Best Weesprout Double Zipper Reusable Food Pouches

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1. Simple Modern Reusable Food Pouches

Simple Modern Reusable Food Pouches

Their US patent pending food pouches are freezer safe and made from material that is free of harmful chemicals. It is easy to fill and seal with the double zipper opening. After each use, rinse thoroughly with warm water through the bottom zipper and top spout and then run through the dishwasher. 10 total pouches come with your purchase of 5 fun designs for kids. Simple Modern is built on serving you, offering remarkable value, and giving more than 10% of profit. All products have a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Simple Modern

👤I have snacks in the fridge and bought these for lunch. We love them! We've had zero leaks because it's easy to use and clean. Other brands have cute animals on the pouches, but they were too childish to look for my kids. These patterns are great. I wish they had a smaller version as they don't fit into our boxes. I could see that the lids were lost. It hasn't happened to us yet. The fill line is there for a reason. Don't try to close it if it's over. It's not happening. Trust me. I would recommend a friend to someone on the internet who is looking for food pouches.

👤These are colorful, easy to use, and my toddler loves them, they are a better alternative to store-bought pouches. They are a little difficult to clean. They say they are dishwasher safe, but it doesn't clean very well. I recommend using bottle brushes for a better clean.

👤They leak from the bottom when I buy them for my daughters lunches. I made sure they were sealed off. I thought maybe it was just that one, but when I looked in the snack drawer, it was full of sticky liquid from the containers. I really wanted the affordable pouches to work.

👤Excellent product. It is necessary for babies in today's world. It was quick and easy. I was told to get a funnel to go with these. I don't need the funnels because I use the type of baby food I get. You can dump the jarred baby food in the Ziplock style opening if you skip the top of it. I wish I had them when my baby was younger, I am getting them now because she is almost 2 and I want her to eat her baby food from the pouch. If you want to wash the tops by hand or use a bottle cage for the dishwasher, make sure you have one. Sometimes I have to rinse the pouches a little extra to make sure they are completely clean, but they haven't bent or warped in my high temp washes. Great product.

👤My baby is getting frustrated with spoon feeding. pouches are more expensive than regular baby food. These are amazing! I love how sturdy they are, so he can't just smoosh the food everywhere like with a regular pouch, if he really tries. I love that they are dishwasher safe, but I don't care if they get clean in there. The colors are fun and my baby is very excited when he sees one. They are a good size for anyone to use. I could eat an apple on the go.

👤They save a lot of money and waste. Since they close flat, they don't hold much. If you have the pouch open all the way, it gets too full. I have to have it open by the end of the day. And then go to the line. They might hold less than the pre-filled ones. They don't stay open very well and are difficult to clean. I wash them in the dishwasher and put a peg on the top rack for sterilization. It will be difficult to get it completely clean if you don't rinse them out. The pouches seem sturdy. I've had no problems with them. They have always been closed and sealed up.

2. Kiinde Storage Starter Squeeze Reusable

Kiinde Storage Starter Squeeze Reusable

Attach your own squeeze pouch with baby food purees and snack spouts to make it easy to eat with your little one. The bags can be filled with homemade baby food or store-bought purees. 10 Twist Pouches, 2 Snack Spouts, 1 Squeeze spoon, and 1 Foodii Filler are included. The Twist Pouch bags are disposable. The components of the system are safe for use in the freezer and dishwasher. The components of the system are safe for use in the freezer and dishwasher.

Brand: Kiinde

👤I bought this because I liked the tops and wanted to use them again. The bags are disposable. It's stamped across the bag "SINGLE USE only." It defeats the purpose of trying to save money by making your own. There are baby pouches at Walmart. I paid over a dollar for each pouch that I have to throw away. The cup, the covers, and the spoon attachment are the only things in this kit that are not replaceable. I bought it on 6/4/2019.

👤We already own the Kiinde Twist system for pumping and feeding breast milk, so I was excited to see them release the Foodii system, which uses the same pouches to prepare, store, and feed pureed foods! The system is easy to use. I had some notes about the process. Before filling the pouch, label it with the date and contents. It is much harder to do once full. I can't stress this enough. You think you'll be able to tell the difference between green beans and peas once they're frozen, but forget it. Attach the pouch to the jar with as much air as possible. Carefully remove the pouch and tap it on the counter to settle the contents and remove any air bubbles before adding more food. Remove as much air as possible from the pouch. If not perfectly threaded, they have a tendency to gap. Store in the fridge or freezer. The spoon pops onto the pouch, similar to the nipples, if you've used the Kiinde bottles. It's made of flexible silicone and has a smaller opening than the spout. Babies who are just being introduced to solid foods would find this very easy. The snack spouts are portable and make a convenient package. This is a great feeding option for an older baby or toddler. Our son is able to feed himself on his own. The plastic collapses easily when fed, but they don't hold their shape like the pre-packaged snack pouches you buy in stores. If your child takes his or her mouth off the spout, air can get into the pouch. It hasn't caused a problem for our son, but it's something to be aware of. Other thoughts. The pouches are a little on the spendy side, but they are durable enough to be washed and re-used a few times. You can save a half-finished pouch if you cap it. The Twist and Foodii pouches are the same, so buy whichever you find on sale. If you freeze in batches, you may want to pull a few bags at a time into the fridge to thaw. It takes about 15 minutes to thaw a pouch of frozen food, even though we have a bottle warmer. The Kiinde bottle shells are a great addition to the system. Our son is prevented from squeezing the pouches too hard by them. The Keeper rack is great for storing food in the freezer. I wish Kiinde would offer a "premium" Foodii kit that included the storage rack and a couple of bottle shells, since not everyone who wants to use the Foodii system will already own the Twist system. The Kiinde Foodii system is a great way to make squeeze pouches of food for your baby or toddler. The starter kit is a great companion to the Kiinde Twist bottle system, but it comes with enough components to be used on their own. We love it!

3. Infantino 208 101 Squeeze Station

Infantino 208 101 Squeeze Station

The design was to make homemade purées, smoothies, fruit and veggie pouch snacks that were easy to store and serve at home and on-the-go. The Squeeze station comes with a rubber base, 3-filling tubes, 1-press, and 10-squeeze pouches for easy filling. You control what is in the pouch, simply press into bags, label and store. It is dishwasher-safe to keep elements together for space-conscious storage. Infantino is a product that is loved and used daily by parents everywhere. Infantino is a product that is loved and used daily by parents everywhere.

Brand: Infantino

👤I have had this for 2 years and am writing a review because I just busted it out to make more stuff. It's not only for baby food. I destroyed my kitchen when I received it as a gift from my mom. Don't overfill the tips and tricks. Don't pull the pusher out before you remove the tank, you'll suck all the food up into it. It will leak out of the side if you force a chunk that wasn't blended all the way into it. It's very easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to store. I love it. I use it to make yogurt pouches now that my daughter is 2. I put yogurt in a food processor with a variety of fruits, blend it, fill it with VOILA, and squeeze it. I have yogurt pouches that are good in the fridge/freezer and I don't have to buy the ones from the store. I had baby food in my freezer for over a year. The food was not good, but the pouches hold up well. It is easy to open and close, and it is easy for my daughter to eat from it. Excellent product! I have nothing bad to say about this squeeze station.

👤Is anyone else having a child who likes premade baby food pouches? Someone has a child who doesn't eat vegetables. Is there a snack that is perfect for on-the-go? This product might be for you if you answered yes to any of these questions. Why am I giving this product five stars? I have a 17 month old child who has been picky since the day we first introduced her to food. She vomited from 6-9 months if it wasn't breast milk. We have found some things that she likes, but they are mostly chicken nuggets, french toast, meatballs, yogurt, and fruit. But vegetables? Forget about it. She won't even put anything in her mouth that looks like a vegetable until our face turns blue. Man, kids. I picked up some baby food from the grocery store during my attempts to get my daughter to eat. I started with apples and sweet potatoes, but as I ventured into more obscure flavors, it seemed like my daughter would eat it no matter what the flavor was. Maybe it was the fact that she was able to feed herself on her own. It was clear that it was a winner if it was in pouch form. One of my daughter's first words was "POUCH!" Pouches became a weekly staple in our grocery store runs. I would try to buy the healthiest ones I could find, and focus on the veggies. I wanted to look for another alternative soon. Well, why? Pouches are expensive. The cheapest ones I could find were for 0.99, but the majority of them were over a dollar per pouch. This adds up. 2. My daughter would eat fruits on her own, so I tried to sneak vegetables into her diet. It was not always clear how much of the vegetable was in the pouch. Was the pouch full of apples and 2 peas? Was it really me sneaking enough vegetables in? 3. Mom guilt. It's really sad. I felt like I was failing my daughter by giving her premade pouches all the time. Shouldn't I be giving her the very best in the kitchen? The corresponding squeeze station is in these pouches.

4. Silicone Baby Freezer Clip WeeSprout

Silicone Baby Freezer Clip WeeSprout

Cut hours off baby food meal prep with the baby food freeZER TRAY. Cleaning multiple containers throughout the week is no longer possible. You can store your food in the tray or transfer it to a bag to make multiple batches. It is easy to pop food out of a tray with 100% food grade silicone. You can say goodbye to baby food with a knife. trays that crack after a few uses. It is dishwasher safe and boil-proof for quick and easy clean up. The hard plastic lid is perfect for stacking. There are messy spills in the freezer. It clips onto your tray and stays on. It won't warp in the dishwasher. It's free of the harmful substance. Each 1.5 oz section has 1 oz measurement markings. For a balanced meal, freeze full meals, smaller snacks, or mix and match portion sizes. As your child's appetite grows, increase the serving size. Sturdy support walls provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility to prevent your tray from being crushed when stacked. There was no more pureed peas in the freezer. Let them know if the freezer tray doesn't work out for you and they'll make it right. Sturdy support walls provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility to prevent your tray from being crushed when stacked. There was no more pureed peas in the freezer. Let them know if the freezer tray doesn't work out for you and they'll make it right.

Brand: Weesprout

👤I wanted to make baby food. Cleaned them and aired them out. They were used to make ice cubes. I was wondering what that disgusting taste was when we put those in the water. I thought the water filter had failed, but it was fine. The freezer tray was what it was. The ice cubes tasted weird and nobody wanted to use them anymore. I wouldn't put baby food in there now. This is disappointing. I wasted around $50 on 5 of them. I was told by another mom to boil the trays in plain water for a while. This helped with the smell and taste. If it becomes necessary, this should be mentioned by the company. Wee Sprouts sent me a package with 2 more freezer trays and a few other pieces of their baby line in order to apologize and give me a better review. I liked that they did this and wrote a letter. It seems like they care.

👤I'm not happy with these. I bought one from Amazon and the other from their website. I wanted my baby food to be safe to eat. They claim to be all Silicone but the pictures show they are not. Why are so many companies lying about their products? It's difficult to find something that is 100% Silicone. It was a let down.

👤The reason I'm sending it back is that it doesn't pass the "pinch test", which is twisting or pinching the silicone, and it turns white. This product does not use 100% food grade silicone, but instead uses plastic and silicone. I don't want my baby's food to be contaminated with chemicals, so this will be returned.

👤I reached out to the company and they were concerned about my experience, they reached out to the manufacturer and they confirmed that the dye is non-toxic and that I should not be concerned. I know what Non-Toxic means and it hardly ever means that, so I would still be very weary of the product. I am giving more stars for the customer service and care. It took a long time because they were busy. They did everything they could to make the situation right. Customer service was raised from 1 star to 4 stars. Product is still not good. They should do a 100 % dye free pure Silicon. Our children's health is not in need of these funky colors. The color is licking out, which means it is entering the food. They are looking bad after a few weeks of use. This is very upsetting. If you can't make the product right, stop using dyes. Or use natural juice for a hint of color.

👤The seller immediately sent a replacement product and a hand written note saying that they are taking every review seriously and that they are working on improving their products. This really impressed me. This shows how committed they are to making a better product. I hope they take the products off the distribution because of the weird smell that may still be present. I bought this product because I wanted to make meal prep for my baby. I wanted to try it myself after reading a few reviews about the smell. It turns out to be true. The product has a note that it has a smell. I have a spatula that I bought from Ikea and it doesn't have a smell, so I don't believe this to be true. The smell was still there even after I washed it thoroughly and dried it. I put the leftover baby food into a few slots and poured plain water in the remaining slots to see if it smelled. The ice cubes had the same smell. I don't want to take a chance because if the baby food has that smell, then I probably wouldn't be able to smell it, because the baby food smell masked the container's smell. The picture shows that it failed the pinch test. It is easy to clean and remove. I am returning the product.

5. WeeSprout Storage Containers Reusable Leakproof

WeeSprout Storage Containers Reusable Leakproof

WeeSprout baby food storage containers are made without harmful materials. They hold all types of food, from powders to liquids, including powdered formula, cereals, soups, purees, veggies, fruits, breast milk, yogurt, meat, herbs, juices, snacks, and more. WeeSprout baby food storage containers are leakproof, and are easy to use. You can reuse them for a long time. Their lids are tight for freshness. Cleanup is easy because they are dishwasher friendly. It saves time and money. You can store healthy meals for your babies, toddlers, and kids in the fridge or freezer with the WeeSprout Baby Food Storage Containers. The screw-on lids make great tasting meals even after a long time in storage. They're 100% confident that you'll love your baby food storage containers. They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied if you don't like your purchase. Each set includes something. The set of 12 WeeSprout Baby Food Storage Containers Reusable 4oz Jars with Leakproof Lids has a BONUS marker on the outside of each lid to write on. Each set includes something. The set of 12 WeeSprout Baby Food Storage Containers Reusable 4oz Jars with Leakproof Lids has a BONUS marker on the outside of each lid to write on.

Brand: Weesprout

👤I really wanted to love this product and I did but the markers that come along with these containers don't wash off well. These containers are used for storing baby food. I like that they stay out of the way. The first time I bought them, I didn't like the way the lids messed up the writing. The second set did the same thing. I would highly recommend this product to someone who is not looking to use it for baby food preparation. There is an update. The company reached out to me and offered me a refund as well as another batches for free. They have great customer service. I hope this batches works out for me.

👤I didn't order these for baby food. As I was packing my children's lunchboxes for camp, I realized I was using 3-4 disposable snack-sized bags per kid per day. That is 40 per week. This is expensive over time and not great for the environment. I decided that I am more than willing to wash containers, even if it is more work. I had small Gladware containers for salad dressings. I put them with grapes, olives, and baby carrots. Only one container came back. The camp staff assumed it was disposable because of the thin plastic. I chose these because they are not disposable. They come with a marker and smooth tops so I can put my kids names on them, which indicates that they are to be returned home. These are small and what I needed. I send my kids a lot of small things, like peanut butter with apple and stacks of cheese, because they don't eat much. I did a leak test, which is a real challenge to open up a lunch box at the end of the day to find partially eaten food. Anything with a water-like consistency will leak first, so I used tea. These did well. A few drops did leak if I shook it vigorously. I wouldn't use these for liquids like that. I have every expectation that these will be the answer to my lunchtime dilemma.

👤I bought these containers to hold my snacks at lunch and to hold different sauces for meal prep. They serve my needs well. I found that they hold 1/2 cup of food with wiggle room at the top. The lid stays on when I put sauce or dip in it. I think the cups will hold up well to regular use. The marker or labeling feature they advertise is useless, so I am giving the product 4 stars. It would be similar to taking a marker to any other container. The lable could stick, rub off, or become a blurry mess. I would look elsewhere if you were buying these containers alone. In photos, there is a container holding peanuts. There are 2 containers holding a tomato. There is a soda can for scale.

👤They are designed to hold food. It's easy to see how much 1/2, and 1/3 are in a 4oz container. The fully assembled containers do not nest neatly without falling over. These are okay, but not the best.

6. Squooshi Reusable Pouch Animal Pouches

Squooshi Reusable Pouch Animal Pouches

Food stories about fun and colorful food. The Squooshi pouch gives you the freedom to feed yourself. These animal printed pouches are perfect for saving money and natural resources. Simply fill, eat, wash, and repeat is a better alternative to disposable pouches. The material is made of durable material. Their snack bags are made with materials that are lead-free, phthalate-free, and durable. The food pouches are leak-proof. Food and liquids are kept fresh and contained. The pouch can't be opened by little hands. Refillable food pouch. The snack bags have a top spout and curved shape that makes it easy to fill them with your favorite snack food by using a spoon or pouring directly into the pouch. No accessories are needed. The design is thoughtFUL. The shape and size of the applesauce squeeze pouch was designed for all ages. Small hands can comfortably hold and squeeze from the smooth rounded curve. Their designs inspire imaginations. It is easy to clean. You can store and serve from the same container with their squeeze pouch. Their food is dishwasher safe. A wide zip ties the water to the cleaning tool. Food can get stuck if there are no corners or cracks. It is easy to clean. You can store and serve from the same container with their squeeze pouch. Their food is dishwasher safe. A wide zip ties the water to the cleaning tool. Food can get stuck if there are no corners or cracks.

Brand: Squooshi

👤We bought some of the store brand squeeze food packets for our young baby/toddler and discovered that they are wonderful for traveling and just day-to-day use. Although we still buy store-brand packets when we travel, we use the Squooshi packets most of the time to make our own when we have time and can chill it. The Squooshi has been the best brand for us, because we have used a few different brands. The reason we love the Squooshi packets more than the others is that they are so easy to clean, since we can fit our kitchen scrub brush inside it. The brush will not split the pouch and you can use it while it's in the pouch, we have done this hundreds of times. Almost every grocery store has the which you can get. Our toddler can't open the bottom of the pouch because it seals well. They are easy to fill and can be used many times. We looked at using a filling station that would allow you to fill the pouches more easily, but for us, it's simply easier and faster to spoon the food into the bottom of the pouch, and since we're not using a special device to fill it, it's not If you misplace the cap sizes, you can use the ones from the store. The bottom of the packet stays sealed strong, so we've never had a packet come undone. It can be hard to reopen to clean it, but it is better if you can. We use a juicer that can make baby food.

👤These make it easier to give my daughter a variety of healthy foods. I can make a smoothie out of a bunch of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, fill a few of these pouches, and have lunch for a couple of days. They are great when we are on the go. The bag holder I have in the picture makes it easy to load them up. If you want to seal it up, don't go higher than half a quarter of the way up the animal's belly. The first attempt was a mess. I had never given my daughter a pouch before, and I didn't know that the top would open. She immediately squirted the smoothie everywhere. My fault. I found these spouts that attach to the pouches and we have been enjoying them ever since. If your child isn't used to eating from pouches, I highly recommend picking these up. There are 4 colors and a purple case for the ChooMee SoftSip Food Pouch Tops. The company immediately sent me a replacement pouch after I email them. Excellent customer service!

👤I liked these at first. You cleaned them with a baby bottle brush. I held it up to the light to see if I could get all the fruit out, but to my horror I saw mold. To see if it would get out, I boiled them in a pot of hot water. Time and money are wasted. I thought my child was more safe eating the fruit that I make for him when the store brought the ones that were more likely to make him sick than my own. If you clean them hard enough, they will be clean, but if you don't, they will grow mold in the nooks inside. I would recommend replacing them after 6 months.

7. Reusable Squeeze Storage Homemade Toddlers

Reusable Squeeze Storage Homemade Toddlers

The baby food pouch is easy to use. The funnel keeps the pouch open when you open the right side of the zipper. You can put extra pouches in the fridge or freezer. The wide zip allows the water to clean the whole pouch, or just toss it in the top rack dishwasher. Eco-friendly and strong materials should be used for high-grade material. Their baby food pouches are free of harmful substances. You can make baby food that is safe. A clear scale mark helps control child's appetite, double zipper prevent leakage and mess, and 12pcs re-sealable pouches for baby food is better for store and you will not keep a hungry baby waiting. The package includes a pack of 7oz pouches for toddlers, 12 caps and a flower shape filling funnel. Buy with confidence. The package includes a pack of 7oz pouches for toddlers, 12 caps and a flower shape filling funnel. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Kirecoo

👤These pouches are amazing. My 18 month old grandson is undersized and his doctor recommends high-quality food for snacks between meals. My daughter in law bought premade pouches for my grandson, but we are concerned about the quality of the ingredients. I bought organic ingredients and made a dozen pouches. He loves the different flavors I made. We are assured of his food quality and he is saving money. I will be using the pouches for my own food during my recovery from stomach surgery. Thank you for the quality of the product.

👤I have tried many brands of pouches. I don't fill them to capacity yet because they are too large for my son to eat. I like the side seal. I have used and liked infantino. I don't like the filling machine. It is a mess. I've tried some that are sealed from the bottom. It was better than the infantino, but there was not much room to open/ close them, especially when they were wet. The hour glass shape doesn't work well in the dishwasher. They are cute. The side seal of this model is better for filling and putting them in the dishwasher. Ease gets my vote.

👤These are amazing. I was unsure if I should go through with the purchase. I am very happy I bought them. The price is amazing for a product. My 9 month old is small and needs more calories but the whole food is too much for her stomach to handle and she won't eat it if it's blended. I decided to blend her food to see if she would like it. She doesn't have to work to get anything out. We let her play with it, crawl over it and see if the side zip would open, but it didn't. It was very easy to put the food in as it came with a cup like thing that fits in there and you can funnel the food in that way.

👤I bought these for my kids to eat. They like pouches. I'm very happy I got these. My kids will eat 2 of them back to back, so it's good that they hold more than the store pouch.

👤I gave them away. They were too time consuming to clean and awkward to fill. Do not recommend. Down to 2 stars. These give me a piece of mind because I was throwing away all those disposables. They are easier for my toddler to hold. They are a pain to clean, but maybe there is a learning curve. You need to press the seal hard for it to close. I don't regret this purchase and I might like them completely after a while.

👤My daughter is too young to use them yet, so I haven't tried filling or emptying them, and can't say how good they are. I ran them through the dishwasher. They took a long time to dry out. They are exactly as I expected. They came in a bag that was reuseable. Thank you for reducing packaging waste. These things are great! They are easy to fill with the little funnel. I usually put in half a cup, and it fits perfectly. You can technically get 7 ounces in there, but I think you would have a mess. They are easy to clean, but it is easier if you rinse them out quickly.

8. Standing Reusable Food Silicone Containers

Standing Reusable Food Silicone Containers

There are ZIPPER SEAL storage bags. Food storage bags are microwave safe and can be stored in the fridge, pantry or cabinets. Everything you need for lunch, snacks, travel, and everyday is included in the complete ZIP standing set. The zip makes it easy to keep track of. This complete set includes 2 cups, 2 dishes, and 2 bags. Adding kitchen and dining accessories will make you feel better, and will make you feel more convenient. The large container holds more fruits, veggies, snacks, and liquids. These are one piece with no seams or glues and feature leak free zip seals. They will not leak on your clothing, desk, or car seat. For years of better living, you should step up to higher quality. It is your best choice for all situations. It's great for oven, stove top and sous vide. You can heat to 220 degrees and freeze to 50 below zero. This is a food safe. It has no bad ingredients or treatments. It's easy to clean the dishwasher on the lower rack. It's safe for kids, babies, and pets. Over 5,000 plastic bags can be eliminated by zip silicone containers, which are Eco-friendly. It's good to know that you're helping the future of their planet. The set is easy to fill and stands up on the counter. It makes food preparation much quicker. A great gift idea for anyone who appreciates an easier way to live. Birthday gift, holiday gift, Christmas, and Mother's Day are all right for this. Large Dishes: 8.6*3.6 inch 2400ml; small Dishes: 8.6*3.6 inch 1200ml; large bag: 7.4* 1.5 inch 600ml; small bag: 6.3* 1.1 inch 200ml.

Brand: Zip Standing

👤For the smaller containers. It is leakproof because it doesn't leak out the bottom. If you tip soup, it will spill everywhere. It is so easy to open it if it is standing. The containers were warped so they don't stand up right. It isn't a perfect seal because it is made of thick Silicone. I was wrong. The biggest container leaked. I don't know how or why my fridge was leaking. The bigger containers don't seal all the way.

👤They are a challenge to get food into and out of. They can stain with tomato sauce. It is hard to clean by hand and the dishwasher is not good for dry cleaning. Disappointing.

👤This product did not have a separate lid that I needed to keep track of. After a couple of months, the zip is easier to open in your backpack or lunch box. They are still great if you don't care about a completely airtight seal or just use them in your freezer. I probably won't buy them again because of the price.

👤I like that they stand up. The smaller ones are difficult to get out of. If it falls over, it will run out of liquid, so don't put anything with liquid in it. They don't close all the way to the end but there is always a little opening on either end. It defeats the purpose. I will not buy them again.

👤Sometimes it unseals when you seal it.

👤It is a safe alternative to plastic bags. They are sturdy, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and are freezer and lunch box safe. I wish they weren't expanded at the bottom and could be folded flat. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I wanted to reduce my plastic container storage with the added benefit of not having lids. These bags are not what I was expecting. They are not easy to fill and use. They stain easily and don't seal well. The photo shows what happens after a night of storing sauce. The bag on the left is stained with color and odor after being in the dishwasher.

👤I was excited to receive these containers. I tipped the large one upside down after filling it with water. One of the ends was getting wet. I looked at the product card. They have a caveat that is not in the description of their product, that they are leak free only while standing upright. You can't put soup in a container and put it in a lunch container. If it gets tipped over, there will be no leaks. I returned the containers.

👤Prend moins de place, sur le autres plats.

9. Storage Reusable Airtight Leak Proof Camping

Storage Reusable Airtight Leak Proof Camping

3 different sizes of bags are most needed, including 4 gallon bags, 4 ziplock sandwich bags, and 4 snack bags. It's great for storing and freezing food, but also great for daily storage, such as cosmetics, spare batteries and the like. The material is safe. The bags are made of non-toxic and odorless raw materials and can be used safely. Practical and simple design. You can easily open and close the sealed zipper to get the effect of keeping food fresh and dustproof. The transparent window design makes it easy to see what's inside. The bag is hard to tear. Keep food fresh or prevent liquid leak by closing the zip up. There is a wide range of applications. These bags can be used in many different things. You can also pack some bath salts with you. You can use them to organize your messy earphones and cell phone charging cables. It is suitable size. It can hold 20 small biscuits, 10 chocolates and some other small snacks. You can make some snacks for your family and friends at Christmas. The package includes. You will get 20 bags in two colors in one package, which can be used for different purposes.

Brand: Puikus

👤I love them. Getting more. It's great for RV storage.

👤I love these but the question is if water is present with them. They're perfect for my dried snacks. It's much easier to bring bags. Kids lunch can be packed up easily.

👤These helped me to organize my spices and nuts. That was hanging around in plastic baggies. It's easy to see what's inside with these, they take less room and are better.

👤I am going to replace my jars with these. They take up less space.

👤I haven't tried them with liquid yet. It is difficult to fit your hand into them. I use them as disposable.

👤These are cute little bags but they don't hold as much as I would like. The small ones are very small and the larger ones are not that big. I like them.

10. Baby Brezza Reusable Storage Pouch

Baby Brezza Reusable Storage Pouch

The pouch has a large, leak-proof double zip opening on the side. There is a filling funeral. It's easier to fill the pouch if it's open. It's easy to clean corners to trap food. The entire pouch can be accessed with a wide side opening. There are two safety measures: dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. Each pouch is made from high quality plastic and has a child-safe cap. Lead-free, phalate-free, and BPA-free. You can reuse so you save hundreds of dollars and protect the environment. You can reuse so you save hundreds of dollars and protect the environment.

Brand: Baby Brezza

👤What kind of dumb design includes sharp corners on the piece the baby sticks in her mouth? I can't tell if every bag has two sharp pointed objects. We found blood inside the mouth piece after using the pouches for 15 times, and we think it's from a cut in the baby's mouth. I would like to know the manufacturer's explanation of the design. Maybe it's a defect? If there is a product with plastic jutting out from the mouth pieces, I would recommend using a different pouch. A father is perplexed and dismayed. It's like trying to clean the inside of a straw. We use water to clean the sponge because I can't reach it very well. The pouches work well.

👤The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because it's hard to clean. The best way to clean it is to rinse it with hot water and then fill it with soapy warm water and let it sit for a few minutes. Food gets stuck in the corners, top piece and mouth piece so I use a cotton swab to clean them. I'm satisfied with the product's longevity. I save a lot of money by living at a pouch of fruit/vegetable that costs only $2.79. The last box I ordered was a good investment.

👤I was initially hesitant about getting these particular pouches because of the side zip, but that turned out to be the reason I love them so much. I bought other pouches that have a flap on the bottom. I had a hard time getting food into them. I can put the food in the pouch if I want to, but I need to make sure I use a spoon or ladle if it is a thicker type of food. I have been able to get 8 ounces of baby food into these pouches without a problem if the bottom part of the pouch is expanded fully. My daughter is on a high calories diet so a lot of her food is very thick, these things have been an absolute godsend. If you feel like they will be hard to use, go ahead and purchase this, you will not regret it.

👤I took off one star because it's hard to clean the insides of these. I put them in the dishwasher, opening facing down, after opening them as far as they'll go. I shake it vigorously before putting it in the dishwasher. They always have stuff in the corners. I have to run water through it again and again, shake it, and finally spray the faucet hose to get the inside corners clean. The other star was taken off due to the closed sides. It's double zip, but it's difficult to get them to line up and correctly zip. The last time I filled them, my thumbs hurt because I couldn't get them closed. I made a yogurt blend with fruit, honey, and yogurt and got them all filled up in less time than it would have taken if I had just tried to close the things. I like the funnel. It makes it easier to fill. The sustainable. I feel like I'm not throwing away the earth with those caps and pouch. The side is open. I don't know how else we could get the food. When I accidentally made yogurt that was really watery, it didn't come out the sides once. The double zipper is hard to close. I guess that means it won't leak. You'll be washing each one about 3 times.

11. Cadrim Reusable Silicone Food Bag

Cadrim Reusable Silicone Food Bag

Up to 600+ disposable bags can be saved by one bag. Save the ocean, save the earth and save the planet by using food storage bags. If your bags fail, contact them for a new one. Cadrim Silicone bags are dishwasher and microwave safe, and can also be used to store your food in the freezer. Silicone fridge bags are designed with an Airtight seal, leakproof vacuum and zip-locked container to keep food fresh and liquids out of sight. Silicone freezer bags can fit in a small space and can be folded or hung from the hooks. Silicone is a food grade that is healthy and safety. Reducing the amount of plastic in your house can save you money. All kinds of items such as lunch, food, cosmetics, jewelry, make-up, stationery, travel, and more are included in the package. There is attention: 1. The seal couldn't be put into the microwave oven. 30-230 degrees 3 is the high-temperature resistance. A dark vegetable liquid is not recommended. All kinds of items such as lunch, food, cosmetics, jewelry, make-up, stationery, travel, and more are included in the package. There is attention: 1. The seal couldn't be put into the microwave oven. 30-230 degrees 3 is the high-temperature resistance. A dark vegetable liquid is not recommended.

Brand: Cadrim

👤Absolutely love these! I got all six of them and they come in a nice bag. I have been using them for a few weeks now and have not had any problems. I have solved the problem of opening and closing the bags by simply rinsing the plastic handle and it's easy to open. It was 10/10 recommended. I like using them for cookies, beans, and vegetables.

👤I cannot get the smell out of these bags even though they are heavy and durable. I've tried baking soda before. I will have to use it only for onions because the bag smells like onion. After 5 washings with dawn dish soap and baking soda, the bag had frozen bananas in it. I don't know what to do with the used bags. They become repulsive. Anyone have any suggestions? If you smell a bag after you wash it, you can see it for yourself. I finally got the smell of the banana bag after I propped it open and let it sit for a few days. The smell was not a pleasant banana smell.

👤The bags arrived without a smell. They are very strong. The mechanism for closing is great. I agree that they are leak-proof if you are careful and make sure the plastic is secure in the groves. The bag held two pounds of ground beef. There is a nice bag for storage. I will be ordering more.

👤They are strong. But won't expand. A paper envelope expands. It's great for flat things. Don't think it will hold as much as a bad volume. And! It is not leak proof because ice melted in an ice chest and got into the bag, which held 3 flat Choco bars. Which was the main reason to buy. I spent a lot of money on misleading copy. I don't recommend buying anything larger than a fistful of product. I was completely dissatisfied and I was hoping they would fit my needs.

👤Silicone storage is better than plastic. I washed them and dried them. The seal feature is difficult to get off, but they are leak proof. They do a great job with the frozen food I have in them. They keep the veggies fresh longer by storing them in them. I bought another set after I was so happy with the first set.

👤The title said there was a gallon size. It isn't a gallon size. The largest cup is 6 cups. This was the only reason I bought this item.

👤I like to reuse and reduce the amount of bags and trash in my home. I was sold on the fact that they are very well made and reuseable. They come with a storage bag and are dishwasher safe. This is on some of my stuff.

👤I liked them as soon as I opened them. The bags without the sliders were easier to open. I washed the bag and put the rest of the dish in the bag and sealed it, even though it was still warm, and my sister was surprised that she couldn't smell the offending dish anymore.


What is the best product for weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches?

Weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches products from Simple Modern. In this article about weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches you can see why people choose the product. Kiinde and Infantino are also good brands to look for when you are finding weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches.

What are the best brands for weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches?

Simple Modern, Kiinde and Infantino are some of the best brands that chosen by people for weesprout double zipper reusable food pouches. Find the detail in this article. Weesprout, Weesprout and Squooshi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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