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Xl 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse

Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse

The thickness is 3mm and the color is black. Smooth cloth surface is designed for fast movement and good control. The rubber base is heavy enough to prevent sliding or movement of the mouse pad. The anti-wrinkle frame increases lifespan and looks great.

Brand: Glorious Pc Gaming Race

👤I have a big desk with a good grip on it and a logitech G502 and ROG mouse that glide well on this mousepad and track, so dust and stains and dirt stand out real fast. The logitech G502 and ROG mouse glide better on this mousepad, but my palms and elbows feel irritated by the rough surface. I use my old extra wide ROG gears of war 4 mousepad on top of this, and just use it as a palm/elbow rest. The surface of the mousepad is rough and open, which means anything you drop on it goes into the fabric. I eat a lot in front of my setup. The ROG gears of war mousepad has a sealed smooth fabric that is stain resistant and has something printed on it, so there are no visible stains or dust. There are better mousepads out there than the one you have, but it's not perfect.

👤It's perfect for me. I play a lot of games like H1Z1, and PUBG. I like to play on 400dpi master race. I need the real estate to do that when I play so I make large gestures across my desk. The mouse pad is perfect for that. It sticks to my table. Doesn't move. It's sleek and not loud. I'm a simple man. My G502 slides very fast. I don't move around while I play because my bungee and keyboard stick to it. Highly recommend for anyone that needs the real estate to make big moves in the game.

👤This was purchased 5 months ago. I like the size. Tracking is great. My mouse glides. Having a mat that is comfortable to rest on and never runs out of space is wonderful, because I use a low sense on my mouse. I've found it frustrating that the mat shows a lot of dirt. Every strand of cat hair is visible. There's a line from the feet if I slide my keyboard on the mat. The area where I have my mouse is marked up with dirt and dirt from every day use. I tried to wash it clean with a cold wet rag, but after rubbing the fabric with the weave, it was discolored and compromised. I would like to give this a perfect review because I want to support this company making big mouse pads, but with the current design it's frustrating that the mat couldn't survive even six months of use without showing excessive wear. I'm a generally clean person and I clean my desk weekly. I've used other black mouse mats without this problem, so there's definitely a weave or fabric type that can be used to allow it to be cleaned with a wet rag. I won't be buying again.

👤The size is perfect for standard or large desks. It fit my desk nicely. It has a small amount of give. It's comfortable because you can rest your arms on it. I type and write a lot, so it's nice to rest my arms on the desk edge. Pets love resting on it. I can rest my arms or hands on the table, but I can also write on it with a pen. The pen did not punch through the paper, but there was some slight give. It is better to write on a notepad or with a harder backing, but not required. The mat is heavy and made of a lot of material. You can either put a cup on it or put a coaster on top. The mat doesn't get dirty if you put a cup directly on it. You can remove liquid from the mat. You can wash it as well. The box is heavy, if I was picky. I knew I was getting a quality mat, so it's not really a con.

2. Extended Stitched Mousepad Premium Textured Waterproof

Extended Stitched Mousepad Premium Textured Waterproof

The rubber base keeps the mouse pad in place even during the most intense gaming sessions. The X- Large mouse pad is large enough to fit your gaming mouse, full size mechanical keyboard and other desk items. A clean desk is important. You can play with the freedom to make your setup your own. A perfect gaming mouse pad for those who use a lower DPI or just like to have more room to maneuver. Many people are familiar with the problem of Frayed edges and low-quality materials. The Ktrio anti-fray mousepad is made from an advanced cloth textile that has been tested thousands of times. Stitching along the edges of the surface will keep it intact. The Ktrio extended mouse pad has a textured cloth surface on the cover that provides excellent balance between glide and control. Mouse tracking accuracy is improved by the performance-tuned surface. The rubber base is soft and dense and keeps the desk pad in place. Even though the mouse mat is imperfect, it remains flat. Don't worry about the mouse pad movement, just immerse into your work or games. A spill-proof coating makes liquids slide off the surface. Damage from spilled drinks can be prevented. It is easy to clean with a piece of wet cloth.

Brand: Ktrio

👤I originally ordered the larger model. The mouse pad was very nice and comfortable. I realized that I should have gotten the XXXL. I ordered the largest model they made. When it arrived, I gave the smaller size to a coworker so he could finish my desktop with my new XXXL Ktrio extended gaming mouse pad. There were small flaws on both sides of the pad. The wrinkling did not affect performance, but it was a bit frustrating. I was expecting the same quality surface as the first one I ordered. I received an email from Ktrio asking if the product was okay. I was not going to contact them because the performance was not affected and the lines were not too loud. I explained the situation and the service representative immediately offered to send me a new one. Small companies need all the 5 star reviews they can get, and that's why it's just an inexpensive mouse pad. I didn't think a replacement would be offered and sent out so quickly. Ktrio is standing behind their products. The new pad is just as good as the first one. I am very happy. Someone at my office will be getting a barely used, XXXL mouse pad for their computing pleasure because they told me to simply keep the faulty one. These mouse pads and this company are recommended by me.

👤I was looking for an extended mouse pad. This review has 13 reviews at the time of writing. There are many more positive reviews of mouse pads on Amazon. I decided to give this one a try because it is relatively low in price and I didn't like the branding on the pad. It was rolled up in the box after it was received. I was not sure if it would come out with any unnecessary bends, but I was pleasantly surprised that it lay flat on my desk. The mouse glides perfectly on the pad, and the keyboard is firm, as well as the mouse pad, thanks to the non-slip base. It is waterproof, and the stitching on the sides prevents it from ripping. The smell from the initial unboxing of it is expected, but it is the only downside I could think of. You can either wash it or wait for it to go away. An amazing product for a great price. If you're looking for an extended mouse pad, look no further, and consider buying this one. You will not be disappointed.

👤The mouse pad I purchased is large enough for my shoulders and hand to rest on top of, and it's also large enough to fit in my pocket. The term "Waterproof" is a strong word and is used on the title or the name of the product. I call it "water resist", and I'm really happy with it. The H2O was cleaned using regular napkins with water soaked. * My hand is dirty. I don't recommend using tissue or napkin for cleaning. The price of the large mouse pad for my wallet, no watermark, and the water resistance of this thing is almost perfect, and I love it. I rate this 4.5 out of 5. I just rate this a 5 star since it is Greater and equal to 5.

3. Blade Hawks Extended Lighting Anti Slip

Blade Hawks Extended Lighting Anti Slip

The products draw less current than darker surfaces, which results in extended battery life. 800 x 300mm/ 31 is the large size. It is taller and wider than others. There is plenty of space for peripherals such as phones, tablets, etc., and a large mouse pad can fit any size keyboard and mouse. There are 7 static modes and 3 dynamic modes in theBlade Hawks RGB mouse pad. The power-off memory function remembers the last lighting mode you used. You can get a colorful gaming setup with the super glow fiber Chroma. The gaming mousepad is made from natural rubber and will firmly grip your desktop, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate precision in the games you are most passionate about. It comes with a texture that enhances this ability even more. The surface is smooth and waterproof. A smooth movement and extremely precise mouse control can be achieved with a Micro-textured cloth surface. Liquid droplets form on the gaming mouse pad. Will not delay your work. Plug and play: This mouse and keyboard pad is powered by the internet. One button controls light modes. Press one time to change the lighting mode, press twice to change the brightness, and hold for 3 seconds.

Brand: Bladehawks

👤I thought I would like this mouse pad. I bought it for the lights to match my keyboard. The mouse pad aspect is the best part. I don't have to share a small mousepad with my chromebook because I keep a wireless mouse close by. Being able to place your phone on a padded surface is very convenient. I am thankful for something I didn't think about. Material is easy to clean and has not had any spills so can't comment on that. I made my choice based on the reviews and will update if something happens.

👤It is quite good for the price. The ring around the pad appears to be just 4 lights, one in each corner, and the RGB lights up the whole ring. The controller works as it should, and the cable is braided, which is nice. The mouse responsiveness is very similar to Corsair or Steel Series mouse pads. I don't notice any delay that affects the game. The edge of the pad is a little rougher than usual due to the plastic strip on the LEDs. It doesn't bother me, but others may. It looks almost new after a few months of ownership. It isn't easy to clean because the controller is not replaceable. If you spill something on the mouse pads, you can just wash them. It's easy. Not the case with this one. Conclusions: If you want to add more color to your gaming rig, look no further. If you rub your finger on the plastic strip around the pad, it will be a little rough.

👤The mat is very well made and looks great on my computer. My reason for only 4 stars is that the photos are false. The mat just won't do a chasing rainbow effect. There is a "breathing" color changing but no rainbow. The mat will show one color at a time. I still recommend this product.

👤It's easy to use and hook up, it's laid flat, it provides for more mouse area, it's nice and smooth. The mouse pad was one of the additions that my son wanted for Christmas, he really likes it, so if he is happy, I'm happy.

👤If you purchase anything, you are most likely going to ask, " Does this thing look good?" The answer is yes. Any setup can see the amazing color changing strip around the perimeter of the mouse pad. I've used it with my desktop on a glass desk, and I'm currently typing this review on my laptop at my kitchen table. The mode that just cycles the colors around the mouse pad is something I like. Let's talk about the quality of the mouse pad. It feels good to touch. It allows my mouse to glide across its surface and still have enough room for my Surface Book 2 to sit on top of it. The bottom has a non-slip grip that allows you to use the mouse pad on any surface. It's flexible enough to be rolled up for easy transport, or if you're like me, you can move around your house so you can work or play wherever you want. If I had to pick something to complain about it would be easier to pick the color of the strip. You need to use a button on the left side of the mouse pad to cycle through preset colors. This is just being rude. It is not a deterrent. If you're in the mood for a well built, good looking mouse pad that you can use anywhere from casual computer activities to gaming, then this is the one for you.

4. Auhoahsil Extended Waterproof Stitched Non Slip

Auhoahsil Extended Waterproof Stitched Non Slip

The full desk mouse pad is big enough to fit your computer, laptop, keyboard and other desk items, and still leave plenty of space for your mouse to move all around. It is designed with bright and anti-fade illustration adding personality to your desktop. This mouse pad has a super fine Lycra cloth on it's cover, which will make your mice glide on its surface. Provides you with a mouse movement. It is available for mechanical, wireless and optical mice. The rubber base is soft and dense, it can prevent the mouse and keyboard from sliding and moving. It works well on all types of desks. The desk pad is flexible enough to be rolled up for easy transport, so you can work or play wherever you want. The xxl long mouse pad is individually hand crafted with high quality warkmanship so it doesn't get damaged or degrade in use. The computer mouse pad is thick and soft in the hand, which will provide comfortable support while typing, reading, writing and even sleeping. Ensuring safety, environmental, non-toxic and safe to use is possible with a ROHS certificate. It is easy to clean and waterproof, which prevents damage from spilled drinks. Liquid will form into water drops when it splashes on the surface. It's easy to clean without delay. It can be used as a desk decor mat. It's a great gift idea for friends.

Brand: Auhoahsil

👤I bought this mat because it was waterproof. I work at home and game so I need something cute that will hold up. The colors are bright and beautiful. It is large and thick. But... It is not waterproof. The cat shaped coffee stain is proof. I ran and got a towel, but it was already too late. This makes me sad. I had higher hopes for it.

👤This is not the place to look for grey and white. It's a light purple color. Very disappointed! The material is not bad. The color is off.

👤My two youngest children love this mouse pad. It's what they needed. The keyboard and mouse fit well on it. It helps keep things neat. Each girl loves their mouse pad, I purchased a shark fin photo design and a pink cheetah design. It looks great. The graphics are clear. The quality is excellent. I can tell you that these will last a long time. I'm happy. I didn't have any issues with the things I received.

👤I kept the Silent Night Sky in my cart because I wanted it more. As soon as it became available, I ordered it. The box was rolled in plastic. When I picked it up, it was strong. It was laid flat without any bumps or odors. The graphics look great in the pictures. I have a few different ones in my cart. I move my keyboard and rollerball mouse around, but this guy stays in place. It is a really cool world map and I will definitely buy it.

👤The side of the desk is perfect for this size. The material is good. I am not happy with the colors. They are dark yellow and orange and not shiny as pictured.

👤This is the sweetest mouse pad I have ever seen. I wanted it to fit my keyboard and mouse. Great product. It was not the easiest to clean and it gather dirt very easily. I washed it and let it dry. It didn't look like I had scrubbed it. I am a clean freak and I know how to clean and remove stains, but after about a month it started looking dirty and I didn't wash it again. I would recommend it, but keep in mind that it will start to look dingy over time.

👤If you're looking at it as well, you're thinking about ordering it. Don't think! Just order it. It is beautiful. The colors are just as bright and bold as you are looking at. It seems to be of good quality. I don't play. I thought it would have some padding. It doesn't give a lot of information, but it does give some comfort if you are going to purchase for writing. Just order!

👤If you have issues with your wrists, it's not right. This is very small. It can be used as a desk cover. Since my desk is beautiful, I was not intending to cover it. This is a good looking desk pad, I wanted extra support like a rubber mat or a silicone mat that would be easy on the wrists and hands while working. You would put a plastic sheet on your desk. The mouse works well. If you are on your desk for long hours, you need to buy a keyboard and mouse.

5. HyperX Fury Speed 900x420x4mm HX MPFS S XL

HyperX Fury Speed 900x420x4mm HX MPFS S XL

The rubber material base provides a heavy grip on the mouse pad and is very stable. Anti-fray stitching on the edges. The surface is dense for accurate optical tracking. The underside is natural rubber. Four sizes are suitable for most play spaces.

Brand: Hyperx

👤I ordered a wider version of the mouse pad. I returned the full size one that fit your keyboard after trying it for a week. The large square pad allows you to move it in any position you want. It has been holding up well for 6 months. The mouse pad is stuck to the table and doesn't move. If you are going from a hard pad to a mouse, dial in your mouse with the pad. Before you buy this pad, be aware of how big it is. I recommend cutting a piece of newspaper out of the mouse pads dimensions to make sure it will fit where you want it to.

👤There are some really good things and some things I don't like about this. The backing is non-slip. It can be slid around the desk, but I don't like it, I have been using the steel series and it doesn't hurt to pick it up if you want to move the mouse back. The stitching around the edges of the desk is really nice and it's a great idea, but I don't like the fact that the mouse hits the stitching when I bring it down towards the bottom of the pad. I don't think I'll ever buy a mouse pad that has stitching around the edges. I don't like the stitching on the mouse pad and it's not really that there's something wrong with it. I guess. I found a way to hang the mouse pad slightly over the edge of the desk so that when I move the mouse down towards the desk, it doesn't get the stitching anymore. I think that was an easy fix. The mouse glides over the top of the pad, it's soft to the touch, and comfortable. I got the medium and it's a pretty big size mouse pad and I think it will do the job, but I think it should have been a small. I think so.

👤When I want to use my laptop and accessories in bed, I wanted a rigid mouse pad. It's easier to keep my mouse in reach, and I know that it will work with precision, instead of trying to use a mouse on a soft bedspread. I have a spine injury that keeps me in bed more often than most people. The RGB lighting is a bonus for me because I didn't need any other features. I bought my HyperX Fury Ultra from Amazon Warehouse to see what it would cost new. The lighting is for features. The software is still in its early stages, but so far it has saved the profiles I've made, and applied them on startup. It's a nice little pop of color when I want it on, and it's also possible to individually turn off all 20 lighting zones. The bottom lights are at 100% brightness, and the 5 lights on the top facing the mouse are turned off. The HyperX Fury Ultra works well on the surface of the mouse, even though it doesn't have the ability to change the dpi. It should be easy to set the dpi for optimal performance out of the mouse and pad combination. I have a large cloth mouse pad on top of the HyperX Fury Ultra to keep my mouse from sliding around when I move, because my mouse does slide around fairly easily. Cleaning is another reason. It is easy to clean up dust, but skin oil builds up quickly. The cloth mouse pad on top helps with that because I don't want to wipe it down after every use. The rubber on the bottom stays where you put it. The cable is long and braided. This is important because it isn't replaceable at the mouse pad. There is no replacement for the cable if it breaks. The mouse pad is so thin that it doesn't bother my wrist at all, so far. I will be adding a wrist rest, though, for longer sessions of use, filling out long online forms, etc... I would not have bought it at the new price. The price I paid for it was the basis for my rating. My opinion is only my own. It suits my needs well.

6. Corsair MM350 Premium Spill Proof Gaming

Corsair MM350 Premium Spill Proof Gaming

Every person is a family, a military soldier, a student, a girlfriend, a mother, a father, a boss, a baby, a toddler, a young child, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a pregnant woman, a father, a mother, a father's boss, a The mouse pad is stain- resistant so it is easy to clean after an accident. The Micro-Weave Fabric creates a dense surface for your mouse. A huge 930mm x 400mm surface provides plenty of room for your gaming mouse, keyboard, and more. The rubber construction provides the comfort to play for hours. The anti-fray edges are made of durable stitching. The rubber base keeps the mouse pad in place even during the most intense gaming sessions.

Brand: Corsair

👤I've owned this for a year and now my gaming mouse is stuck or slows down while I use the mousepad. I can't have this because I play fast paced games. I've done some testing on my other pads and the issue seems to go away since I was worried it was my mouse. I'll be getting a new one of a different brand and hoping for the best because there are no visible signs of wear or tear on the pad. I hate the design so I took off a star. I think I smudged something on it. Is this 2005? I went into my gaming software's section for surface tuning. I tested it on a cloth surface and a hard surface. Hard surface doesn't really work, and cloth is where I had my stuttering problems. Hopefully anyone else with the same problem can fix it now that I have changed my review.

👤I absolutely adore Corsair and their line of products, I use their RAM kits, cases, keyboards, etc. My friend decided to get a headset stand. I went up on him and got a mousepad. I am glad I bought it. It is more comfortable to use and works well with my M65. I think the mousepad is a nice touch to the keyboard and mouse that I already have, not everyone is into making their desks look like barf. On a note. Maybe your cat will like it. I like to sleep on it.

👤I smelled it when I opened the box, even though it was on sale. I have owned a lot of mouse pads and this is the smelliest I have ever owned. It smells like tires. If you can tolerate the smell, I would recommend it. It does leave a rubber smell on your hands after touching it, but it seems well made. It's like a really stinky rubber scented air freshener until the smell fades. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the smell. I'll probably update my review if something changes. The smell faded as the day went on. I've been using it for six months and it's still working great.

👤I usually replace my mouse pad every year or so because the patches on it get worn out from gaming and stuff spills. I have been buying Corsairs 30 inch mousepads since I decided to get a full desk pad, and have been very satisfied with them. I replaced it in November because it was time for a new spill resistant variant, but I haven't thought about it since this morning. I spilled 10% of a full cup of vodka across my desk last night while playing my favorite hardcore game, Stardew Valley, because I was startled by the presence of a cave carrot. I did not do enough to clean the area of the spill because the rest was inside me. I came back to my desk after 10 hours to try and kill Lewis, Stardew Valley's friendly mayor, because I was so tired after sleeping too loud and moving too much. I remembered that carrots don't grow in caves when I noticed that my wrist was wet. If my wrist was wet, then the mousepad was probably wet as well. I whipped the mouse pad from the desk, spraying it all over my monitor and wall, and discovered a wide puddle of liquid in the space that my mouse pad had been. I used my shirt and pants to dry the area, and noticed something amazing. The Corsair MM350 PRO Premium Spill-Proof Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad, which had spent its whole night soaked in 40% alcohol, was dry and ready to aid my quest of revenge against the quiet valley community that murdered my grandpa, was sober as Steve Rogers. Or something. I have lost most of my sight due to the alcohol and am just guessing at the plot of the game.

7. MROCO Comfortable Mouse Non Slip Waterproof

MROCO Comfortable Mouse Non Slip Waterproof

A spill-proof coating makes liquids slide off the surface. Damage from spilled drinks can be prevented. It is easy to clean with a piece of wet cloth. The thickness of the mouse pad is 3mm and it will reduce the effects of the surface, making it ideal for any situation. Rate of facial wrinkling: Peak accuracy is provided by the performance-tuned surface. It is designed for all types of mouse. REINFORCED STEITCHED EDGES. The edges of the stitching are anti-fray. There is a stable base. The rubber base is designed to be non-slip. Any flat surface can be effectively griped by dense slip-resistant shading. SHIELDS UP: Liquids slide off the surface with a spill-proof and stain-resistant coating. It is possible to prevent damage from spilled liquid.

Brand: Mroco

👤The seller has requested a review several times and I am giving them what they asked for. The mouse pad is very nice. It has made my life better than it was before I received it. It's like no other mouse pad I've ever used can fulfill me like that black rectangle, sitting there doing nothing but making my connection to the rest of the world so complete. When I use it, my heart soars. The texture is amazing. I would buy enough to have my seamstress make me a pair of jammies if I could get it in a thinner supply. Being waterproof, they would be next to heaven. And the rubber base? The traction is the best. I hope my review is well received by MROCO.

👤I didn't have a mouse pad in the past. The Blight, the Before and the Dark days are what I call them. I try not to think of them too much. I remember the day well. This is a wonderful thing that came to me. Like the fairies of old, it was hidden on my doorstep. I went to check the mail. I wasn't sure what it was, but something in my heart began to sing as I gingerly picked it up. I cried. It was similar to when I was a child and Santa had visited us before. I laid it down on my desk and breathed in. I wanted it to be pure and pristine, so I put my mouse down. I could look at it occasionally. I put my mouse down and moved it because I knew it had a mission and would want to be the best at being a mouse pad. The screen was moving. It was wonderful to see. Somewhere, angels sang. Somewhere, angels cried. It was a moment that will stay with me forever. There is no way a mouse pad like this one will ever be. It will not be taken from me even after death. It will be buried with me. The bottom of the table is very nice. Would recommend.

👤I originally purchased a fancy steel mouse pad for aesthetic reasons, but it was so loud when used with an Apple mouse that I decided to use a cheaper one. Near silence on this pad. It's simple, smooth, and it doesn't have a logo on its top. It was simple, flat and smooth. A good purchase.

👤Over the years, I have probably had somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 mouse pads. There are many mouse pads that claim to be "The Muse Pad of Mouse Pads", including the Star Trek mouse pads, the American flag mouse pads, and the gaming mouse pads. It has a nice surface that my mouse likes. It is a big mouse pad, which is great for a long time as a gaming mouse. There is plenty of room for boss fights. It doesn't have a bad smell like some mouse pads. The surface quality is excellent. I hope this one lasts more than a year for me. It seems well made. If you want to give your mouse a new pad, I would recommend you buy it. It was actually a year and 3 months later. The pad is holding up well. The best mouse pad yet...

8. Cmhoo Professional Large Computer 35 4x15 7x0 1IN

Cmhoo Professional Large Computer 35 4x15 7x0 1IN

Smooth Surface Mousepads are made of fine mesh cloth to make sure the mouse moves smoothly. Warm tip: The big mouse pad for computers is made of natural rubber, so it will be a little smelling when it's first opened, please keep it in the air to throw the smell away before using. The large surface area allows better mouse movement. The large design makes it easier to fit a keyboard and mouse. The mouse pad is rugged and has anti-fray stitching. With optical and laser technology, you can aim with precision. The rubber material base provides a heavy grip on the mouse pad and is very stable.

Brand: Cmhoo

👤I saw this on a video and thought it would be a nice alternative to my old mouse pad. I rolled it out this morning after it arrived. I saw the word "and" spelled "adn" while I was on the phone. Hmm... I saw that there were Easter Islands when I was on another call. There is only one. I cover most of the mat with my keyboard and mouse, so I might look for other errors on my next call. I'm sure there are more that I found by happenstance. I would expect them to put a little effort into making sure it's right.

👤I saw this product on my Facebook news feed and decided to look it up on Amazon and I'm happy I did. I had a great mouse pad, but my desk has a very smooth surface, which caused my keyboard to slide around while I was typing. I had been looking for an oversided mouse pad for a while but it always seemed like they were expensive, so when I found this one on sale I pulled the trigger. I don't think the product has a distinct smell, unless you stick your nose to the rubber backing material, like my Razer mouse pad. The mouse pad has eliminated my keyboard from my desk and I no longer have to use the mouse over the edge of the mouse pad. The mouse moves just as quickly as it did with my product, and I haven't had any issues with it not working properly. If you are looking for a mouse pad that takes up a lot of space on your desk, this is the product for you. I don't think I'll ever use a traditional mouse pad again after using this one.

👤Since I use my desk as both a place to work with my laptop and a place to sew, I wanted something that covered both of them. The thickness of the printing is perfect for what I needed. Reviewers said it smelled like a tire factory when it arrived. It took about a day for it to leave. Still there, it's a little bit. If I had aired it out, it would have gone completely. I took off one star for the smell because I was sure others would be more put off, but otherwise just what I needed.

👤Cmhoo Large Mouse Pad or desk keyboard was released on 4/29/21 I received a great version of the mat, even though others had problems with it. There is a I had to put my face up to notice it because the smell was barely any. There was nothing on my desk. I can't see any issues with the materials they are described in. There is a complaint about the bottom and not sticky. It doesn't budge on my desk. I put the mat from the front desk edge parallel to the desk edge a week ago. I use this desk for 8 to 10 hours a day. I like the top texture and the image is good. There are no issues with my laser mouse. If you eat on your computer, you're going to find yourself running your hand in front of your keyboard because the texture is nice, and any salt or even tinier particles will be very noticeable. The item was 5 days early.

9. 3M Enhances Precision Wireless MP114 BSD1

3M Enhances Precision Wireless MP114 BSD1

SHIELDS UP: Liquids slide off the surface with a spill-proof and stain-resistant coating. It is possible to prevent damage from spilled liquid. The precision of optical mice is enhanced by a precise surface. The battery saving design prolongs the battery life of wireless mice. The mouse pad is in place. The products draw less current than darker surfaces, which results in extended battery life.

Brand: 3m

👤We've been using this mouse for a year. I use it with a computer. I can't figure out why the texture of the mouse pad eats away at the rubber/plastic bottom of my mouse. Everything is clean. The bottom of my mouse is in good shape. The scratcher on a lottery ticket can easily remove the black spots on the ticket. It's easy to clean, but it comes back immediately. I'm probably going to get a different mouse pad because it looks gross.

👤I threw the mouse pad away because I was angry. I destroyed it with scissors to make others feel better. The mice are on their own. Any weight or tension on a mouse cord can cause it to move backwards. It can shoot from the top to the bottom of the screen. It is a continuous struggle. It is difficult to use the PC interface with precision. Clicking causes mouse drag, so the clicks have to be repeated. The top edges of the pad make it difficult to use. The manufacturer should have tested it with people before putting it on the market. I spent my money on Amazon again. I'm using the sports section of the newspaper as a mouse surface. When I stop, the mouse stops. When it is released, it stays in place. The amount of friction was perfect. The rounded edge of the paper does not hurt my wrist.

👤Not for use with an Apple Mouse. I use two different apple mice and both have the same issue. The black strip on the bottom of the mouse sticks to the pad because of the texture on the surface. The black stick on the blobs interfered with the mouse.

👤After a few months, the mouse pad will wear out. I have had these for a little over a year now, and I can feel the spots on the mouse pads where they are slick, and there is a slight texture left to them. The areas with texture allow the optical mouse to work just fine, but the areas where you can feel the pad is slick will not let the optical sensor on the mouse read properly. With normal use, the entire center area of the pad is worn out and useless, while the edges that get little use continue to have enough texture left for the mouse to read. Within 20 minutes of using the mouse pads on the glass top desk, I can see the rotation of the pad. The backing of the pad won't hold up to the glass. 3M is a good company with good products, but this isn't one of them.

👤This is a very good product. The design and color are the reason I didn't give it 5 stars. It would get 5 stars if it came in a black color. I ordered my first one about a month ago and since then I have ordered four more because I was so pleased with the quality and performance. The mouse glides on the surface unlike any other mouse pad I have ever had and I have had a lot. It is not known if this product extends the life of your battery. The glide performance is worth every penny if it doesn't help with battery life. The size isn't too small or large. The rubber on the back of the pad prevents it from moving around on the table. The perfect pad is this one. I can easily find a weakness in any product that I am critical of. I can't find anything in this one. This product is a buy recommendation. You will be happy.

10. 0 12inch Extended Ergonomic Computers Keyboard

0 12inch Extended Ergonomic Computers Keyboard

Plug and play: This mouse and keyboard pad is powered by the internet. One button controls light modes. Press one time to change the lighting mode, press twice to change the brightness, and hold for 3 seconds. The large mouse pad gives a perfect movement space for the gaming mouse and keyboard on the desktop. Smooth Surface Mousepads-Mercerized material allows your mouse to slide smoothly and precisely along the large mousepad and provides a smooth tracking surface for your mouse. Anti-skid rubber base keeps the mouse pad from sliding. The frame of the mouse pad is large enough to prevent the top layer strip from moving away from the base. Smooth Surface Mousepads are made of fine mesh cloth to make sure the mouse moves smoothly. Warm tip: The big mouse pad for computers is made of natural rubber, so it will be a little smelling when it's first opened, please keep it in the air to throw the smell away before using.

Brand: Havit

👤This pad is better than I would have thought. When I saw this one, I was in need of a mousepad. This thing is large. I didn't think it would be as big as it was. My desk is small. In my photo, you can see that it almost covers the entire desk. The material is soft and comfortable. There are other reviews that have commented on the smell. I only noticed it when I removed the product from the packaging. I have not smelled it since. Unless you like sleeping with your face on the desk, I don't think you'll have an issue.

👤Excellent quality. I'm very happy. I would recommend it.

👤I used mine for a different purpose and I love the outcome. I used my product for a completely different purpose, but I love the quality of it. It's a cover for my side desk to protect the cheap wood finish on it. Why did I choose to go? This route? The gaming laptop in the picture is going to sit on the gaming pad at the top of the side desk. The WQHD Predator Monitor will be on the stand. I'm not using it for anything else besides that, but this will show the quality of the product and how it can be used to protect a surface. I thought it would work, so I called it an intervention.

👤I didn't read the reviews before buying this. I assumed it would be ok because it had a high rating and was very picky with the games we play. It's not close to OK. I gave it two stars because it still functions as a basic mousepad, but for any type of online competitive play it's just terrible. The top is not smooth because the rubber texture on the bottom prints through to it. The mouse has a lot of tracking issues which I think could be caused by this weird top texture. The texture that I'm talking about is not a rough embossed texture that some mousepads have that work great, it's large shapes in the shape of the rubber bottom, and the top is so thin that it doesn't completely cover over that texture. The logo printed on the mousepad is a typical screen printed logo so it feels plasticy and thick, not good if you plan on running your mouse over that corner of the pad, and if it was of decent quality it would be dye-sublimated into the fabric so that you The grip part on the bottom seems to do it's job well. If you only need a large mouse for an office or light gaming environment, it will work. If you plan on playing competitively, then you should look for something else. I would return it if it was more expensive, but I won't be taking chances with these unknown brands, and I will be looking for a replacement mousepad after writing this review. This is a very cheap product that has very little thought for it's purpose. It's a rubber grip with a piece of fabric attached to it. This product was never designed to be a mouse pad, it was simply a cheap imported anti-slip material with a thin fabric attached and a bad screen printed logo which they marketed as a mousepad.


What is the best product for food xl mousepad?

Food xl mousepad products from Glorious Pc Gaming Race. In this article about food xl mousepad you can see why people choose the product. Ktrio and Bladehawks are also good brands to look for when you are finding food xl mousepad.

What are the best brands for food xl mousepad?

Glorious Pc Gaming Race, Ktrio and Bladehawks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food xl mousepad. Find the detail in this article. Auhoahsil, Hyperx and Corsair are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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