by them. If you're tired of eating the cold lunch, click "add to cart" and order their lunch box. If the lunch box has a problem, contact them for a replacement and take advantage of their warranty. The lunch box should not be washed into the water. The cable plug needs to be dry. ThePortable Oven Personal Food Warmer can cook the raw food and also re-warm the leftovers. The portable microwave oven warms most meals in about 3 hours. You can take it anywhere. MULTI-PURPOSE: It is a mini portable oven that can be inserted into car cigarette light plugs and household sockets, so it's a good idea to have two different heating plates. Whether you are a truck driver, delivery person, business traveler, or off-site work crew. Take one and you will love this portable oven. Poly canvas material construction is built to last. The insulation lining is made of aluminum. Water Vapor can affect the safety of the power supply and the spread of food. A new fabric design and aluminum foil. The upgraded designs are 11inch x 8inch. The package can be large enough for your requirement in the most environment. Extra space is provided for phone keys in one side pocket. The soft carry handle makes carrying this lunch cooler easy. You will be able to open and close the bag. Automatic temperature control system, preserving moisture and enhancing flavor, make food safe to eat. This portable mini oven can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Terrassta

👤My husband works in construction. This is a perfect place to warm up the food at the site. There have been no complaints so far.

👤The product has not been used yet. There are no instructions. There is a small hole in the bag that the 12v cord can slip through to the outside. The only option is to modify the bag so that the plug for the 120v cord can fit through the hole. The insulated cord might be in danger of melting if the heat inside the bag weakens. It seems like they just added the extra hotplate. The last immediate issue was that the hotplates had a rigid side and a slightly padded side, not certain which side goes down. The hole for the 12v is aligned with one corner of the hot plate, so it makes sense that the rigid side would go up. Hopefully this is true for both hotplates. We never heard of this product until last week, but we're really excited to see how it works. If there is anything significant to report, we will update this review.

👤It cooks food fast. He couldn't believe it. We use thermos but not enough food or it's cold within 2 hours. If you are a truck driver that works long hours and would rather have home cooked meals to eat than fast food, this is the product for you. Once you plug in, the food will be cooked up in less than 40 minutes. You can use either glass or aluminum. I bought it for him after I found it.

👤I love it. I don't own a microwave and I don't use it. I had to pack a lunch when I went back to work after being laid off. The only way to cook my lunch was with a microwave. I died from using the microwave or going out for lunch. My wife told me that my mom has a lunch bag that she uses to heat food. I did some research and found that this was the best one for size and also comes with a car adaptor, which is great for long trips. Plug it in, the only thing you have to do is. I heat everything up in a glass dish. You need 1.5 to 2 hours to heat your food and it doesn't come with it's own container. You need a potholder because the container holding your food becomes very hot when it's done. Your food will be very hot and it will look like you just cooked it. Great purchase.

👤The warmer. My husband is always on the road for work, so I ordered this warmer for him. He was eating cold food. He can use the light port of the truck. He uses the lighter outlet in the car since most jobs are new. His co-workers are amazed at how well it works. I share the link so they can order one.

👤The item says a dual voltage, but where is the adjustment of the voltage? There is no brochure to read the instructions. Is it okay to use plastic container, cardboard or any container to warm food?

10. SYBO ZCK165BT 3 Commercial Stainless Restaurants

SYBO ZCK165BT 3 Commercial Stainless Restaurants

It is collapsible and multi-functional. The bag folds up for easy storage. It can help you store warm and cool foods when you are shopping in the supermarket, hanging on the beach, traveling outside, picnicking, camping and more. The large capacity pan of Bain Marie is included with the commercial use. Food grade 304 S/S body resists dents and maintains lustre over time. Heavy usage spigot dispensers are installed. Easy to drain off water from a per-installed tap. Changeable design. The Bain Marie base is interchangeable to suit all occasions. The three 1/3 size compartments are perfect for catered events, cafeterias, or busy concession stands. All parts are certified for commercial use. Quality and safety are certified. Use under 120 voltage. Automatic shut-off and warm function are safe to use. The indicator light illuminates when coffee is ready to serve. Buy with confidence, as they offer a 30-day return/replacement and 2 years new replacement warranty.

Brand: Sybo

👤I throw a lot of parties and BBQ for everyone. I bought one of these to keep my poppers warm for everyone to pick them up. It worked well. After everyone got their share off the grill, I put this warmer in so my friends could help themselves during the night. The food was kept warm and ready to eat all night long, and the meat was not dry. The food tastes the same five hours later as it did when it was on the grill. I bought a second one because I liked it so much that I'm going to throw a party with hot foods. My friends have a place to keep their food warm now that they have a place to keep their food warm. I was really happy with the two I bought. There were no problems at all. The main unit has water in it. Put the food in the metal container when you set the temp. That's all. It is easy to clean. The water can be thrown in the washer. Highly recommended. I am happy I have two. I might buy a third.

👤I bought two for myself and one for my daughter. It keeps the temperature of the food stable and moist. Time with your company is enjoyable. I don't have to worry about food getting spoiled, or drying up and burning under the heat. You can interchange the pans in the unit to fit one full size pan or two half pans, besides having the three 1/3 size pans that it comes with. It is easy to clean up.

👤My family is always entertaining and I bought this for them. It was a hit. Food was hot during the night. Lots of complients were taken.

👤I wish it used less power.

👤The food warmer is for use at the concession stand. It is easier to clean than our old one and it does a great job of keeping the food.

👤I usually buy cheaper ones in every category, but this is a notch higher. Pans and lids are included. If you take the cost of the pans into account, you can get a better unit for the same price.

👤It lasted about 3 months and then stopped working. The replacement lasted 2 months and I stopped working after that. I will not purchase this item again.

👤The detailing of this food warmer was really amazing. The temp controller is easy to use and the max water line is clearly marked. Next time, they would try their full size bain marie.

👤The food warmer allows time to cook and cut the meats on a busy day of cooking for a large family gathering. I was able to lift and tip water into the sink quicker than the tap option. I would say it's ideal for soups and curry. I can see a lot of use and borrow as well.

👤We used this in our food truck for pulled pork and other items. It works well. I will critique the tap, but would definitely recommend it. It has a very slow flow and is 10 times quicker to tip the water out. The extra for the tap isn't worth it.

11. Hot Bento Portable Cordless Recreation

Hot Bento Portable Cordless Recreation

The handles are easy to carry. The bag is perfect for carrying to picnic, BBQ, camping, hiking, day trip, beach, office or holiday party. Simply double press the power button to heat your meal in a few minutes. Better battery power. The ideal meal prep system for busy people. Hot Bento is portable. It's possible to take it to work, school, travel, outdoor recreation and more. HEALTHY EATING. Meal prep with healthy ingredients. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reusable so that you can reduce the use of single use plastic. After each use to reuse Hot Bento, hand wash and replenish. Save money. Pack your favorite meal and save money. There is a caution when heating small amounts of sauce or liquid inside Hot Bento. Droplets or small pools of liquid can cause difficulty in removing the top lid due to pressure imbalance. To solve this issue, simply loosen the cover when it's hot. The heating efficiency of the latches is increased by releasing them for heating. The integration food container is built directly into the device and coated with a non-stick surface to improve cleaning, safety and heating efficiency. When reheated at room temperature, hot Bento is the most effective. Hot Bento is not meant to thaw frozen foods.

Brand: Hot Bento

👤I liked the function of the one I purchased. I bought a second one 2 weeks later. Both units won't charge or hold a charge after a month. Both failed so quickly. They were quick to respond to the update and offer replacement units. When new units arrive, will update. Everything is working great after the customer service shipped units. Highly recommend the products.

👤Thank goodness for the hot Bento. $50 was spent on brand name food containers. My daughter still complains about cold food even though the container was pre-heated with boiling water. The Hot Bento was found when I started to search. It was found on Amazon and received in a few days. We put the Hot Bento in the fridge and charged it up. My daughter took it to school and had a hot meal before she hit the start button twice. Her friends were amazed that she was happy to have a hot meal. Thanks to Hot Bento for finding a solution for cold lunches.

👤Really disappointed. It only warms 15 minutes on a full charge. The charge lasts. You eat cold food if your food is not fully heated. Great idea. It needs a better battery.

👤The Hot Bento was something I was excited to receive. When I went to warm my meal, it didn't work because I loaded it with rice and veggies. Had to return it.

👤Food was barely warm after the battery died.

👤It's expensive for a bento box. It's easy to clean and cook food. It needs to be charged every time a use is made. It's difficult to open for adults and children. It is quite heavy. It might be too small for adults. The bento doesn't help the battery drain. Charge the bento before every use to make sure it works. The charge takes about 2 hours.

👤No tiene acceso a una toma eléctrica o a un cargador de auto. No funciona, no colegio, no alimentos, pero hija la lleva a su colegio. No va a funcionar jamas. La porcin es perfecta para una persona adulta. No tienes nuestro caso, pero tengan apetito mayor al promedio. Tenga suficiente batera en el momento de usarla, no hemos tenido ningn problema. Su cierre is hermético, no hay posibilidad de perdidas o escape de lquidos.


What is the best product for food warmer bag small?

Food warmer bag small products from Hot Logic. In this article about food warmer bag small you can see why people choose the product. Vchiming and A-1ux are also good brands to look for when you are finding food warmer bag small.

What are the best brands for food warmer bag small?

Hot Logic, Vchiming and A-1ux are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food warmer bag small. Find the detail in this article. Cilla, Lille Home and Insu-bags are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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