Best Food Warmers for Parties Disposable

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1. HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Black

HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Black

The Extra Large Delivery Bag is great for use with food delivery services. Hot food within arms' reach. It's ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food at home. Your food is perfectly cooked. Evenly cooks or cooks leftovers in about an hour without burning or drying out your food. It's compatible with most flat- bottom, sealable containers, including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. Accommodates containers up to 8.25” W x 8.25” L x 2.5 H. Set it and forget it - just put your meal inside, plug it in, and enjoy your meal when you are ready. No more waiting in line for food, no more eating in frozen centers, and no more having to deal with splattered food. Their triple guarantee is backed by their make it right guarantee, one-year warranty and a customer service team that has one job: to leave you utterly and completely overjoyed. The product was built to the standards of North America.

Brand: Hot Logic

👤I intended to bring raw food to the office, put it in the oven in the morning, and have it ready to eat by lunch. I decided that I would have to sear/brown any meat before putting it in the oven after testing the unit out. This unit is worth every penny. If you register your oven, the manufacturer will give you a 2-year extension to the 1-year warranty. Don't forget to register! I put the frozen rice and chicken in the oven. The food reached temperatures after three hours. The chicken looked terrible when it came out. I put it on the pan. The temperatures were measured using a meat and anIR thermometer. The temperature of the rice and chicken was raised over three hours. The countertop temperature was higher than 55F. The heating plate gets up to almost 200F, and the bottom of the glass tupperware that was on top of it reached a temperature of 162F.

👤The sides of the pouch that holds the heating element started to melt and stick together after I started using it.

👤Where have I been hiding and not noticed? We are famous for having to live on fast food and junk because we don't have a place to cook on the engines we spend our lives on. Some people cook and warm food on the motor in the engine compartment, which is a greasy mess of diesel fumes and oil, and others warm things on cab heaters that may or may not work properly, and were designed as a heating source for the air temperature, not for foods. The mini oven is portable and can be plugged into your home's outlet. It works great plugged into the 74v DC current outlet on locomotives. I think the company doesn't promote its use like this, but it works. I can heat my prepared meals in plastic portion containers. It is a great item that does not add weight to your bags. It is easy to clean and reach a safe temperature.

👤This is the best purchase I have ever made. I buy a lot of things on Amazon. My work is gross. Like gross. I work for a trash company. There is a roach problem in the kitchen. I just put this puppy in a flat bottomed container. I plug it in when I use the 3 cup pyrex ones. I have a foil wrapped breakfast and a dish for lunch. I mean a burrito. When I get hungry after my coffee, I slap the burrito in and eat it in 2 hours, then throw the tin foil away and eat the leftovers in about 3 hours. I take the whole thing home when I'm done so no bugs get in it. I can keep my food out of the actual kitchen and it's on my desk that I clean every day. It's warm when I want it, but not as warm as a microwaved effect would make it. I don't have to use our microwave that is rusty on the inside, who knows what that does. This thing works like a charm. If you drive a long time or work somewhere without easy access to a kitchen, you should get this.

2. Valgus Stainless Chafing Foldable Catering

Valgus Stainless Chafing Foldable Catering

The glass lid and spatula are dishwasher safe. The complete scrubber plate set contains 4 fuel safety holders, 2 folding frames, 2 water trays, 2 full size 8QT trays, 4 medium size food trays and a lid with handle. The handles on the rub plate make it easy to move the product. Commercial grade steel is made of food grade steel. It is rust proof and durable for long service life. The heat and cold resistant feature allows the kitchen to taste the best. The frame has a bottom tray that holds fuel for heating food. If you want to cool the food, you can put ice in the water tray. Fuel burning keeps the ice cubes cool. The legs can be folded and trays can be stacked to save space and give you the best user experience. It is easy to wash the inside and outside of a building. It's perfect for professional and home use. The party tray is a popular choice for many occasions.

Brand: Valgus

👤The water pans could be used for sterno. Afraid to use again might cause a hole in them, but will see if using a different type of sterno helps. Liquid that has been used will try a gel.

👤The set included some smaller pans. I put the pans in the bathtub with some soapy water and pulled them apart after they were soaked. Be careful with the edges. Overall, very pleased with the purchase.

👤This isn't for the Ritz, but my cooking is! People assumed the back yard BBQ was for people with special needs. These are great for large family gatherings. I love them. Clean after each event.

👤The well made, easy to clean, and much better than the cheap disposable inserts, is what it is. It's still worth it if you only use them once or twice a year.

👤These were easy to set up and store. It worked well for a small gathering.

👤We will use these over and over. I was concerned about the quality but they are just as nice as the others I looked at. I wish they sold a rack to hold the lid so that it wouldn't fall.

👤It worked well for a large group of people.

3. Biodegradable Grease Proof Microwavable Eco Friendly Restaurants

Biodegradable Grease Proof Microwavable Eco Friendly Restaurants

The NACho AveRAGE SNACK TRAY. The food trays are great for more than just food. These trays can be used to serve snacks, fries, sandwiches, desserts and more. Every meal can be made easy with disposable containers. Compost saves the earth and food. Their natural takeout boxes are made of plant fibers, which are 100% Compostable, and keep food fresh and hot. It's important to keep your car seat free of burry. Forget about flimsy boxes. Their wheat straw and sugarcane fiber boxes keep oils and moist inside. It is guaranteed for life. All of their sustainable kitchen storage supplies have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. They will make it right if you send them an email at any point. A few dirty dishes means that a microfiber box is needed to clean them. When you can microwave their carry out box, you don't have to waste a bowl or plate. The scupls are safe to heat up to 200 degrees F. There is a LID SHUT IN TRANSPORTATION. The tab and slot feature makes it easy to close these lids. Travel home knowing that your leftovers are in a food-grade box that won't accidentally pop open and spill.

Brand: Avant Grub

👤I bought these containers because my teenager kept forgetting to empty out and wash the tupperware and left them in their rooms for weeks at a time. There were science fair projects in their rooms. I love this product. It has helped them pack lunches, keep their rooms free of hazmat, and is easy to use.

👤Returned because they were too big. They were bought for a party for kids to eat cake at home. They were large enough to hold a full meal. The packaging is labeled 6 x 6 inches, but the outside dimensions are 9 x 9 inches. See the pictures. The style was too big for me and I got 2 stars.

👤These were bought as a way to give baked goods to friends and neighbors. Some of our neighbors are not the best at recycling and at least these products will biodegrade. We will take these to restaurants for the un eaten part of our meals. Styrofoam containers are used in some restaurants.

👤My daughter can safely take leftovers in these containers and throw them away. They will break down quicker than styrofoam. I was sending glass containers and they broke.

👤It's preferred to those plastic clamshells. They protect the environment at the same time. They are not used by the big chains and grocery stores. Yet. I bring them with me to the store when I remember. There is a Downside? I don't think they will do soup or sauces, they are more expensive than plastic. The cost will not kill the individual user, but it could affect profits for larger chains.

👤I like to cook and this is what I wanted to bring to my family and friends, so I put it in this nice container.

👤Our church is starting to do "carryout" dinners instead of the weekly dinners we used to have. I wanted to get away from the styrofoam. The containers are microwaveable and should break down in the trash dump.

👤I bought these for my daughter as a last resort. The children were able to eat cake. Clean environment that is sturdy and durable. Highly recommend.

👤These are not actually boxes. Not like in picture. I ordered this expecting a different kind of box.

4. Cooking Weddings Banquets Catering Resealable

Cooking Weddings Banquets Catering Resealable

The Mophorn Chafing Dish is suitable for any occasions and can hold 8 quarts. You can use it to serve food at your wedding, banquet, picnic,birthday party and keep it fresh and delicious. It is easy to clean with dish washing liquid and a soft towel. The world of food warmer cans is breaking down. Their heat cans are designed with unique features that are not found in other cooking fuel cans. Excellent choice for refill of dishes. It is easier to open and re-seal the plastic plug in LUMINAR HEAT than it is to open a screw cap. There are no straws or drips: NON DRIP: The design has a special fuel holding reservoir. If the container is turned side on or knocked over, the fuel is caught in the reservoir and not spilled. Do not Evaporate. If left uncapped, Buffet Fuel won't evaporate like alcohol based fuels. Smokeless and odorless: There are no toxic smells competing with the smell of your food when using 100% odourless fuel. Non-flammable and non-combustible: The product is non-flammable and non-explosive. There is no storage or transportation restriction. Unlike flammable gel and alcohol based fuels which must be stored in a special area, Luminar Chafing Fuel is a non-hazardous food heating fuel that can be stored in any location.

Brand: Luminar

👤The product is terrible, it takes forever to start, it can't use after 30 minutes, and it's double the price of the worst product. I wasted my money. Suppose to work for 6 hours but only work for 3 hours.

👤I looked at several stores and vendors. These are a great price. They are stated to last as stated. Food was kept nice and warm.

👤It wasn't even hot after 6 hours of burning my water. I have used storno for 25 years and though I'd give this one a try, I won't be buying anymore.

👤The price is right and it works as it should.

👤One burner can last about 6 hours.

5. Tiger Chef Stainless Chafing Cool Touch

Tiger Chef Stainless Chafing Cool Touch

The power indicator has handles. The complete concierge kit. Their complete set includes a full-size water pan, full size food pan, 3 1/3rd size food pans, dome cover, collapsible stand, and 2 fuel holders with covers. The DURABLE STAINLESS-STEEL is certified. The full-size chafer is made of quality STAINLESS steel with a mirror finish and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. It'sTILE: The chafer has a full and 3 1/3rd size food pans. The frame has hooks to hold the covers. The dishwasher is safe. The food pans, water pan and cover are dishwasher safe. The other parts should be washed with soap and water.

Brand: Tiger Chef

👤The two chafers that I bought were from the same seller. Both were fulfilled by Amazon. Both had sharp edges. When handling, be careful. The food was kept hot. It is definitely a good value. Neither came with fuel. The Bakers and Chefs Daily Chef Safe Heat worked great. One came in a box with a red strip on the bottom and the other had a cover that could slide off the water pan base. There was a ding on one of the corners of the water pan. The cover of the sterno holder had a nice ding. Most of it was straightened by hand. The sterno holder is shown in the uploaded pics. It was worse when I got it. I will return the chafer for a refund. The second chafer came in a box that did not have the red strip at the bottom, but it did have a cover that fit the water pan nicely, like a cover on a pot. The chafer was free of dents. I will keep it. I think Winware sources out dozens of factories throughout the world, each with their own slight design variations and quality standards. Which one will you receive? I need two chafers and I will order another one. I am hoping that I will get another good one.

👤We've owned the chafers for several years and they look nice. They don't stack together, so it takes up all that space. Unless you have a lot of free space, you might want to stack them. They're shipped in a thin cardboard box, which means they'll be dead by the time you get them. I told the sender that I didn't think they cared at all and blamed FedEx, so don't expect it to be presentable as a gift, or for the boxes to be re-usable. They are chewed up by the time they arrive.

👤I love the dish. We have used disposable ones before. I will upgrade one by one. The difference between this one and disposable is huge. The burner covers are easy to use. It gave us control over the amount of heat. I am very pleased with the purchase. I will buy more in the future.

👤This is a nice sized dish that is easy to use. I try to have everything set up 30 minutes before serving so that the food is nice and hot. The food doesn't get dry due to the water/steam system. I used it for a company lunch and served it to 35 employees. I had 2 1/2 pan pans that held enough mashed potatoes and stuffing for all 35 employees, and I had a single dish that held that. I'll be ordering more of these. It doesn't take up a lot of storage room when not in use.

👤The main product feature that I was looking for is not part of this design. The quality is acceptable, but there is no 1/3 TRAY FEATURE which attracted me to this purchase. I am in the same boat as you are trying to find a set. The advertised items came as described. I ordered identical items from two different vendors.

6. Tiger Chef 30 Piece Disposable Including

Tiger Chef 30 Piece Disposable Including

It is adjusted and inflexible. You can replace your serving platter if you want. With cool touch side handles, you can move your food from room to room without any hassle. The frame can hold up to two dishes. One of the safest buffet server and warmers on the market today. Everything you need to serve food off premises, from food pans to serving supplies. The box is cost-effective. The combo box includes 3 complete chafer sets, which include a chafing dish wire rack, aluminum water pans, and half-size aluminum food pans. QUALITY: Their disposable pans and plastic serving utensils are easy to use and do not bend or break easily. CONVENIENT: Their chafer pans are oven safe and come with compatible lids that allow them to be stacked and stored for advanced preparation. The disposable chafing set is easy to clean up. After family gatherings, parties, and catered events, wash tons of dishes.

Brand: Tiger Chef

👤There is danger! I can't recommend this serving set because it came with everything advertised and came on time. I put the lids on. The edges are so sharp that they will cut you before you know it. They still got me even after seeing the cuts and being careful to use a towel to open and close the lid. I picked up a pan and it cut my palm. I have cuts on my arms from carrying them from the car to the picnic area. One of the volunteers opened a pan. The worst time to have a cut on your fingers is when you are handling food. Don't be a buyer seriously.

👤Wow! What a great deal! I live overseas and these did not come with the sternos. I was looking for a product that wouldn't ship here. I received an email stating they couldn't ship this to me and then a second email stating the package was on the way. I can't wait to use them for my son's party. Thank you so much! Update... Awesome! I used these at my son's party and they were awesome. Everything was hot and didn't burn. Just watch the water level. I over filled some of my stuff.

👤The packaging is impressive to prevent damage. Excellent quality, came with lid for 1/2 pans and serving utensils. Party perfect and easy.

👤The utensils are not the quality I was hoping for. I was very happy with how this set held up during use.

👤I opened it the day of my party and tried using the utensils, but I wish I could return it. The tongs don't pick up food, the food will slip off, or just won't grab. Some of the people broke at the beginning of the party. The warmer stands are okay, but the ones at the store are better and will last longer.

👤Thank you for my order. Everything I was expecting came to my order. I can't wait to use it for my son and daughter in law baby shower. I will post another picture when they are all used.

👤It was not possible to use all of it for a banquet. What did I do with it? Absolutely nothing.

7. Avant Plastic 3 Section Serving White

Avant Plastic 3 Section Serving White

The components include disposable serving Forks, spoons, and tongs. Made in the USA, 15-inches by 10-inch divided premium plastic trays. Party snacks, Appetizers, and desserts can be served on any buffet or table. The classic style fits in with any occasion. The dishwasher safe is Stackable to save storage space. The set of 3 white divided trays is perfect for the 4-compartment and open serving trays.

Brand: Us Acrylic

👤The product was dirty. Why has this vendor not cleaned up their act after so many reviews? I like the product but this is not good business in a health conscious environment.

👤Don't buy them. I received them disgustingly dirty and they are flimsy. I should have ordered from bed bath and beyond.

👤We got used products. They have spots and leftover food.

👤The shape and size were perfect. It was nicely shaped. Three were stacked together and all broke when they fell off the counter. I'll be using them in the garage. I have been very pleased with them. There is a These are not your trays. I recommend them.

👤There was a black substance on it. They were needed for an event that day. I couldn't return what I got.

👤I've been searching for a breading station that was more reasonable than the one I found.

👤I used these for my wedding food. Some of the trays were stained and we threw them away. Others were okay. We kept. It was worth the money for a product that looked nice, was disposable, and I didn't have to worry if one of them ended up broken by the end of the night.

👤These trays turned out to be very useful because I don't like to have extra stuff in my kitchen. They can be used in many ways. I used one to make my own pizza. It worked better than using every bowl in the house. Food just slides off when you clean. I haven't tried that yet because they are so easy to just rinse off, but they say they are dishwasher safe for the top shelf.

👤I bought this item to organize my craft items. It's perfect for the job. Really strong. They all stack together. It's easy to get small items.

👤I keep this because I want them to put all the taco stuff in. The price for the quality is something else. It was overpriced for this. So you get value for your money? No way.

👤They were large. Exactly what I wanted. Got them quickly. Good price for 3. They are made of plastic.

8. Containers Disposable Insulated Microwaveable Dishwasher

Containers Disposable Insulated Microwaveable Dishwasher

No more waiting in line for food, no more eating in frozen centers, and no more having to deal with splattered food. Leakproof & Druable - advance meal food prep, diet portion control, healthy nutritious meals and to-go meals are super convenient to prepare in these durable food containers for meal prepping. The construction is hard-plastic and will not break. The leak proof lids will keep out spills and leaks in your bag or freezer. The containers cannot be placed in the oven. It is necessary to thaw frozen food before it is reheated. If there is too much oil, fat, sugar, or salt in the food, please do not use bento lunch boxes. If the heating speed is too fast, the food may be too hot. When using a 1000 watt microwave oven, use 80% of the power. Prepare and package your meals ahead of time with the Freezer Healthy Food Storage Box. The food containers with lids make sure that your prepared meals retain their flavor and color. They will break if you try to squeeze it into a narrow space. If you want to remove the cover, you need to make sure that the air pressure is balanced by a small amount of warm water. Premium Material is Reusable and Recyclable. Food-Grade PP material is used in this lunch boxes. You can reuse these containers many times. Place the portion control boxes on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. If you don't want to reuse them, you can throw them in the trash. The Take-out box bulk is 26oz and has 50 bottoms and 50 lids. It's convenient to make school meals and working meals for busy families. It's great for packaging food at your deli, kiosk, food truck, or restaurant for to-go meals. They stack neatly on top of each other, making transportation mess free and making your customers happy.

Brand: IumÉ

👤The containers are great for what they do. Contain food. They are large enough to fit into a bag and bring with them some food. Maybe my expectations were off, the size is a little smaller than I expected. I uploaded a picture of the containers next to the coke can so that you can see the relative size. They were usable after the microwave, but not sure if I would microwave the same container again.

👤The container is small but it is deep. I put the cups in the container. I wanted a good lunch and that's more than enough. I like the black container because tomato sauce makes clear colors discolored. It's about half of my meals. I'm not sure if I would trust the lid with soup. I know they are disposable, but I want to use them. I don't mind sharing leftovers with guests, but they end up in my nicer containers, so these are an inexpensive alternative. There is an update. The small size is perfect for most meals. They are well placed in the fridge and freezer. I can make many meals in advance. They have been very dirty.

👤It is nice to finally find a container that will fit my lunch bags. I can place two to three containers with no problem. I work long hours and eat two to three meals at work. I can take portions that are more than just filling up. They can be washed and used in the microwave.

👤These are similar to what you get at a takeout restaurant. They work for one time, but when you need to remove the lit, they break and tear very easily. I put the ones that did not break in the sink with intentions of cleaning them, but realized after a plate was set on top of the lid it cracked a piece of the corner off. Unless you are planning on only using them one time, don't waste your money on these.

👤I didn't need to worry about losing or throwing away the containers I used for my lunches. The lids are not leak proof. soup will leak if it flips upside down. I have used some of them. The microwave was put in the dishwasher. They have held up better than I anticipated. If these ever wear out, I will buy again.

👤These are very thin and flimsy. I don't know how these are supposed to hold anything since they were so flimsy and wobbly in my hands when I took them out of the box. The wrapper was torn open and re-taped. I don't know how that made it out of the warehouse since someone clearly knew about it and didn't bother to repackage it. I was willing to overlook that. I was willing to overlook the flimsy containers and give them a try since they would only be used for leftovers in my lunch pail. I was not trying to carry anything. I wonder if these "microwave safe" meal-prep lunch boxes are really safe for prepping lunches because there is not a universal symbol for dishwasher on it. I'm not sure how safe it is to put leftovers in to carry to work and to rewarm after a night of partying. They were sent back in the box 4 minutes later.

9. Containers Microwaveable Kraft Grease Resistant

Containers Microwaveable Kraft Grease Resistant

You can order your pantyhose today. The bag is made from natural paper stock and has integrated soy blend eco-wax. The bag is made from natural paper stock and has integrated soy blend eco-wax. The stock your home brown take out boxes are perfect for keeping your food fresh as well as refrigerating and microwaving. They are an alternative to lunch boxes. These large boxes were designed to hold greasy foods without having liquids leak through. These travel containers are large enough to hold your meals. They can also be microwaved. These containers are perfect for serving both cold and hot dishes at a party. The pack contains 50 boxes. The boxes can hold up to 30 ounces. Product dimensions are 4 3/8 Inches, 4 1/2 Inches, 4 1/2 Inches, and 3 1/2 Inches.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤I wanted to give our guests leftovers from Thanksgiving. I used some myself after I ran out of glass containers. I put tape over the top of the boxes and labeled them with a sharpie. Lots of people said how smart this was. I was concerned about the liquid being in the boxes, but was surprised to find no leaks in the box after 4 days of holding a salad with dressing. You would have never guessed that there was liquid at the bottom of the box. I will keep them on hand because I am happy with this product.

👤It's great to find something compact, disposable, and leak-proof when packing lunch. I like that I can write on the outside and inside. I put meatballs and sauce in large quantities. I was impressed. You need to be careful that they sit on their bottom, but these are great for storing, transporting, or re-thawing. There was no guilt throwing them out. Highly recommended.

👤They worked out great because they were bought for guests to take home for Thanksgiving leftovers. It can be difficult to get away from plastic, but with these you can write on them, meaning you can add the date as well. The best part about this purchase is the dual purpose, I surfed Amazon for cute stickers and they now double as holiday treat boxes!

👤I let people take leftovers after the party. These even had soup! People actually said that. Who wants to keep leftover food that people are consuming? Not me! I give it away.

👤I wanted to host a drive by party. They were perfect as they were assembled. Put your things in and close the lid. Some of them were a little bent from delivery, but most were good to go! I have a lot of extra and have been using it for things other than teacher appreciation week. If I need more, I will buy them again.

👤We bought two sizes of Craft Paper. A friend who also uses them recommended these because we are trying to use less plastic. The product is very good. The two different sizes will allow us to send food home from parties with a container that doesn't leak and seals very well. A great product from an American company.

👤Since my husband and I still have to go to work, he and I decided to take our own breakfast and lunch to work and dispose of the container so we don't bring anything back home to our children. We were only able to receive this item quicker as many stores sold out of disposable food containers, however, I am very pleased with this product. It doesn't leak because there is enough space for the right portions. Since my job requires me to be mobile, I put a piece of tape on the top to make sure. I have heated my food in the microwave and did not experience any problems. This was a plus because it was also eco-friendly. I recommend this item for those who want to save money and meal prep.

10. Stock Your Home Chafing Pan

Stock Your Home Chafing Pan

Buy with confidence, as they offer 2 years new replacement warranty. The disposable chafing kit is made of heavy-duty aluminum foil and can be used for many purposes. Catering, food buffets, large corporate events, family barbecues, weddings, parties, restaurants, takeout, delivery, and more! There are 10 9x13 foil chafing pans. The disposable chafing kit is made of heavy-duty aluminum foil and can be used for many purposes. Catering, food buffets, large corporate events, family barbecues, weddings, parties, restaurants, takeout, delivery, and more! There are 10 9x13 foil chafing pans. Catering pans have a high gauge and full curl rim. Their pans are made of aluminum, which makes them heat-sensitive, allowing you to bake in the oven. Their pans can break or rip, but you can cook heavy dishes without worry. The chafers keep food warm even after it's been served. It's perfect for hot and cold foods. Their disposable food warmers are easy to store, helping you save space. They allow you to store leftover food in the refrigerator. You can freeze meals in their rectangular pans until you are ready to cook. Their disposable chafing set makes it easier to clean up. When you are done using their pans, throw them in the trash. Their pans are disposable. Great for fast paced kitchens, busy Catering companies, large scale events like business meetings and weddings, venues like party halls and restaurants, and more! Their value pack comes with 10 half-size food pans and five full-size water pans. The full-size pan dimensions are 20 34” The top length was 78 and the top width was 17 34 10” bottom width and 3” height are included. Half-Size Pan dimensions are approximately 12 58” Top Length, 10 18” Top Width, 10” Bottom Length, and 7 38” Bottom Width.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤These pans are what you need to refill your stands. At a luncheon, I used these to keep food warm. Before placing the smaller pans in the larger ones, make sure to add the water to the large pans.

👤I have used most of them. I didn't like the fact that one of them had a hole in it. I couldn't use it. Cleaning them didn't go well. I threw them away. Not worth the money can't be cleaned for reuse.

👤It's a horrible way to ruin an event so regret not buying higher quality.

👤What they show needs to be defined. Not worth the money spent.

👤I bought these for a graduation party and they were the right size and fit. They're also durable and reuseable.

👤Very disappointed. These are not strong enough to hold rolls, popovers, or muffins. If the shipping box just grabbed them, they were not perfect.

👤I bought these to feed our local school's teachers.

11. ALPHA LIVING 70014 GRAY Stainless Complete

ALPHA LIVING 70014 GRAY Stainless Complete

There are package contents. The package includes 12 diethylene glycol chafing fuel cans with a free opener tool. Alpha living's 4 pack chafing dish allows users to keep their food warm and ready, with a top-quality frame and body. COVENIENT STRUCTURE. There are 2 fuel holders, frame, and a full-size pan tray in each dish. The product can be moved with ease with the handles on the dish. Alpha living has a strong material, a frame and handle that supports its 8 quart tray. The chafing dish is easy to clean and maintain. The ALPHA LIVING chafing dish is rust resistant and made with high quality material. The foldable frame has thicker legs to make it more effective and to make sure your food is well supported. The included components are large Trays, Legs, Lids, Small Tray, Alcohol Stoveholder, and Alcohol Stove Trays.

Brand: Alpha Living

👤Like others posted, edges are sharp and handles could look better. Four dishes for a really low price, they will do the job and last a long time. This is not the product for you if you want a perfect product with a mirror finish. If you're looking for something cheap and functional that looks better than a bunch of serving dishes on your table, these are the ones for you. If the pans are stuck together when you take them out of the box, you can separate them by hand if you put ice and water in the top one. The ice water should be poured in the next pan. You will waste time and possibly bleed if you try to separate with tools or hands.

👤I have yet to receive a product from Amazon that is as bad as this one, the item is deffective, the box was torn, and my Thanksgiving meal was ruined. I couldn't get the trays to separate from each other and there was no way to do it. There was a hole in the bottom tray. What a terrible experience. The handles were scratched.

👤The material was so sharp that it cut me when I tried to take it out of the box. The handles were removed.

👤I needed them for the 40th day of mourning. I wanted to keep the food fresh and warm, so I turned them on at 4pm. By the time we started eating the food was warm enough. I left them on because I wanted someone to have more food when the family left around 8pm. The food was hot, I mean like someone just turned the stove off, kept the food warm and fresh, and I just love it.

👤These are okay. They get the job done. Not good quality. A deep cut on my finger was caused by the sharp edges on several of the pieces. I wish I had spent more for better quality.

👤The trays were packed tightly and it took 3 people to separate them. The edges on these are so sharp that you can cut yourself if you use your bare hands. The handles of the lids were scratched. The material is very thin. Burned marks can be seen on the bottom of the trays. The fit of the lids is not perfect. These are so sharp that they are a safety hazard and probably won't be ordered again. They were able to serve their purpose.

👤It's nice. Yes. I have damage to my handle.

👤My wife and I purchase this product to serve food at our wedding reception. The product arrived on time. There were serveral scratches on the handles and tops. This was not a big deal because the tops were removed and set aside while food was being served. The tops were sore from the event. One would expect a higher quality from a product that was not cheap.

👤There were holes in the box that received the item. The items were broken and some of the dents can't be fixed. There are some missing parts. The item was not well packed. The pans were hard to separate. I cut my fingers trying to separate pans. I will not recommend. The products were returned by me.


What is the best product for food warmers for parties disposable?

Food warmers for parties disposable products from Hot Logic. In this article about food warmers for parties disposable you can see why people choose the product. Valgus and Avant Grub are also good brands to look for when you are finding food warmers for parties disposable.

What are the best brands for food warmers for parties disposable?

Hot Logic, Valgus and Avant Grub are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food warmers for parties disposable. Find the detail in this article. Luminar, Tiger Chef and Us Acrylic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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