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1. Ziploc Slider Freezer Disposable Storage

Ziploc Slider Freezer Disposable Storage

You can use the sturdy base to hold these bags and fill them with anything that might be messy. The Power Shield technology has an easy- close button that makes it easy to use. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. It was made to be recycled and reuseable. Each pack contains 34 quart freezer bags for storing fresh food items in the fridge or freezer, as well as for other household storage needs.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I have never had a problem with any of the products from Ziploc. I needed the bags to store my produce. I couldn't return them because my food needed to be frozen immediately. You couldn't open the bag if I put the zip back on. It was sealed. I didn't mind at all since everything was frozen. I should have gotten the same quality as I paid for. I will be buying them at my local stores. I never had a problem until I bought them on Amazon.

👤These are the worst bags ever. If I didn't warn everyone else, these bags would be so bad I would never write a review. The zip detaches completely from the bag. It doesn't seal the bag when it's on. When the bag closes, it doesn't open when you slide the back. I paid more for the original brand because it was the most godawful bags ever. What a joke.

👤These need to be knocked off the bags. In my video, I barely used force to open the bag. I should have included a video showing how I couldn't open the Dollar General zip bags. The area on the bag that is used to write on is very transparent. I don't think Ziploc would allow those through the testing process. I am not happy. I use these to hold my horse's daily supplements to take to the boarding barn and I have lost hundreds of dollars of expensive supplements from these bags coming apart and spilling everything on the ground when the barn staff go to put his supplements in with his feed.

👤In the last few weeks, I have used 15 of these bags. The little clip that closes and opens the seal has failed on more than half of them. It is possible to open and close the bag by pulling it apart at the seam, but that is not how the bags are supposed to work. I have been buying this brand in the stores for years and have not had this problem before, but I am not sure what is causing this other than maybe these were not properly quality checked. I will not buy these bags through this channel in the future because of the premium price paid for the feature.

👤The slide is good but it doesn't open as wide as the quart one. When the bag is full, the square bottom is closed. Will I buy them again? No.

👤I have limited mobility and have to modify everything I do. I keep things by myself in bed and this can cause disorganized when I have to get things done. This size works well for the small items I want access to. It's very easy to be sure your stuff is secured with the help of the slider, and it's also very easy to close and open with my limited dexterity.

👤The product was damaged before it was shipped, and all the other boxes were undamaged. The bags themselves were also clearly seconds with every single bag with small bumps in a 3 inch rectangle as if they had been weighted down by something with a block of nail heads sticking out. The bags' label printing was not perfect. The bags were not clean. Products which are seconds are fine if advertised as such, and if pricing reflects that, and if it doesn't affect the user experience. This was not the case with this item.

2. Ziploc Freezer Bag Gallon 250

Ziploc Freezer Bag Gallon 250

It's perfect for freezing meat, poultry, fish. It is designed to protect against freezer burn. It helps to preserve original flavor. You can use these freezer bags to organize and store food. It's great for meal prep.

Brand: Sc Johnson Professional

👤They are large. They leak when food is reheated. Over half of the freezer bags leak when they are re-warmed. I use a baking pan in the fridge to keep chicken and meat out of the fridge. I'm trying another brand.

👤I am very disappointed. I didn't start using them until 2 months after I received them. It doesn't matter if you put large or small into it, the side that rips down the most is the one you put it on.

👤These bags leak. More than half of them leak at the edge of the bag. They are next to useless for liquids. If you want a non-airtight baggie, you can use these, but that isn't what the product is supposed to be. Don't buy these again, and urge you not to either.

👤I make a lot of soups, chilis, stew, and gumbos. The quart has room to press out the air and get a good seal. My liquids don't leak and don't freezer burn as quickly as inferior bags. If you want a good size for a family meal, you can just microwave it or put it in a pot.

👤These are just bad bags. They are not the same as what I've been using for a long time. The top edge of these bags is ripped away when they reopen. I have to cut the bag open to access the contents and use another bag to transfer the rest of the contents. These bags are a complete waste of money.

👤These are better quality than the ones in supermarkets. The gauge is heavy. I was impressed. The box was supposed to be used as a dispensers. These are for industrial kitchens. Great product! Will not buy others again.

👤It looks like Amazon said they will take the old ones. I bought a large box of freezer bags and a small box of these, and it comes with a zip We get the deal of the year. I got lucky because I tore so many of the original. I don't have to drive and get stuff because I enjoy it at a great price. J.S. Virginia.

👤After my daughter was born, I got these for freezer meals. Only a few of the bags failed to stay sealed, which could have been from being stirred in the freezer and flipped through while deciding what to eat. Smaller boxes at the local grocery store are much cheaper per unit. They don't take up a lot of space. I think these are a great investment and you won't have to worry about getting a new box every month or two.

3. Ziploc Freezer Bag Gallon Count

Ziploc Freezer Bag Gallon Count

The value pack has a freezer bag. It's perfect for freezing meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables. The original flavor of food is preserved. It is designed to protect food and prevent freezer burn. Their Zip Plus Seal and Easy Open Tabs are included. It is made of plastic. There is no BPA free.

Brand: Ziploc

👤The box that holds the bags was crushed when the product arrived. The bags were wrapped with a rubber band. Doesn't make it easy to access the bags. A mess. Had time allowed, would have returned. This was the first time that it had happened and I was disappointed. The product was placed in the box without packing materials or very damaged from the beginning, because the box was fine. Disappointment!

👤How can anyone not like ZIPLOC bags? These bags are tough and can be used as a cosmetic bag since you can see through them to find what you are looking for. They are great for camping and can be used for more than you think. These are great in the garage or shop for groups of tools you want to keep together. They are great for packing snacks while traveling. I like to send leftover food home with my kids so they don't have to return my dishes. They are reliable and fast to hold. These are great for freezing the harvest from your garden.

👤Plastic bags are hard to find because there is only one hole. Most of the bags from every other brand had holes in them. I've purchased many brands from local stores, but I haven't seen a pattern in the quality that is reliable. The thicker gallon bags are sealed with a hotter machine blade, which may explain the better bags.

👤The box was damaged when it was opened. It's not safe to use the bags now. I just sprayed them and kept them because I am tired of returning things.

👤I've never been disappointed with a product from ziploc, their bags are sturdy and get the job done. I would like to switch to something more sustainable and hope they come out with more eco-friendly options, but when I needed them, they worked well. This is a good buy if the price is correct. I don't feel good about the environment.

👤This is a re- purchase for me. I like to stay in the house. They can be used to cook ahead items and vegetables. I will use them to freeze pasta. It was easy and quick. The make ahead sauce is what I want to go with. Great will be buying again.

👤I use the bags for a lot of things. The thicker plastic in the freezer bag can be washed and re-used many times. The 2 gallon size is perfect for 8X11 paper, so I seal all the small notes for my taxes each year. The larger tab opening makes it easy to open and re-seal the seal.

👤These are the bags I use for everything from freezer meals to art supplies. I love how easy it is to open and close these ones. If you need to open and close the bags frequently, having these types of ziplocs with the zip are essential for ease of use.

4. Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Freezer Safe

Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Freezer Safe

We stand behind their bag's quality. Each pack has a life-long warranty. If the bags break in your lifetime, they'll send you a replacement. There are eco-friendly bags. Their bags are made of compostable material. It's perfect for storing food in the fridge or taking snacks with you. These are good for storing fat and acid related foods. The Biodegradable Products Institute has a certificate. They work well in the refrigerator or freezer. You can find these bags in small, medium, or large. There are bio-degradable products. These products can be broken down by biological organisms without harming the environment. Many consumers are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly products. Make a difference. They provide the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. Their products are made from natural plant materials and require less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste. Make a difference. They provide the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. Their products are made from natural plant materials and require less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste.

Brand: Responsible Products

👤We bought these to support our effort to leave less of a footprint in the year 2021. With the start of our compost pile, we haven't switched back to the products we were using before. The kids have fun learning about saving the planet in these areas. Our littlest one has become our leader and even reprimanded us if he sees us putting them in the trash. Our family feels better about the small things we are doing to improve. The locking mechanism is good quality and the plastic is thick and easy to work with. It is very similar to the plastic ones. These bags are wonderful.

👤It is easy to use and seal well. I had food in one and needed to use it for ice, but it didn't leak. I have been using a couple for a week and it seems to be holding up. It's hard to find a bag that isn't stiff and takes up a lot of room when you need a bigger bag. This one is a winner for me.

👤These bags have worked well. You need them to keep some food fresh and strong.

👤This wrap sticks to whatever you are covering, it is a little thicker, and it works.

👤The bags work well, but the cling wrap makes it hard to remove from the roll. It won't cling if you try to cover it. Will return soon.

👤I thought they might be flimsy, but they are not. The zip works well. A bag is doing a good thing. Absolutely recommend.

👤The bags are green in color.

👤The bags have a nice texture. They make me feel good about reducing my plastic use.

5. Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Count

Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Count

It's perfect for keeping fresh food items in the fridge or freezer. These bags are easy to use because of the triple seal system with extended tab. The 75 bags in the pack are made of long- lasting plastic. The pop-resistant seal on the plastic storage bags helps keep the food fresh. When used as directed.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These are the worst bags I've ever purchased. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again. " I agree more. I used to buy these from the warehouse club but they are no longer needed. I have to use caution to open them. Better quality bags are available at the store. TRASH. Do it. Not. BUY.

👤Everyone uses the same bags for the same reason. I use all sizes of the bags. I have a subscription with subscribe and save which includes 3 boxes. When you pull the tabs apart, the bag will tear off the zip part of the bag. The only way to open the bags without tearing them is to watch the video, which shows the problem, but I did not tear this bag because I need to use them. I hope someone from Ziploc contacts me to send me replacements that don't have this problem and I will save a couple so they can investigate what caused this if it is a first time problem. These bags are recommended by me. I need to know if this problem continues with my next shipment. I will update this review if that is the case. If you like my review and follow me for more honest reviews, you will get helpful tips from products all across Amazon.

👤Since they were introduced, I have used them. I have always appreciated the quality of most of their products, though the bags with the zippers have always been problematic to close properly and I do not use them. I have to add their primary product to my list of things I will never buy again. I am very disappointed to discover that I can no longer depend on the quality of the products I buy. The bags are much thinner. The seal line of the bags makes it difficult to open them due to how thin they are. This is a cheap and inferior product. All in the name of GREED. Being known for quality and integrity has become so, despite the fact that plastic is a diminishing resource. I will choose one of your competitors because I am very disappointed in your company now, and I previously considered them subpar to Ziploc's premier position. I might as well pay less for low quality products if I receive them. A long time customer of Ziploc has died.

👤These are the worst bags I've ever owned. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again.

👤Zip Lock bags are used all the time, but the ones with the zip tab are used less. Zip Lock is right, but I mistakenly ordered these. The bag part of these is fine, but the new closing is AWFUL. We can't get these to close without multiple tries, so they end up in the trash. They are not open once closed. We have to throw them in the trash. They don't meet the use we were intended for. These are useless because we are able to work the tabs apart and get enough force to open them. We would give them to our grown kids, as they can work them, but they don't want them, their little ones can't work them either, so they waste too much time opening and closing bags for the children, not worth the space in their cabinet. We ordered the zip lock bags with the tab and will be giving them to the local shelter to make them work. Will have to be careful so that we don't get them again. These openings are on food packages. We have to watch what we buy in "convenient" packaging and choose brands that don't have this type of stupid closure, I want someone who is making these decisions for the rest of us to know that this is not useful. They are cheaper to make, but still not useful.

6. Hefty Slider Plastic Storage Gallon

Hefty Slider Plastic Storage Gallon

If you are dissatisfied with their product, they will provide you with solutions to ensure your satisfaction. They will work on a solution to help you if anything is wrong with your order. The pack includes 66 gallon Hefty Slider Storage bags. So you know, the clicks are closed. The patented MaxLock Track ensures your food is being kept fresh; just listen for the click of the extra-strong seal on these gallon bags. Their design makes it easy to open and close these bags with one simple motion. Sturdy gallon storage bags can be put up on your counter, table or refrigerator shelf to simplify filling and storing. They want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have a problem with their bags, you can contact them via the hotline number on the back of the package.

Brand: Hefty

👤I use these to hold my first aid supplies for my backpack and bugout bag. I was looking for a bag that was waterproof, but I didn't feel like carrying a full bag with the folding opening and buckles. I couldn't find waterproof bags that had good reviews, all the ones I found had mixed or bad reviews. I got these to help fill my Prime Pantry box and I'm happy with them. I tried to squeeze the air out before closing it, but it sucked air back in after I sealed it, so I wouldn't say they're waterproof. If you are using it as I am or if you want to use it as food, I would advise you to be careful. It's probably best to stand it upright during storage. The thickness of the plastic does not feel flimsy but it is not as sturdy as a freezer bag.

👤Your guarantee to be closed is a reason I love these zip bags. They can be used by any member of the family. My Mom was not able to keep the food fresh because she had M.S. and had to pinch them closed. The bags are strong and good for storing things in the fridge or freezer. We all like these and would buy all the different sizes. You get a good amount of bags at a good price.

👤I love these for travel and food storage. The quart and sandwich bags are handy for travel in case of leaks or wet items. My favorite way to separate meat is to label it and date it.

👤A lot of bags. You should always find a good deal on Amazon. I love shopping at the pantry. The prices are reasonable. Good products! It's a good idea to recommend easy shopping. Comes. Right to your door! Judy.

👤These bags can be used for everything. They work great for two or three days of freezing, but are not listed as a freezer bag. They are much better than the ones that you just slide your finger across, since they have an extremely tight seal. I have never had a problem with liquid liquid.

👤The zip lock type takes up a lot of space. I store loaves of bread in the top of the bag, which is easy to use, but it narrows the opening of the bag more than the zip type bag, so if you need a large opening in the top of the bag, beware.

👤The first bag out of the box wouldn't open. The bag is open. I had to transfer to a second bag. It was annoying. Solid bag that seals tight, otherwise satisfactory. And holds a lot.

👤The zip strip of the bags does not fit into the top of the bag.

7. Eco Friendly Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

Eco Friendly Biodegradable Earths Natural Alternative

The bags are extra thick and have a 7.0x7.1 inch (17.7x18.0 cm) count. Food storage bags are 100% compostable. All Earths Natural Alternative freezer bags are certified compostable by the BPI. Home composting time may vary from home to home. Earth Natural's premium bags are made from renewable vegetable starch. ENA bags are heavy-duty. They are plastic-free, non-toxic, and durable. Store in a cool and dry place if you want to avoid direct sunlight. Corn starch is used to make bags that are made from mice or other animals. It is not recommended to use the microwave oven or store liquids at high temperatures. Purchase as many as you can in 9 months. ENA's unbleached and dye-free bags are made from plant starch. They are packaged in boxes that can be recycled. ENA's food bags keep food fresh. They are great for storing meat, fish, and chicken. They are great for storing food like sandwiches, bite-size snacks, fruits, cookies, pie and quick bites. Other functions include office tools organization, toys storages, travel-sized bottles storages, etc. Ziploc is a brand of food. Earth's natural alternative. Compared to plastic bags, their products are comparable in size and strength, freezer safe, but reduce single-use plastic, decrease waste in landfills, and reduce harmful residue in the environment. Save their planet. Better for you, better for the earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤I wanted to be more responsible and ordered food storage bags. They do not keep food fresh because they are difficult to zip up. I kept a bag with things in it. I will keep looking for an alternative that works and is good for the environment.

👤You can use these bags in the freezer. The bags are plant based and compostable. I try to buy things in glass. It's sad that Snapple switched from glass to plastic. I stopped buying snapple.

👤I've been looking for bags that are less harmful to the environment but still solid, and these are it. The bag's zip is solid.

👤What a great product. It works well for freezing meat. The best thing about them is that they are compostable.

👤Get these, I love them. I'm never going to use plastic again.

👤It's nice to have a quality option. The bag is strong enough to allow mixing of ingredients.

8. Ziploc Freezer Bags Quart 75

Ziploc Freezer Bags Quart 75

The triple seal system has a double zip for maximum ease of use. It was designed to help protect from freezer burn. It's a good place to store fresh food items. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. The bags are made of plastic.

Brand: Ziploc

👤Okay. I have been a fan of ziploc for a long time. It is the best in the market. It got a 1 star review because of boxing. I ordered it as a subscribed item and the box was damaged and taped. Dust got it when I opened it. I am going to wipe it and use it, but it is too much hassle to repack it and send it back to Amazon to get a new product, so I am going to use it.

👤The new design of the freezer bags is disappointing. The old ones could be sealed with your fingers. They had to be pinched carefully all along the seal line and only then can they be put on the final seal. They are thinner than the old ones and end up with tiny holes in the bag part after just a few uses. I used to be able to clean and dry them multiple times. The store brands aren't any better now.

👤I tried to use tears at the seal when the box was open. I've used these for a long time and never had an issue. This is the first time I've ever bought something on Amazon and I don't believe it's authentic, because I've never experienced this before with any of my previous purchases.

👤I don't understand what happened here. I thought plastic bags could go wrong. The bags seemed to have a manufacturing error because the box was too small. Many of the side seams were ragged and had holes in them. I tried to report them as defects only to learn that they can't be returned. Not good. Buy somewhere else.

👤The box was damaged when it arrived, but the outer box was undamaged. It was not returnable to me. That doesn't make sense. I want the bags to arrive in a sealed box so they are safe, and I use ziplocs for storing food. I don't want to use these bags for food storage because I don't know what happened and if they are still factory clean.

👤The quart bags leak at the factory corner, but it's not the first time. I threw the box away because I couldn't get the bar code. At this point, I have no recourse. I lost a lot. Chicken stock. Yesterday was yesterday. It leaked at the corner. It was on my drainboard, not the counter or microwave. Quality control on a lot of things has the way of truth and goodness. But freezer bags?

👤I'm upset. Not with the stuff. It is a great product. This is about how this was shipped. I have bought these bags before with Amazon. The box was damaged when it was shipped. It was sent in an envelope. That doesn't make sense. Someone at Amazon should give me feedback on this.

👤I use these bags to store food in the freezer. Normally, I have no complaints, but this time the opening wouldn't stay sealed, and sometimes it wouldn't seal at all. This problem didn't occur when I purchased previous boxes. I am going to order one because I hope it was a mistake.

9. Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags Organization

Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags Organization

Food grade material The upgrade FDA food-grade & eco-friendly PEVA material, which is silicone & plastic-free, PVC-free, chloride-free,BPA-FREE, and without the danger of harmful chemicals so that you can store food and personal items safely and worry- is included in the No harmful material, do no harm to the environment, is what eco-friendly and sustainable means. The design of the item makes it more durable than other items. You can use gallon freezer bags again with the eco-friendly material. The replacement for disposable plastic storage bags is wonderful. Sealing and leak proof- The New design double-lock zip up bags are perfect for storing and preserving food. You can open and close the storage bags with the upgraded wide side and non-slip zipper design. Hand wash gallon freezer bags in cold or room temperature water is an easy way to clean and dry. It is easy to clean the inner edge with the brush that they prepare for you. Put the bags on top of the mug or cup to dry. Hot water can damage gallon storage bags. They're not dishwasher friendly and are freezer safe. If you don't like their food storage bags, please get in touch with them. They will try to help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry.

Brand: Forid

👤I haven't used a store's bags in years. The best priced gallon bags I have seen so far were the ones I got together. When I hand wash them, I put a large glass upside down and pop it over them to dry. They will take forever to dry if you don't keep them propped open. Do not put hot food in them. I made a mistake. It's best to let it cool down first. The product is great and definitely recommend. They work well in the freezer.

👤Excellent quality! It is easy to label and freeze. Shipping is quick! It is easy to clean and store.

👤The variety pack gives you lots of bags that will fit your needs for storage. I don't recommend putting hot items in these bags because it can cause the seam to split. I put chicken in one hot and ruined one bag. The quality is great. I like that they seal bags easily, which is a big selling point for me.

👤These bags are easy to clean and hold up well. I usually dry them with a towel. They are freezer safe and easy to seal. I reuse them for a couple of weeks now because I don't microwave them. They will be cheaper if they last another 6 months. I got a basket to hold all my bags since I have a lot of them. I need a basket for the fridge and freezer to make it easier to store it.

👤The bags were easy to clean, however, it soon became obvious they were difficult to clean. I tried to turn the bags inside out. I noticed cracks in the plastic and eventually the first one ripped. The smell of something I was storing in the bags made me not want to use them. The bags stopped closing quickly. It took some effort to seal them. The bags lasted about 2 months so I think that is pretty good and I probably saved some money.

👤The bags are large and strong. You can use them for the freezer as well. I'm happy with the way these bags work, they have eliminated my use of disposable bags.

👤The bags I received were shaped like freezer bags. I need them to fit in a pouch that is more narrow. They work, but some items spill out. Otherwise, these work well and I like that. I am not using single use plastic.

👤I would like to state the obvious, that I love the bags and use them for my needs. The standard for freezer bags are quart size. I don't need a lot of food. We need a rack that will keep the bags open until they are dry. I like the green nature of this product and the fact that I can reuse it.

👤The zip lock bags are convenient, but not last long. The bags are sturdy, and these are a decent price. They are mostly used for portioning snack bags of chips or veggie sticks. It's easy to clean, just wipe inside and use the little brush if there is a stick in the corners or seal.

10. FoodSaver Quart Sized Vacuum Zipper Gallon Sized

FoodSaver Quart Sized Vacuum Zipper Gallon Sized

Pack the fun with Glad Flex seal quart bags, store snacks and sandwiches, or use as a plastic bag to pack and organize items while traveling or on the go. 18 vacuum bags. The double zip up seals the seal. The bags are 12 gallon-size. The double zip up seals the seal.

Brand: Foodsaver

👤I used the rolls for a long time because I thought the bags were too expensive. I only use the bags now that I have tried them. They are easy to keep. I buy in bulk and it's easy to fill the vacuum bag with a product and then refreeze in the same bag. You have to make a bag large enough to open it and large enough to reseal it. You will love the vacuum bags.

👤Not being able to use them in a freezer is ridiculous. Why would I buy these over the regular bags that can be used for freezing food?

👤I absolutely adore these! They work well with my vacuum. Place the seal circle down in the drip area and stop them before they get to it. The seal is tight. It's not a deal breaker to get large items in, but it's a bit uneasy to do so in the fall because the zip doesn't fully open. I will eventually switch to only these.

👤These bags don't hold a seal for simple things like brown sugar, crackers or dried herbs. The failure of my frozen vegetables was explained by the fact that the manufacturer says not to use them in the freezer. Don't waste your money.

👤I like how they have the tops on. The convenience of these is nice, I converted from the big FoodSaver cut and seal/premade and seal type machine. I'm not a fan of how they handle juicy meats, but that may be due to my user error.

👤It is nice to be able to use the vacuum sealer and not have to drag out my machine when I only have one bag to seal.

11. Amazon Basics Gallon Storage Count

Amazon Basics Gallon Storage Count

There are 120 reclosable gallon bags. Each bag holds 1 gallon. A retractable top has a double zip. They invite you to try the Amazon Basics Gallon Food Storage Bags if you like the Ziploc Storage Bags. To place your next order, just say with the voice shopping enabled. Amazon Basics food storage bags should be ordered byAlexa. They are proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Seams are not worth it.

👤I bring the sammaches to work every day because my wife thought they were cheap. I didn't think they were wrong with them. Save a buck and my engine will start. I mean bucko.

👤I use these to bag up a bunch of smaller items at my thrift store. I was worried they were too thin and people could poke holes in it. These are perfect! They're not too thin and they're not thick. They're perfect and the zip doesn't come loose. This is better than the name brand. I've tried them all.

👤The gallon size they are advertised as are thin. The thick freezer bags are found in most stores. They are able to fit 120 bags in a box just a tad bigger than a box that can fit 40 freezer bags because they are so thin. We didn't have to open the box. The bags just spill out everywhere because the ends came open on their own. I gave them 3 stars because there are some uses for these bags, but be careful that this is the right product for you.

👤Not impressed. They look like cheap knock offs.

👤Very bad quality. The 150 bags I received were not good.

👤The bags were gallon size. They are reclosable. After shaking the bag with water in it, I only got a trickle of fill out. This is a great purchase. The Solimo brand is cost efficient and works like a name brand. I have a place to hide my candy. Thank you!

👤Human beings look at the negative and overlook the positive. I was impressed with the quantity of the bags and how well they held up. I didn't have to write a review of how well they were. Until the other day... The bag was split in two. I pulled one and it was the same for the next 3 bags. I felt cheated and angry. I decided to do a review about how bad these bags are. I remembered... I have had these bags for a long time, but only 4 of them are out of a box of 120. Hopefully, no more will be ripped. The bags do the job. The machine that made these wasn't perfect. It was worth the money if there were no more broken things. If there were no broken bags, I would have given 5 stars.

👤The seal on the bag is great, but it's too thin since it's the larger size. It is thinner than the store bags. I use this bag for travelling and packing on the go so I have to make sure I use it for lighter items and not put as much in as I did before.

👤I like the pink seam colour, and the price is cheap. They're thin, but they work for what I need them for.

👤The material is thinner than the zip lock brand. My batches couldn't hold any liquid.

👤It is much thinner than other branded bags.


What is the best product for food zipper bag gallon?

Food zipper bag gallon products from Ziploc. In this article about food zipper bag gallon you can see why people choose the product. Sc Johnson Professional and Responsible Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding food zipper bag gallon.

What are the best brands for food zipper bag gallon?

Ziploc, Sc Johnson Professional and Responsible Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for food zipper bag gallon. Find the detail in this article. Hefty, Earth's Natural Alternative and Forid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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