Best Zip Bags for Food

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1. Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Count

Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon Count

It's perfect for keeping fresh food items in the fridge or freezer. These bags are easy to use because of the triple seal system with extended tab. The 75 bags in the pack are made of long- lasting plastic. The pop-resistant seal on the plastic storage bags helps keep the food fresh. When used as directed.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These are the worst bags I've ever purchased. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again. " I agree more. I used to buy these from the warehouse club but they are no longer needed. I have to use caution to open them. Better quality bags are available at the store. TRASH. Do it. Not. BUY.

👤Everyone uses the same bags for the same reason. I use all sizes of the bags. I have a subscription with subscribe and save which includes 3 boxes. When you pull the tabs apart, the bag will tear off the zip part of the bag. The only way to open the bags without tearing them is to watch the video, which shows the problem, but I did not tear this bag because I need to use them. I hope someone from Ziploc contacts me to send me replacements that don't have this problem and I will save a couple so they can investigate what caused this if it is a first time problem. These bags are recommended by me. I need to know if this problem continues with my next shipment. I will update this review if that is the case. If you like my review and follow me for more honest reviews, you will get helpful tips from products all across Amazon.

👤Since they were introduced, I have used them. I have always appreciated the quality of most of their products, though the bags with the zippers have always been problematic to close properly and I do not use them. I have to add their primary product to my list of things I will never buy again. I am very disappointed to discover that I can no longer depend on the quality of the products I buy. The bags are much thinner. The seal line of the bags makes it difficult to open them due to how thin they are. This is a cheap and inferior product. All in the name of GREED. Being known for quality and integrity has become so, despite the fact that plastic is a diminishing resource. I will choose one of your competitors because I am very disappointed in your company now, and I previously considered them subpar to Ziploc's premier position. I might as well pay less for low quality products if I receive them. A long time customer of Ziploc has died.

👤These are the worst bags I've ever owned. The bag will often rip just below the closing. This makes them useless. The material is not as thick as it used to be. Never again.

👤Zip Lock bags are used all the time, but the ones with the zip tab are used less. Zip Lock is right, but I mistakenly ordered these. The bag part of these is fine, but the new closing is AWFUL. We can't get these to close without multiple tries, so they end up in the trash. They are not open once closed. We have to throw them in the trash. They don't meet the use we were intended for. These are useless because we are able to work the tabs apart and get enough force to open them. We would give them to our grown kids, as they can work them, but they don't want them, their little ones can't work them either, so they waste too much time opening and closing bags for the children, not worth the space in their cabinet. We ordered the zip lock bags with the tab and will be giving them to the local shelter to make them work. Will have to be careful so that we don't get them again. These openings are on food packages. We have to watch what we buy in "convenient" packaging and choose brands that don't have this type of stupid closure, I want someone who is making these decisions for the rest of us to know that this is not useful. They are cheaper to make, but still not useful.

2. Zip Top Reusable Platinum Containers

Zip Top Reusable Platinum Containers

The bags are made of durable plastic to keep your family stocked up. It was made in the USA. Platinum silicone is completely free of harmful substances. They won't be able to remove harmful chemicals. Zip shut the containers, they are the only ones that stand up. Zip Top containers are food grade and are safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave. Zip Top containers can be used for food prep, cooking, lunches, left overs, snacks on the go, travel, food storage, crafting and more. Zip Top is the most durable and easy-to-use container and is designed for easy use and cleaning. It is easy to clean because the tops stay open and the corners don't overlap. Silicone will not break or tear while food is fresh. No more containers! Zip Top was designed with the environment in mind. 5000+ disposable bags can be replaced with one Zip Top. The bag is 7.5” x 1.5” and has 24oz. It's a perfect start to replace single-use plastic bags and plastic food storage containers with lids.

Brand: Zip Top

👤I wanted to like this product because it was leakproof. I had high hopes. I packed my breakfast sandwich in the container and when I took the container out of my bag this morning, I was very disappointed that it didn't zip at all. They are going back.

👤The concept is clever, but it lacks the tight seal that I was hoping for. I put it in the water to test it. I squeezed to see if the air or water would leak out and the seal was loose with a couple of light squeezes. I really wanted to like this brand.

👤I thought these would be great since I love the idea of going without plastic bags, but it doesn't seal completely closed. Even though I squeeze the zip top securely, air and liquids run out. You can feel it open a bit. I haven't tried the medium yet, but it happens on the small and large. I am assuming it is the same.

👤I read negative reviews before buying these. I bought one to try it out. The seal is closed without any issues. I inverted it over the sink after filling it with tap water. There was a small amount of water that dripped out of one corner. The company says that these are not tight. They state that their products are not intended to carry liquids. I have ordered 2 more products from this line, and I thought it worked well. I also ordered a sandwich bag. It is of equal quality, but the slim profile of the Stasher doesn't allow a sandwich to be stored as well as the Zip Top.

👤They do not zip tight. A small squeeze. And it opens up.

👤I am very pleased with the containers. I bought it initially. Then two more. Finally bought this set. I use the small size often when packing lunches. It is a good size for a single serving. The large and medium are not as useful to me as they should be. They are too large for a single serving and too small for multiple. I will only keep one of these. I would like to see a larger size that would hold half a pan of food. I made a bunch of muffins that were 6 to a pan and a large ziptop that held 3 and a half. The lack of lids was important to my selection of this product. Saving space and sanity is a top priority. I really need a set of 1 large, 1 medium and 4 smalls. I would like Ziptop to offer that. I lost the ability to nested when I purchased them separately because the same size can't be nested. I put them in and rolled them up, but when someone gets one out they explode. They are usually thrown back in the cabinet by that person to surprise the next victim.

👤I wanted to use this to hold cereals in my cabinets. I ordered this since it was shorter and I was able to see that they were bigger than a 16 ounce box. There is a I wash it because it was covered in dirt and stuff when it arrived. I put my cereals in it after I dry it. It doesn't fit. I normally get 16 ounces, but it is even 12 ounces. I am extremely confused because I have seen this brand advertise on their website and on their social media that they can use these for dry cereals only. Be aware that the measurement might be off for you. Maybe I got it wrong, but I thought oz were the same all over.

3. Reclosable 8 5x14cm Sealable Aluminum Packaging

Reclosable 8 5x14cm Sealable Aluminum Packaging

The front of your product should be clear. The bag can be used over and over again. After the manual seal is used, you can heat it. It's used for coffee, candy, sugar, baking, cookie, snack, leisure food, decorations, accessory and so on. The outside dimensions are 8.6x14 cm and the inside is 2.95x4.3 inch.

Brand: Pabck

👤I have been buying these bags for 3 years. There is a They switch the bags on me. It is much thinner now. Not smell proof. Quality looks good. There is a Not the same from order past. I would love to see you go back to the old bag style thicker bags.

👤I've purchased these bags before, but there's a problem with the last shipment. There are over 20 bags that won't open or seal. Since the return window has passed, nothing I can do with them. Disappointed.

👤These work well. They hold more than you think. The opening is small and negative.

👤I'm very happy with my bags. They are the same thickness as normal marijuana bags, they are not thin or chintzy. They came well packaged and in perfect shape. I wanted some weed-looking bags so I used them to package up some tiny marijuana-themed crafts for gift giving.

👤I needed small pouches to hold my contents so they would be organized and neat. It fits my individually packaged sutures, as well as other smaller items in my kit. Everything is organized to best suit me.

👤These bags are great for storing seeds. I would do it in batches if you need a few. I put my gathered seeds in these, slid them into photo album inserts, and put them in a binder away from the light. I think I will be able to use them for a long time.

👤I use them for work. It's easy to put on sticker labels. Holds a small amount of the product to see how dry it is.

👤These are made from a thicker, stronger material than the ones I got before. The other brand was thin and had a tendency to come loose from their backing. I've never experienced either problem with these. I would buy again.

👤It was a bit expensive.

👤It was what I needed. The grip keeps things fresh.

4. Nicole Home Collection Challah Freezer

Nicole Home Collection Challah Freezer

It's perfect for brining and marinading gourmet food. Get your holiday cooking done quickly. Throw in up to 25 lbs. of roast with your favorite brining sauce. Enjoy a hassle free, easy to clean party or dinner with a double bag. To extend your meals freshness, keep your fruits, vegetables, bread, pet food, flour, meat, leftovers and other items fresh. There is a package that includes 15 Zip Seal Storage Bag. Parent design. The product has clear bags with a zip seal. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. Food can be stored, organized, or delivered. Premium quality material does not tear easily. It is possible to be reusable and disorderly. After thorough cleaning, this snack bag can be thrown away.

Brand: Nicole Home Collection

👤I bought them because they were cheap. You get 15 for about 35 dollars. The Ziplock bag was too small to put something away. The bag did the job. The red slide in the picture is not the zip closure I have. It was very tight. It sucked out the air and was tight. I didn't put the item in the freezer, so it seems the bag expanded and it's not so tight. It's still sealed tightly. I think it's good. * I write reviews to let you know how I feel about the product. To aid you in making a decision.

👤It is a good product and a good price, but maybe it is dead. The bags that don't work are thrown out.

👤I thought I was getting a red bag in the picture, but it was a press closing. This is not an advertisement. I have arthritis in my hand and have a hard time pressing down so I hope this helps others to see your lies.

👤I ordered these bags to be used for storage, not food. My husband had a lot of cables and cords in a basket. I put them back in the bin after I categorized them, put each category in its own bag, and put them in a nice orderly fashion. Organization doesn't necessarily mean having to throw everything out, it's just containing it.

👤I use these to make pretzels that are coated with a salad dressing and lemon pepper. The recipe calls for two bags of pretzels. The pretzels are covered with liquid and dry ingredients. It has been absorbed for two hours. Every 15 minutes, the bag would be flipped over. It absorbs better by flipping the bag over and over.

👤I put 2 lbs. The meat should be put into one of the bags. It began to leak. I used another bag because I thought the bag was faulty. It was also leaked. The bottom of the bag broke open when I put my hand in it. Garbage. A mistake.

👤I would not use good storage bags for sous vide because they are very easy to rip.

👤They got all the good reviews. All my fingers are touching the top. They had to put bunny food in so it wouldn't get bugs. After using for a day or two, all in the same place.

5. Ziploc Storage Quart Bags Count

Ziploc Storage Quart Bags Count

It's perfect for keeping fresh food items in the fridge or freezer. These bags are easy to use because of the triple seal system with extended tab. The 80 bags in the pack are made of long- lasting plastic. The plastic storage bags have a pop-resistant seal. When used as directed.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I've used Ziplock for a long time. The quality has always been high and the plastic is thick. Not only do I store food, but other items such as loose doo-dads, accessories to various things, and so on. It's a no-brainer because there's a place to write on them. Amazon has a much better bulk price than the store.

👤I ran out of my previous set before buying these. It was too late for me to return. It reminds me to write a review whenever I use them. The plastic around the zipper is very weak. You can't open them without tearing them. You have to try to push your nail into them. You have to do this from the first opening to the last reopening. I am going to buy another set at the store. If you don't need to, open your items quickly and check that they are ok so that you can return them.

👤I need plastic to store my food for quick access, and it's easy to find it on the shelf. I tolerate the downside because these serve a purpose. One way I justify my use is to reuse them. I watch the efforts of the corporates to meet environmental concerns. I scrutinize them for employment opportunities and practices that benefit the less well off.

👤There is not much room to store containers with a small counter-depth refrigerator. The Ziploc sandwich bag is the best way to store flat items on top of each other. It is easy to find food items in a small area of the refrigerator with see-through storage. We can see where the snacks are by storing dry items in cabinets. We love the transparent, yet strong sandwich/storage bags that have seals that are easy to see and open, and we can grab onto the tab on the other side to open the closed slot.

👤The container inside the padded envelope had burst open and smashed out of shape, but everything was fine with the delivery. I duct taped the box back together so I could use it as I intended. I think Amazon should rethink placing such items in soft, lined envelopes. The clothing and soft items seem to weather the bag shipment ok, I have received other small boxed items with similar results.

👤We usually buy our Ziplock bags from Costco, but we ran out of them in the immediate future so I purchased these from Amazon. They are not as good as the ones we buy from Costco, they are thinner and difficult to open without tearing the plastic. How can Ziplock allow this to happen? I will not buy these again from Amazon.

👤I always come back to Ziplock, even though I've deviated from other brands. The seal doesn't fail when you use the zip. I love that it keeps both liquids and smells in, other brands either lack in durability or the bag lets the smell out. I use Ziploc for food storage, as well as keeping things dry inside, and I love that I can trust it.

6. Ziploc Snack Bags 280 Count

Ziploc Snack Bags 280 Count

Lock in the fresh flavor and enjoy it when you store dry and fresh food items. These bags are easy to use because of the grip 'n Seal technology. These snack bags are great for on-the-go enjoyment. It was made to be recycled and reuseable. The bags are made of durable plastic to keep your family stocked up.

Brand: Ziploc

👤These bags are easy to open and use. The box allows you to quickly grab a bag. You don't have to struggle to open the bag because it has a tab on it. The size is perfect for storing things. The plastic is not very thick. It gets the job done without any problems.

👤These are great for people who need a little bit of a snack. Don't confuse them with sandwich size bags, because some reviewers will downGRADE the product simply because they didn't read the description, and they want to blame the company for their own failure to read a description of what they're ordering). If you have a need for this size, these are very handy. I think we'll never need to buy any more, but with price increases over time, it will save us money to buy in quantity now.

👤I love this bag. It's great for keeping small sewing, quilting, and art supplies in one place. With many stores making the customer bag their own groceries, this works much better for me, as I could have driven to a nearby store to buy these. I can pick up the order at the front desk of my apartment because it's right in my mail room. Having it delivered to me means I don't have to give free labor or deprive someone of a job. Couldn't be simpler or more convenient.

👤The condition of the box I received every time I ordered this quantity is the reason I have received 4 stars. I have to put the box back together in order to use it. I don't know what the cause is but how or when the box becomes so badly banged up, it shouldn't be sent to a customer in the shape it's in. I don't want to call or complain or return due to damage. The quantity 1 box lasts me a long time. I have used Ziploc snack bags for many years. When I had a child, I realized that a bag 1/2 the size of a sandwich bag was useful. The bag is the same quality as all the other bags. The bag is easy to open and close. The bag can hold a good amount of weight and is durable. I use them for everything. The price for 280 bags is quite the value as I take advantage of Amazon's subscribe & save which makes it easy to order the bags when needed with a cost savings benefit.

👤The bags are half the size of the normal bag. It is about 6.5" wide and 3.25 high, with a tab and zip lock. These bags are great for storing small items around the house. I use some of these for nuts and screws. The bags are good quality and stay closed when needed. I have been using these baggies for many years without any issues. A nice bag. I hope the review helped you.

👤These bags are the right size for a snack. The capacity limitation helps keep me from eating too much. I recommend healthy snacks for these bags, but not limited to, apple slices, almonds, nuts, chocolate covered almonds, grapes, raisins, and dates.

7. Ziploc Freezer Bags Gallon Total

Ziploc Freezer Bags Gallon Total

The triple seal system has a double zip for maximum ease of use. It was designed to help protect from freezer burn. It's a good place to store fresh food items. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. The bags are made of plastic.

Brand: Ziploc

👤The description said they were gallon sized. These are small. I don't have anything to put my large foods in. These are not what I was expecting.

👤There was no bite on the hot dogs. My homemade pasta sauce is perfect for storing. I put it over the box of ice cream to keep it from getting frost bite. No frost bite. When I ordered this item, I thought I was ordering only 1 box of 30 - 1gallon bags. It took over a month for 4 boxes to arrive. Hopefully they fixed that problem, and just beware that they usually come by the case. There are 4 cases. I got them for a good price. I buy them at my local grocery store. Great product, all and all. The kitchen supply from Amazon was the most pleasant I have ever had. Definitely.

👤The product works well. The regular bags are not as durable as the freezer bags. I use these to store everything from partially consumed packaged goods to heavy items in the garage, like screws and parts, when I'm taking something apart. The bags are priced at $0.20/bag with a 15% discount. has these in 60 count boxes at a discounted price. This is 40% cheaper than the standard price at another vendor.

👤These leaks are like crazy. If you don't expect the bag to be leak proof, it's a great bag. I have tried to cook chicken in these. It was double bagging to keep it from leaking. The bags still leaked through them. The leaks seem to come from the corners. It's good for non liquid storage.

👤These containers are smaller than Tupperware-like containers and can be used to fill the refrigerator. I keep a box of them in the garage, so when I remove a distributor or something, I can put it in a bag and keep it from getting lost. Berkeley will ban them soon because they are so useful.

👤Ziplock used to be a good brand. Their bags have become so flimsy that they tear at the seams when you try to open them for the first time. Looking for alternatives.

👤It can be difficult to seal them. You have to press and force it to shut multiple times if you want to start at one side and slide your fingers across. They're durable and don't leak.

👤I prefer the generic type because they do a better job of protecting liquids from being broken in. I used to get cheap brands from the grocery store. I woke up one morning to find my mashed potatoes and gravy had leaked all over the fridge, covering the entire three shelves below with a mess. This was well worth it because you get what you pay for.

8. Ziploc Freezer Bags Gallon Count

Ziploc Freezer Bags Gallon Count

The triple seal system has a double zip for maximum ease of use. It was designed to help protect from freezer burn. It's a good place to store fresh food items. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer and fridge. The 60-gallon bags are made of plastic. The Easy Open Tabs are now featured. Food is protected against freezer burn.

Brand: Ziploc

👤I will never buy these on Amazon again. It's a hit and miss with every other bag in the box. Most of them are at the top of the bags. They are saved to sell on Amazon. Sucks! If you want to buy these, go to Target. Such a hassle! Ty Amazon

👤I had to remove a star from the "Durability" category because of the thickness of the bag changing. When I pulled the first one out, I thought it was a bit thinner. When I used a bag to mix something, the bag popped and I found out the hard way. It had never done that before. It wasn't messy and nothing happened as a result of spills or the contents flying all over the kitchen. They're not meant for that. I didn't have to complain. I can't mix food and condiments with the old ones because they are too thick. I absolutely love these bags and don't know what I would do without them. I started using them to pack my tiny toiletry bottles and put them on top of clothing in my carry-on so I could easily open my bag when I got to my destination, when the TSA changed their restrictions. When I make a salad, I put everything in a bag and shake it. I shake the ingredients in a bag when I make pancakes. I use them as packing cubes. I've used them for everything. Great bags.

👤The outer shipping carton was undamaged, so this was not the carrier's fault. I think the bags were already in bad shape when they were packed. The three boxes looked like they had been sitting on a shelf for five years. I'm pretty sure it didn't help their condition that there were so many boxes packed into one big carton. This was a large order, it included gloves, but it was mostly for ziploc bags. The order should have been divided into two separate shipments. The boxes of freezer bags were not inside the main shipping box. Some of the other kinds of ziplocs in the same shipment were protected from damage that way, but two other types of bags which were not in such inner packaging were also bashed and broken open. I'm pretty sure these gallon freezer bags were in poor condition before they were even packed. They were supposed to be new, but they looked old. I have read some of the other reviews and I see that there are other customers who are dissatisfied with this. It's time to fix the problem. I keep everything clean and organized with the use of Ziploc bags. I don't want dirty bags from an open box. This is not acceptable. I am very disappointed in this order. I've never received damaged goods from Amazon. I wouldn't buy them from a store shelf. Don't treat your customers this way.

👤I have been using these bags for a long time, and in multiple sizes, I have never had a bag bust, pop, tear, or somehow come unzipped in the freezer. They are great for traveling to holiday dinners, pot lucks, kids school trips, or anything you want to freeze and store or just need a quick storage for leftovers. I have started using them to store my luggage so that I don't have to worry about anyone getting a bad smell from that new expensive outfit you just bought. I can tell you about the many things you can do. I hope you get a good idea of the usefulness and durability of the Ziplock Freeze bags.

9. Ziploc Variety Total Bags Pack

Ziploc Variety Total Bags Pack

The bags are made of plastic. The bags are 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep and measure 52 gallons. 50 quart storage bags with smart zip plus seal are 7 inch x 11 inch. The bags are 6 inches x 7 inches and have a smart zip seal. 120 snack bags are perfect for 100 calories snacks. Box top for coupons. Box top for coupons.

Brand: Ziploc

👤The price was expensive at the store. I wanted to buy them here because I'm pregnant.

👤The little zip across tab is what I prefer. Too hard for people with arthritis to close a bag.

👤I use them for everything from food storage to nail and screw organization. They can be used for craft storage.

👤Love the different sizes. Storage bags came in handy for me. The smaller bags were clear, but the larger ones were pretty translucent.

👤I like how these bags allow me to keep things in a bag for later times. If you don't zip-a-dee-doo-dah, you're going to have a bad time. Possibly living in a van by the river. If you get these bags, you won't need a motivational speaker to tell you not to live in a van by the river, unless you run out of the wonderful ziploc bags.

👤Please don't stop this pack. The stock is making me nervous. I can't live without this because we've bought it twice. Please don't take away my sunshine.

👤The product is good but there is no freezer bags with it. For the money.

👤It was a great bang for its buck. Storage options are endless with the variety. I would definitely recommend others to do the same.

👤I thought I could use quart and gallon size to freeze, but I didn't know they were for storage. They will be suitable for freezero as well.

10. Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Freezer Safe

Responsible Products Compostable Biodegradable Freezer Safe

We stand behind their bag's quality. Each pack has a life-long warranty. If the bags break in your lifetime, they'll send you a replacement. There are eco-friendly bags. Their bags are made of compostable material. It's perfect for storing food in the fridge or taking snacks with you. These are good for storing fat and acid related foods. The Biodegradable Products Institute has a certificate. They work well in the refrigerator or freezer. You can find these bags in small, medium, or large. There are bio-degradable products. These products can be broken down by biological organisms without harming the environment. Many consumers are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly products. Make a difference. They provide the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. Their products are made from natural plant materials and require less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste. Make a difference. They provide the highest quality, eco-friendly products available to the consumer. Their products are made from natural plant materials and require less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste.

Brand: Responsible Products

👤We bought these to support our effort to leave less of a footprint in the year 2021. With the start of our compost pile, we haven't switched back to the products we were using before. The kids have fun learning about saving the planet in these areas. Our littlest one has become our leader and even reprimanded us if he sees us putting them in the trash. Our family feels better about the small things we are doing to improve. The locking mechanism is good quality and the plastic is thick and easy to work with. It is very similar to the plastic ones. These bags are wonderful.

👤It is easy to use and seal well. I had food in one and needed to use it for ice, but it didn't leak. I have been using a couple for a week and it seems to be holding up. It's hard to find a bag that isn't stiff and takes up a lot of room when you need a bigger bag. This one is a winner for me.

👤These bags have worked well. You need them to keep some food fresh and strong.

👤This wrap sticks to whatever you are covering, it is a little thicker, and it works.

👤The bags work well, but the cling wrap makes it hard to remove from the roll. It won't cling if you try to cover it. Will return soon.

👤I thought they might be flimsy, but they are not. The zip works well. A bag is doing a good thing. Absolutely recommend.

👤The bags are green in color.

👤The bags have a nice texture. They make me feel good about reducing my plastic use.

11. Glad Food Storage Freezer Zipper

Glad Food Storage Freezer Zipper

The Glad Freezer and Storage bags with a zip are essential for a busy kitchen. Double lock zipper: The yellow and blue make green seal is great for more than food and can be used as a plastic bag to pack and organize items while traveling or on the go. Glad 2 in 1 Storage and Freezer bags are made of plastic that keeps food fresh. Storage and freezer bag holders can use Glad 2 in 1 plastic freezer bags that have plastic grips above the zip to prevent tears after freezing. ZIPPER 2 IN 1 GALLON. These freezer bags are microwave safe and are a kitchen staple.

Brand: Glad Trash & Food Storage

👤Stuffing in makeup products is handy for travel. It's great when you don't want stuff spilling. They can be used to freeze wild blueberries for smoothies. It's perfect when you have a lot of stuff left and want to keep it. Lots of uses. I got three boxes for the price. Make sure you double check that the ZIP is secure.

👤I wrote the same review for the quart size of the 2-in-1 Glad bags because they are the same failure. I haven't used them as storage bags. They are a major failure when used for the freezer. They develop holes on the sides of the freezer when they go in and out, so that when they thaw the contents in the fridge or the bag, they don't have to worry about the liquid leaking out of the bag. The bag material itself is not good because it has not been mishandled or heated. These are disposable bags that can only be used once and they can't be used again. I will be contacting Glad to complain about their lack of quality after the return window closed. I gave the 2-in-1 a try and now I will never buy Glad bags again. I don't like the fact that the bags never zip completely to the end. After removing the air, it comes back in. If I can find press-and-seal channel zip bags, I'll go back to Hefty or a store brand.

👤The bags are great. Glad products are the best and I use gallon bags all the time. The yellow and blue make green is very useful at closing a bag. The freezer 2 in 1 bags are great because I don't have to buy the regular gallon bags anymore. I don't have to worry about freezer burn when I divide meat into freezer bags because I buy it in big packages. Amazon has the best prices for Glad bags. I never have to worry about running out because I get 3 boxes at a time.

👤The quality is so bad that I think I got fakes. I use this to make meals in the crock pot. They keep leaking. It's difficult to get a good seal because the plastic is thin and unreliable.

👤What would a dinosaur say if he knew his waste was being turned into a plastic bag? He would wonder why he had been reduced to chickens. I think he would be proud to know that his legend is still going strong.

👤It's a must have in the pantry. We use them for a lot of different things. It's an absolute life saver to put away left overs, snacks for a trip, and leggos, because we all know the pain of stepping on them. They are a great product. Absolutely recommend. If you have kids and pets, there are so many things to keep fresh.

👤Keeping food safe in the freezer is one of the ways that freezer storage bags help us. They are bringing health and safety to many people. They are being used by our agency to carry safety packets for our volunteers and staff who are still helping people during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Without the masks and other supplies in the bags, they would be at greater risk of exposure to the virus, which would endanger their health, family and friends' health. Life-changing items can be small.


What is the best product for zip bags for food?

Zip bags for food products from Ziploc. In this article about zip bags for food you can see why people choose the product. Zip Top and Pabck are also good brands to look for when you are finding zip bags for food.

What are the best brands for zip bags for food?

Ziploc, Zip Top and Pabck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zip bags for food. Find the detail in this article. Nicole Home Collection, Responsible Products and Glad Trash & Food Storage are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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